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  1. Time Markers:
    0:00 – Why Royalty Free music Matters
    1:34 – What is a Business Subscription?
    2:19 – For Independent Creators
    2:48 – For Business Who Create Their Own Content
    3:15 – Stems: One of My Favorite Features
    4:32 – Editing with Stems
    5:27 – How to Loop Stems/Songs
    8:11 – Epidemic Sound vs. Artlist
    10:01 – When Do You Need Royalty Free Music?

  2. PODCAST, YES, you can use the music of for a podcast. "The music is licensed for use in video production (sync) only. However, we also understand that our subscriber’s customers may want to use the audio from the film in a commercial and we do not want them to miss out on an opportunity. >>>If the music is not played in its entirety and is accompanied by voice-over, Artlist’s license will allow the audio to be broadcast on the radio or in a podcast in accordance with these specific terms.<<<". I just double-checked. "So, 15-30 sec intro without voice-over would be fine, longer with voice would be fine and a complete track under people talking would be fine?"

  3. Love your videos. This one wasn’t for me but still smart presentation. Have a great weekend. Hope you’re up for the World Cup!

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