Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer: Overview & Features

Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer: Overview & Features

(bright upbeat music) – [Darci] Hello, Darci
here with Coastal Business. Today we are showing you
some of the new features of the Epson F1200
Direct-to-Garment Printer. The platen is where you place the shirt. And the printer has
guides for easy alignment. The garment grip pad cover is a new option that allows for faster garment loading The grip pad cover can
be applied to the small, medium and large size platens. Platen height can be adjusted
in .5 millimeter increments. This allows for the Epson F2100 to accommodate garments up
to 25 millimeters thick. Exchanging out the platen from one size to another is a simple task. Opening the top cover
gives you access to see the fiber wiper unit,
flush pad and air filter, which are items that will
be replaced as needed. The USB memory port is perfect for PC-free printing workflow. Cleaning cartridges and inks come with the purchase of the printer. Right side of the printer
houses the cleaning solution, black, cyan and magenta inks. The left side houses the
yellow and white inks. The starter sets are 250 milliliters. And 700 milliliters for
the cleaning cartridges. Standard size inks are 600 milliliters. All white inks have titanium in it, which are known for clogging. Epson has taken steps to
reduce the white ink clogging, which can affect the nozzle. This results in more up time
for printing and reliability. The white ink is triple filtered before reaching the print head. The ink cartridge filters
prevents white ink particles from entering the printer’s inking system. The ink is also recirculated through the inline filters
throughout your workday. The circulation is done in the background and takes only about
15 seconds to complete. The control panel and LCD screen
is set up for ease of use. Press menu to access your settings. The menu settings are easy to navigate through and user friendly. The printer is quick to respond when needing to cancel any print job. The start button will light up when the file is ready to print. Now let’s see this printer in action. Printing onto a black shirt, which I will add was
pretreated ahead of time. The printer is going to
print a base later of white. Next comes the color. There are different settings
in which you cure the shirt. Lights or darks, pretreated or not. With this print we cured the inks for 90 seconds at 330 degrees. Thanks for watching this Coastal video. For more information,
please call 1-800-562-7760 or you can go to our
website (rich melodic tones)

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