Episode 60: Announcements and PRIZE DRAW!

This is Maria and this is Hester PLUS!
And together we are the CONSORT COUNSELLORS! Sorry that we’ve been away for so long!
Today we have a video with some special news. We have not been posting new episodes
for a few weeks and we are afraid that this may be continuing
to be the case until the end of this year… There are a few different reasons why this is happening.
The first reason is a very nice one! As you can see I am 8 months pregnant!
I will be expecting my first child very soon. My life will change completely
and I need to get used to that so I will not have time to do so much work for the Consort Counsellors, unfortunately. I’m gonna be an aunt! On top of that, as we have spoken about before,
in October we have a big recorder festival coming: the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam! This is taking quite some time, organisation-wise
but it’s also very, very exciting! We’re gonna have hundreds of recorder players from
all over the world coming! We look forward to meeting them all…
…and maybe you too! We are planning to come back in January
with a fresh brand new start of the Consort Counsellors! However, we do have one more episode
which we shot before the summer holidays and which we haven’t been able to finish yet!
When it’s done, before Christmas at some point, we will surprise you with a nice,
fun and very special episode which is all about musical challenges! Today we also have other special news! Last December we posted two episodes
of the ‘making of’ our brand new CD: “Not a Single Road”, with music
written especially for Seldom Sene. Yesterday, the CD arrived to our places, and here it is! Once you have your new CD out,
you start thinking of the next CD! So, actually we are also working hard
in the coming months on the preparations for the new CD recordings of both
The Royal Wind Music and Seldom Sene. The Royal Wind Music will record the new program
of Renaissance music connected to Seville Cathedral, about which we also told you some stuff
in a recent episode. Seldom Sene is planning a very special CD recording
of baroque recorder concertos with a wonderful guest: Matthias Havinga, on organ and harpsichord!
And… Also Hester’s husband. We want to say goodbye for a while in a special way!
We have a question for you, and if you answer it, you can enter our lottery
to win our new CD! Why do you think that we have called our latest CD
“NOT A SINGLE ROAD”? If you send us a message telling us
why you think we chose this title, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or not –
we are going to add you to the lottery! and we will draw a winner on the 15th of September!
So, if you want a signed CD with all the signatures of Seldom Sene:
why did we call it “Not a Single Road”? Please, keep watching our 60 episodes online!
We hope you find new inspiration in them. We also plan to categorise them by subject.
We hope to be at your service! Of course we are always very grateful if you tell people who do not yet know about the Consort Counsellors that those 60 episodes are waiting for them! If you like our stuff, don’t forget to subscribe
so that you always get a notification whenever the next video comes!
Bye-bye! See you soon!

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