Episode 23: Summer Announcements

Episode 23: Summer Announcements

This is Maria… and this is Hester!
And together we are the CONSORT COUNSELLORS! Today is the final episode of season 1 of CONSORT COUNSELLORS! For the last 23 weeks we have been bringing you tips
to improve your consort playing and now it’s time for a little summer holiday
to think about our next season which will start on AUGUST 20! We feel that we’ve learned a lot over the past few months and we have plenty of ideas to bring you
new tips and new videos in the new season, however, the best way to make good videos for YOU…
…is with YOUR help! YES! For good, custom-tailored episodes,
we want to know: what is your problem? And by that, we mean: do you encounter any problems while rehearsing
or while performing consort music on stage? Are there topics you would like us to discuss?
Is there any information you find a little bit hard to find? We are also curious to know if you have actually tried
some of our exercises and HOW you have done that, if you found them useful and which ones
you found MOST useful. Let us know! How can you reach us to send us your feedback or comments…? Well, there are many ways!
You can leave a comment under our videos, You can send us an email to
[email protected] You can follow our Facebook page and ‘like’ it, or you can follow our personal profiles on Twitter and Instagram,
where we use the hashtag #consortcounsellors Get in touch, stay in touch! We hope to reach a bigger and bigger audience every week and we are very happy with our current
850 subscribers, but we want MORE! Therefore, we are working
on the closed-captions for our videos. First of all, Maria is working on Spanish subtitles for each and every episode. “¡Venga, venga….!” ¡Sí, sí, sí! Yes, yes, yes…
We are also revising the English version of all subtitles because in that way you can also use the “auto-translate” function of YouTube
to see our videos in your own language. You can actually try this right now with the video you are watching!
Click on the “CC” button on the right bottom corner of the screen, to enable the subtitles. Then click on the “settings” icon,
which is next to the “CC” one, and select “Auto-translate” and then your own language. You will see the results are quite reasonable! To finish this short video we would like to say THANK YOU! First of all, to our beautiful assistants of Season 1:
Filipa, from the Royal Wind Music and Gabriel, Hide, Jana, Margarida, Patricia and Paul
from BLOK Amsterdam, the recorder department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. And, of course, to all of you,
for watching our videos, for spreading the word, for subscribing, for sharing our videos,
for sending us your comments and for being addicted to consort playing! Yes! Also today we have a 30-seconds tip! Since you will have to do a couple of weeks
without any tips from the Consort Counsellors, we have an alternative for you: and it is a book
by a master consort player: Bart Spanhove! It’s called “The Finishing Touch to Ensemble playing” and in its 88 pages you will find historical information, technical advice and even suggestions on coaching ensembles. A great guide for the summer… and beyond! Don’t forget to subscribe! Don’t forget to send us your comments
and suggestions for new topics! And don’t forget to come back for the next season of CONSORT COUNSELLORS:
20th of August on your screen! See you next time! Bye bye!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your no lights with us! Many things from your videos has helped me in my solo playing. I’m trying to learn on my own play the recorder because I live in a very isolated place. Any suggestions about how to persuade other people to try playing recorder so to create a consort?? Have a nice time in your vacation, looking forward for season 2!

  2. My main problem : when playing, I don't hear the music as is I were part of the audience. I hear my part, I can hear some dialogs if we had emphasized such passages while working the piece, however I CANNOT hear the music as a whole, from outside as if I were sitting a few meters away. I guess I'd play better if I could listen like that to what we're doing !
    I feel I'd have to open my hear in a cool way (H'm I'm thinking of the way a psy is supposed to listen), however for some reason this (in my case) seems difficult to do while reading the notes. Making the music, and listening to it, that doesn't seem quite easy for me 🙁

  3. Thank you so much for all your videos and tips. I’ve learned a lot from your video’s about sight reading, and how to come back in again when I’ve lost my place, memorising the music and breathing practice, although I stilll have a long, long way to go with all of this.
    Have a lovely and well earned summier break. P.s. I told my sister about your concerts in Dordrecht during the Bach festival and she went to one. She told me it was beautiful.

  4. ¡Maravilloso! Me alegra mucho escuchar sobre los futuros subtítulos, pues, como decía en un comentario anterior (gracias por tenerlo en cuenta en Facebook, María), muchos usuarios latinoamericanos serían felices con ello. ¡Muchos abrazos desde Colombia!

  5. Care Maria ed Ester, grazie grazie grazie per le vostre bellissime lezioni.
    Purtroppo non capisco bene l'inglese e la traduzione automatica di Youtube non è buona.
    Spero che riuscirete a mettere i sottotitoli in italiano.

  6. Thanks for your really useful videos, I am not yet good enough to play in an ensemble or consort but a lot of your tips are very helpful. I found the video on up and coming consorts very helpful as I am always looking for music to listen to, to gain further knowledge, and to benefit from watching experienced players. Many thanks and have a great holiday.

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