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  1. If I was China I would be making copy’s of pelosi;s pens sell like hot cakes sell it under the name of nasty Nancy nib put I slight kink in it crooked dems

  2. Yeah, those stupid Democrats! They thought that even though they disagree with republicans on many things, that we had in common a respect for truth, decency and the law. Those dopes!

  3. LEV is the partisans on both sides who brought him in the picture.

  4. Eric Trump brilliant gentleman like our proud President Trump…….looking great with new look
    Namasteh America……Love my President Trump

  5. Erik, YOU should be worried, daddy has the stink of already impeached ad more to come . What do you think happens to all the laws he broke that he couldn't be charged for as a President that others were and are already wearing green jumpsuits ! You think they just forget about them ? Dumb and Dumber !

  6. Investigated, indicted and/or convicted American, Ukrainian & Russian supporters of Trump: 
    Michael Cohen
    Michael Flynn
    Rick Gates
    Paul Manafort
    George Papadopoulas
    Roger Stone
    Sam Patten
    Paul Erickson
    Maria Butina
    Aleksandr Torshin
    Lev Parvas
    Igor Fruman
    David Correia
    Andrey Kukushkin
    Chris Collins
    Duncan Hunter
    Cesar Sayoc
    Dmytro Firtash
    Richard Pinedo
    Alex va der Zwaan 
    Dzheykhun Aslanov
    Gleb Vasilchenko
    Irina Kaverzina
    Vladimir Venkov
    Anna Bogacheva
    Maria Bovda
    Robert Bovda
    Mikhail Burchik
    Mikhail Bystrov
    Alexandra Krylova
    Vadim Podkopaev
    Sergey Polozov
    Yevgeny Prigozhin
    Konstantin Kilimnik
    Boris Antonov
    Dmitriy Badin
    Nikolay Kozachek
    Aleksey Lukashev
    Artem Malyshev
    Sergey Morgachev
    Viktor Netyksho
    Aleksey Potemkin
    Ivan Yermakov
    Pavel Yershov
    Aleksandr Osadchuk
    Anatoliy Kovalev
    Internet Research Agency
    Concord Catering
    Concord Management & Consulting

  7. 8 years of Obama administration federal indictments: Zero. 
    3 Years of Trump administration federal indictments: 215 & counting.

  8. I really, really like the energy Eric Trump has. I hope he runs for President one day. He would definitely get 100% of my support and vote. President Trump in 2020!

  9. Are we suppose to gain insight from Eric ? That's Trump's son , he's gonna be bias ! Who's booking these guests and what are they smoking ? Waste of time !

  10. "Wages are screaming up"….for whom Eric? Ceos? All of the people I know have to work their butts off just to pay for housing, utilities, and food. No one does anything fun any more because they can not afford to. Many have to work two and three jobs to support their families. When was the last time you or any other uninformed member of your family actually went grocery shopping? Food, nothing fancy, is skyrocketing to the point just milk and toast for one's breakfast is a luxury. Wake up.

  11. eric not just the media also senators they hate donald trump how hes doing things they didnt do for freaking years .im so glad hes telling people what politicians are your dads not a politician hes just human with a heart!!!!!!!!!

  12. Warren: “Growing up as a poor black Jewish boy in San Francisco, I learned firsthand the struggles of being a native American transgender immigrant in my Asian community.”

  13. One thing that I have noticed more then anything about this whole situation that ever since President Trump was elected in November 2016,and up until now, that it just seems whenever the the Dems have got something rotten on this good man who we elected…that someone always thwarts their plans!

    That someone is God!
    And that's why I pray daily for him like many others are doing.

    Because nobody would be able to get through even 1/2 of the crap and hate,he has to deal with on a daily basis if he didn't have the strength of God sustaining him!

  14. The Deplorables knew what must be done.
    They told the pollsters they would decide soon.
    On election day they lined up one by one.
    After votes were counted liberals did swoon.
    We're taking our country back from our enemies.
    The fake news media will be on their knees.
    Trump will triumph and there will be cheers.
    This republic will last a thousand years.

  15. President Trump really doesn’t need donations. We’re all voting for him.!! But I would pay to see him. Overhead costs, you know.

  16. Am I the only one who went to trump university 🤔 help trump foundation donations excepted from Republicans only😠

  17. Wages are up is a big lie, and also the costs didn't go down under Trump. Everything got way more expensive, that's the real problem.

  18. Well the Dems didn't get it wrong ins 2018. Eric is as ridiculous as the rest of the family. PS. Wages have gone no where,the economy is not his baby, and Pres. Trump is as corrupt as the rest of the Trump family.

  19. Dumbass it has already been proven daddy is guilty. Just because he says he didnt do it does not mean he didnt. Why do you thnk he will not let anyone testify and not give up the documents requested.

    Trump for prison 2020

  20. And what makes E.T. any better that Hunter Biden?! I don't care what E T. thinks or his brother Jr anymore than I care what Hunter thinks about anything. 🤨

  21. Whether it is wrong or right will come out in due time. I don't get how guessing a lost helps the Republicans because it is a guess. It will happen so why guess? Why not just wait until it happens and then tell what happened instead of guessing now what will happen in the future? It seems silly.

  22. The Republicans should not rely so much on his great economy because his plan doesn't address the root cause of the economy so by the end of his term in office, the economy will be in crisis.

  23. side by side trump signs China deal and Crazy Nancy tries to sign Impeachment, Crazy Nancy has trouble signing Impeachment, as her bloody pens dont bloody work haaaaaaaaa. She is Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy

  24. It doesn’t hurt, Hillary had Benghazi which I did not appreciate, trump was elected according to the laws of the u.s. he is the legal president, she did not get the electoral votes to win, it’s just the way it is, the rest is heresay,

  25. Trump will win on the 3th but all the Democratic votes they find in allyways, in boxes in back of post office, on the streets, in parks and warehouses will put Democrats ahead and win on the 10th.
    Also don't early vote because the Republucan votes tend to never be delivered but burnt. Theres a lot of liberals from mailman to PO sorters they know the Republican addresses. They tend to accidently lose/distroy the ballot.

  26. Don't worry Trump, BREXIT and alternative media has exposed the fake news mainstream media across the globe and woken up hundreds of millions. Count me as one, from Australia.
    Trump 2020. KAG Baby.

  27. Senile Pelosi $5,000 pens .. President Trump $2.00 sharpie yields $200,000,000,000.00 in trade deals for America! END the DEM Communist MENACE, vote KAG 2020.

  28. Senile Pelosi $5,000 pens .. President Trump $2.00 sharpie yields $200,000,000,000.00 in trade deals for America! END the DEM Communist MENACE, vote KAG 2020.

  29. Senile Pelosi $5,000 pens .. President Trump $2.00 sharpie yields $200,000,000,000.00 in trade deals for America! END the DEM Communist MENACE, vote KAG 2020.

  30. Senile Pelosi $5,000 pens .. President Trump $2.00 sharpie yields $200,000,000,000.00 in trade deals for America! END the DEM Communist MENACE, vote KAG 2020.

  31. Bias and negativity in mainstream media? Where? He quotes a load of lies and then says the mainstream media don't report them. Duh! of course they don't.

  32. I love President Trump, but I’m sure the CIA and corporate America does not appreciate their propaganda and public manipulation machine being slapped in the face, repeatedly 😁.

  33. hey eric..why, havent you noticed that your wife, is sabotaging your dads campaign, by mocking joe bidens stutter? she is/ has, been costing T, millions of votes…as a woman, i know, when i am insulted by a powerful, rich, man, and i cant win, i get my revenge, in a quiet, and destructive lara is doing..trump has to work harder, because of her..the other sister in law, doesnt just get revenge/ and fight back/ SHE ESCAPED, SO THAT SHE COULD TEACH HER 5 KIDS, HOW TO SURVIVE LIFE..BY NOT BEING A BULLY./ OR.BEING BULLIED. i can just imagine how Easy/ relaxing/ wholesome her life is, Hell, she is doing such a great job, at escaping, i actually forgot her first name! now, that is how you spell, success….

  34. You liberal sheep are only good for one thing >>>>>>>> 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Keep listening to your shepherds (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) they’ll definitely tell you the “truth” ahem said no one ever…

  35. GOD!!! Watters World is a JOKE of a show. Eric Drumpf is talking about Joe Biden stumbling.. what about his dad talking about dish washers at rallies. No one envies the US, we are laughing stock of the world. drumpf and his family are a joke. Drumpf has been already Impeached, can’t wait for Nov, drumpf the joke of the world will finally be kicked out.

  36. I get a kick about this free stuff for everyone campaign propaganda. I ask what was the last quasi-protected class? Give up? Handicapped and most are homeless. I have been handicapped classified for 54 years. Not given 1¢ off assistance, Who can live on $700 a month? I worked my way through college. Worked 40 hrs and went to school full schedule. It took 7 years but I got a degree.I paid my loans for 3 years. I lived in Mortuary for 3 years. Living on $50 month after rent on my dorm at mortuary. Some asked how could you live there? You do what you have to or become homeless. Homeless guys came to mortuary and asked for my job. I saw homeless guys go to college Café and eat 1/2 sandwiches that coeds Left on table. I ate ramen, I would not stoop so low. College libraries & lounges are great places to sleep. They are getting on to that option. The liberals didn’t give a crap as their big buck investors closed homeless shelters, closed flea bag hotels & tenements to build up scaled condos and upscale restaurants, convention centers and sports areas. Now the homeless is on the streets they have no solutions. They did this and got rich and have no solutions other than build dumpsters for homeless. I have seen the reality. My grandfather died homeless in E LA.

  37. It is true that Dems went after Trump from day 1, because he lied and cheated from day 1, using nepotism, and disregarding emolument and other crimes and misdemeanors..

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