English for Project Management VV 53: Agile & Scrum | Business English Vocabulary

English for Project Management VV 53: Agile & Scrum | Business English Vocabulary

You’re watching video Vocab [5] business English Pod Dot-Com In this lesson we’ll look at agile project [management] and the Scrum framework of product development This involves working in Sprints or short cycles to develop a product rapidly Key roles in Scrum include the Scrum Master [along] with the product owner as Well as product teams which create the product by working [through] the Sprint backlog agile agile agile Is a flexible method of project management that relies on repeated cycles of work? Rather than using a long sequence of stages agile allows for evolving requirements and solutions Since we adopted an agile approach employees are more engaged and productivity is up product product The product is a set of features that is the goal of the project The features of the product are described as user stories If everything goes as planned, we’ll be able to take the product to market by the holiday season Scrum Scrum Scrum is an agile framework for developing products through repeated iterations or evolving versions a Scrum task board is used to track progress by organizing tasks into to do in Progress and done categories Team members are expected to attend at the daily Scrum meeting and update everyone on progress Sprint Sprint Scrum teams work in short cycles of work called Sprints in [each] Sprint a team develops tests and integrates a set of features into the product If we can get the coding done today, we’ll have three days left in the sprint for testing product backlog product backlog A Product backlog is a list of features Described as user stories that will be included in the product Sprint Backlog Sprint Backlog Similarly a sprint backlog is a list of tasks that need to be completed in a Sprint We’ve got a huge Sprint backlog this time folks, so let’s get down [to] work Scrum Master Scrum Master A Scrum master acts as the team’s coach facilitating meetings and removing any obstacles to progress The Scrum Master [is] often viewed as the protector of the team working to ensure the team can perform at their best Make sure you let the scrum master know if you see any problems that might impact this sprint product owner product owner The product owner deals with stakeholders and makes decisions about the product and its features It’s important that everyone on the team understands the product owners vision for the software product teams product teams Scrum product teams are usually small self organized groups whose members? possess all the skills required to [deliver] a working product I Really think we need to bring someone onto our product team with a marketing background Now it’s your turn [to] practice some of the words. We’ve looked at in this lesson in a moment You’ll hear a series of sentences with a word replaced with a beep Repeat each sentence including the missing word For example if you hear we’ve decided to run this project in three week You can say we’ve decided to run this project in three weeks Sprints you We’ll provide the answer after each question ready. Let’s give it a go With Norman leaving us. [we’ll] need another programmer on our product Answer with Norman leaving us will need another programmer on our product team There are just two features left in our product Answer, there are just two features left in our product backlog Our scrum sure knows how to run a focused and productive meeting Answer our Scrum master sure knows how to run a focused and productive meeting That’s all for this episode of video vocab be sure to check out our website at www.att.com/biz Nough singlish vocabulary thanks for watching and see you again soon

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  1. Interesting and informative. One error that should be fixed: At 4:57, the word "who's" needs to be replaced by "whose".

  2. Thank you very much, it really help. And I have an advice that the product team explained in last part of this video also always called as CFT I think. Cross-Functional Team

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