English Addict 20 – Live Lesson – 50 Useful Business English Words & Phrases – FRI 20th Dec 2019

English Addict 20 – Live Lesson – 50 Useful Business English Words & Phrases – FRI 20th Dec 2019

am i ready? I was born ready hi everybody
welcome here we go we are approaching the weekend and this
is English addict live from the UK hmm very interesting oh hi everybody
this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
look look what was delivered to my house just a few moments ago it is a mystery
box I have no idea who this is from it could be anything it’s not ticking so I
know it’s not a bomb but what could it be
oh my goodness Wow very interesting now I know that this must be something there
is going to be a surprise to all of us because I haven’t ordered anything I
have no orders I have no deliveries coming to the house
so I have no idea what is in this box a little bit later on we will all take a
look in this box together and we will find out what is in the box because I’m
very curious to find out what is in the box maybe it is something for me to eat
oh I hope so maybe something that I can put in my mouth
so that’s coming up later on anyway hi are you okay
I really hope you are having a good week how has the week been has it been a good
week or has it been a really rubbish week I don’t know because I’m not there
you see so are you excited are you one of those people who next week will be
celebrating Christmas yes Christmas is on the way just a few days away and then
we will all be sitting down around the Christmas tree opening or Christmas
gifts however that is still to come because today it’s Friday this Friday and I feel very excited so
excited indeed doo doo doo doo doo doo I hope you are feeling good today
are you are you good are you dear it’s been a bit chaotic today I’ll be honest
with you there are still so many things that I have to do before Christmas
arrives tomorrow we’re going over to Stafford to see my lovely murmur and
tonight Oh tonight we’re going out for a lovely meal for some friends we are
catching up with some friends tonight going out for an Indian meal ooh that
sounds very nice I can’t wait and of course next week Christmas arrives
however now this is something that I want to ask you first of all do you
spend Christmas with just your loved one maybe your husband or wife or do you go
to visit your family at Christmas so I know some people don’t like to do too
much on Christmas Day they they just like to stay at home and do little do
something just between them and their partner however other people have huge
Christmas parties on Christmas Day so as far as I’m concerned here we will be
having a quiet Christmas day so we do a lot of the wining and dining in all of
the social stuff before and after Christmas however on Christmas Day we
always like to do things very slowly and quietly just the two of us and that’s
the way we like it so let’s have a look at the live chat
how many people are here at the moment oh well I always feel happy when there
is more than 10 people so fortunately for me there there is
more than 10 people here at the moment on the live chat hello – grace chin
hello grace I am saying grace right now because you are first on today’s live
chats I wonder what is in this box this is
something that arrived this morning and I have no idea what it is or who it is
from sometimes I do receive mystery gifts from people and now and again they
are nice surprises and sometimes not so nice
however I have a feeling that this one is going to be a nice surprise
so I can’t wait hello also to Sally Sally Sally she walks down the alley say
Ewing hello to everyone hello Sally nice to see you here on today’s live chat
also Tanya flower Espoir hello to you all so Anna Coby Luis Mendez Luis Mendez
is here today J M rich is here hi exclamation mark oh I like it
Riccardo also we have highly hello hi lee kwang nice to see you here as well
pappi hello Pappy also Sally Rosa Helen Palmira nice to see you back again
also Belarusian sweetness mitra wow so many people here already i don’t know
where to start it’s a big list we have a lot of things
to talk about today we are going to take a look at business english something
that i’ve had quite a few requests to talk about so i’m going to talk about
some words some basic words connected to business english also i’m going to show
you some useful textbooks and also some other things that can help you to learn
business English so when we talk about business English we normally mean
something that is specialized so an area of the English language
that is specialized it refers to certain things or certain ways of doing things
so I hope you will enjoy that hello Berlin I am so happy to see you today
now one or two of you think that mr. Steve is joining me today
however he isn’t it’s actually on Sunday so so mr. Steve is not here today
because he’s still working however today is his last day at work
before the Christmas break I will be back with you on Sunday at 2 p.m. UK
time and mr. Steve will be here with us on Sunday so it’s myself mr. Steve here
with our special pre-christmas live English addict coming on Sunday so I
hope you are looking forward to that Quang Tran also watching in Viet Nam
hello to you Xin Shang hello also Ally also we have clips on
hello Clemson nice to see you from Fortaleza Fortaleza in Brazil nice to
see you here today Helen Ali again Saleem hi to you on the
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subscribe as well if you want if you don’t like it tell me Roza hello to Rosa hello to Christine
hello mr. Duncan the weather is rainy yes it is also very rainy here in the UK
we have had such a miserable morning there it is looking out of the window
right now so that is a live view from my studio window you can see there are many
sheep in the distance you might see some birds flying by the window also you
might see some traffic in the distance you might see some cars and maybe some
lorries delivering all those wonderful Christmas gifts they are helping Santa
Claus do his job and in my garden there is the view right now in the garden
everything looking still no wind today however we’ve had so much rain it’s been
raining a lot and it’s very warm again it’s about 10 degrees today so it feels
and seasonably warm at the moment hello I have a mystery box this is
something that came to my house earlier and I have absolutely no idea what is in
the box so I’m going to open the box now is that okay so thank you very much
to whoever sent this I hope there is a card inside or something or else I’m
going to be very embarrassed because I won’t know who to say thank you – right
let’s have a look let’s open the box shall we this this is very exciting by
the way doo doo doo this is something that
arrived at my house this morning if I can get it open ah that’s interesting
here we go this is very exciting so I have a feeling that this is a gift from
one of my students I think so the reason why I think that is because I haven’t
ordered anything so I can only assume that this has come from one of my
students there’s a piece of paper I will look at that in a moment
oh very interesting what is this it looks like something for
Christmas it looks like a Christmas decoration in fact if I can get it out
without breaking its I don’t know if this is made of glass
or made of plastic very interesting it is a Christmas bauble someone has sent
me a little Christmas bauble and I don’t know if you can see that but
it looks like a bird on the front you might not be able to see that because of
all the bright lights so I will try to show you it is a Christmas bauble and
that looks like a Robin I think it’s a Robin on the front so thank you very
much I hope there is a name on here let’s have a look who it is from oh okay
so this is just a receipt so at least I know how much this cost so yes a clear
white glitter bauble with a bird on a Brent a Christmas tree decoration thank
you very much to whoever sent this because I have no idea so I think what
you must have done you must have ordered it from a company here in the UK and
then they deliver it straight here however I have no idea I don’t know who
this is from but can I say thank you very much this
will go on my Christmas tree there it is a little Christmas bauble and these are
things that we normally hang on our Christmas tree as a way of celebrating
Christmas time so a little Robin there is a Robin sitting on a branch I think
you can see it if I if I move it around slightly can you see it I hope so so
there it is something to hang on my Christmas tree a little Christmas bauble
thank you very much to whoever sent that and if you sent it could you please tell
me who you are so I can say thank you properly look if that isn’t that lovely
so now and again I do receive gifts through the post I don’t know how I once
received a letter by the way I received a card once for my birthday and it just
said Duncan who lives in Much Wenlock and it actually got to my address I
don’t know how it got to my house but please don’t send anything that if you
don’t know my address because it will cause a lot of confusion and I will
probably get into trouble as well so thank you very much to whoever sent that
it’s a lovely gift and I do appreciate it very much
isn’t that nice Cristina says it’s a very nice gift a very nice present for
you Gemma and I says I thought it might be an ear or a finger I don’t know what
type of parcels you you normally send all right but no it isn’t a body part
fortunately I’m very pleased to hear that we we haven’t had any body parts
delivered to the house for a long time not for a long time mr. Duncan have you
put up your Christmas tree please don’t ask that question
please don’t ask that question I’m I’m a little embarrassed to say that I haven’t
put the Christmas tree up yet however tomorrow because mr. Steve starts his
holiday tomorrow we are going to put the Christmas tree up tomorrow so it will be
done I have a huge list of things that I have to do before Christmas arrives it’s
always a crazy time of year thank you also to sano hello to you I can’t
believe how much packaging they used to send that little bauble I think it’s
because it’s very delicate so I think because it is something that is very
delicate I think maybe they put a lot of packaging around it so it doesn’t break
there’s nothing worse than sending a gift to someone and then when it arrives
it’s broken and that does happen quite often some people during Easter they
will send Easter eggs through the post can you imagine what the Easter Egg
would be like by the time it gets to the other person it’ll be just much
this is it would be broken Thank You Maria
thank you Oh apparently mr. Duncan today is the last day of school for Maria so I
would imagine you are very excited as well yes today many people are breaking
up from their work for the Christmas break Steve is breaking up today however
he’s still working at the moment unfortunately that’s a shame isn’t it
but he will be with us on Sunday hello Lois again a lot of things my wife will
be doing a lot of things for the festivities I like a little bit of wine
or whiskey but I should really avoid this my wife has a sweet tooth you see
so I think your wife and also me we have the same taste very sweet very sugary
and of course during Christmas we will be eating a lot of sweet sugary and
healthy things I think so it wouldn’t be Christmas without some junk food hello –
Jamelia nice to see you as well mr. Duncan what does it mean miss miss tow I
don’t know what you mean there do you mean mistletoe
maybe you mean mistletoe well mistletoe is a type of plant it’s a parasitic
plant that grows on the sides of trees and you can cut pieces of mistletoe and
then you use it at Christmas as a decoration but also if you find some
mistletoe you can actually kiss someone underneath the mistletoe so that is one
of the the many Christmas traditions oh I was right yes
mistletoe so there we go I’ve just explained it
that was quite good I’m impressed so Christmas is coming I thought we
would have a little look at a video that I recorded a while ago now it was
actually a year ago just as the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair was ending so I
thought it would be fun to show just a little excerpt from the Christmas Fair
that myself and also mr. Steve attended last year so this is just a little
excerpt just a little clip to give you some of the Christmas atmosphere here in
Much Wenlock well that’s just about it from us for
today here in Much Wenlock for the Christmas Fair and I think Steve has
enjoyed it even though it’s been a little bit cold
yes I’m smiling on camera but I haven’t been smiling off-camera and you are
right it’s getting cold it’s also getting dark and we’ve got to walk
probably a mile and a half back through woods oh yes of course
over fields I forgot I forgot we we have to walk back home so just in case you
never see us again this is mr. Duncan and mr. Steve saying
I hope you’ve enjoyed our lives just in case we get lost in the dark yet but if
we do no one’s going to see this he’s going to put it on YouTube that’s true
maybe they will find maybe in 50 years time they’ll find our skeletons
clutching this mobile phone and then they will be able to retrieve this
footage it has been an interesting afternoon we’ve seen lots of Christmasy
things and it’s got more Christmassy the day has worn on because it wasn’t very
Christmassy at first but now I feel like going home and wrapping up some
Christmas presents Wow and we haven’t even put the Christmas
tree up yet so we still have to put our Christmas tree up although next week the
Christmas lights on the front of our house will be put on so that will be
next Sunday we will be showing you the outside Christmas lights and they look
quite amazing to be honest yes and of course we’ll be inviting the village to
come along for the switching on that ceremony and we will be charging them to
come in watch our Christmas lights it’s gonna have a celebrity see they’ve had
the the country’s tallest town crier to switch on the lights here I think he’s
about seven foot tall we saw him earlier on in the church and come see every year
yes we’ve gotta have a celebrity to switch on the lights on mr. Duncan’s
house apparently yes hehe is supposed to be
the the world’s tallest town crier but I’ve heard that it’s not really a town
crier that’s 7-foot tall I think it’s actually
two midgets want one standing on the shoulders of the other I’m so silly
sometimes christmas is coming mr. Duncan is
getting fact hello to Hasson nice to see you here again by the way that was mr.
Steve and also myself last year in Much Wenlock town centre doing something for
the pre Christmas season the season of Christmas is coming so we can have a
little bit of snow maybe ooh there it is through the magic of CGI and maybe also
shall we have some I don’t know shall we have some jingle bells as well some
little jingle bells dashing through the snow today christmas is coming christmas
is coming are you excited I am very excited I might wee myself that’s enough
you can have too much of that you see you can have too much festivity and we
will wear it out so that is enough for now hello to Irene by the way if you
have a sweet tooth it means you love eating chocolate and sweets so your
tooth is a sweet tooth it means you’d like having things that are sugary and
sweet so it’s a lovely expression that describes a person who likes eating
things that are sugary they contain a lot of sugar or maybe cocoa chocolate
for example a person who likes eating chocolate might be described as having a
very sweet tooth hello – Hannah you two look like each other as if you are
brothers Thank You Hannah or Hannay thank you very much
lúcia nice to see you here today hope everything is okay with you I really do
much when Locke looks exactly how a strange a stranger might imagine a
little English town I suppose you might describe the place in which I live as
being typically English however most typical English towns are actually big
and busy and noisy so yes I do like it around here it is very peaceful and
quiet why did you get it short mr. Duncan it was good to see mr. steve says
Jamelia well that was just a short excerpt from last year just to get you
in the mood however on Sunday Steve will be with us so don’t forget you can
always catch me on YouTube 2:00 p.m. UK time and Steve will be here with us all
on Sunday so don’t forget to p.m. UK time what do you prefer to eat during
your Christmas dinner thank you Christina normally we have turkey so
traditionally people will eat turkey or maybe sometimes they will have ham
however we will be having chicken so instead of Turkey because Turk is a
large they’re a little bit too big for two people so instead we will be having
our little chicken mr. Steve will be running around running around the market
in Much Wenlock trying to catch the chicken normally he is not very
successful I’ll be honest with you so today we’re talking about quite a few
things first of all I want to mention this when we talk about having something
to do in your life may be a thing that you have to do may be a thing that you
want to do maybe a job your general career or maybe
just how you fit into society we often say that you need to find your niche so
I love this word I lift the word niche it means a position for a place so quite
often in life as you get older you but you realize that you have to find your
niche quite often the niche will depend on many things maybe your abilities the
things you can do maybe your outlook on life whether you are a person who is
very sociable so find your niche and this is something we often think of when
we are exploring our lives or maybe when we are setting out on the great journey
of life you try to find where you belong where you fit in you have to find your
niche we might also say that you have to find your place in the world so the
thing that you do the thing that you are good at may be the place where you feel
you belong you have to find your place in the world you have to find your niche
I love that word where you feel worthy so maybe a certain type of job a certain
career where you feel most comfortable something you want to do that you feel
that you have a burning ambition to do where you feel worthy we might also say
a place where you feel useful something that you do something that you feel as
if you want to do where you belong so maybe the place or maybe the job the
place where you work maybe your position in society the place where you belong
your niche is your place your place so in that
respect we are not talking about the place where you live we are talking
about your place in life the things you do generally your job your status your
career all of those general things here’s a nice one where we talk about
our niche quite often we will talk about a place or a position where we feel
comfortable maybe a job that you enjoy doing we often refer to your comfort
zone so something that is in your comfort zone might be something that you
feel relaxed doing you feel happy doing something that makes you feel
comfortable and dare I say confident something you are confident doing
something that makes you feel comfortable your comfort zone can also
be your niche the place where you feel you belong something that you want to do your place as I said earlier so when we
talk about your niche we are talking about your place
so not a physical thing not necessarily physical but something where you do the
things that you do in your life your work your job your social standings the
things that you do your position so again your position in society or in
life somewhere that you fit into perfectly for example I suppose you
might say that my niche is teaching so over the years I’ve done many different
things so it took me a long time to find my niche my position in life your
situation can also be your niche your situation is a general term
so it can mean anything it can mean your social status maybe where you live maybe
how you deal with relationships your situation so all of those things can
relate to your position in life your place your niche your general situation
so that can cover many things many things indeed hello to Irene
hello also rosso hello to Rolfie hello Ralphy are you finding your niche and
settling down are they the same thing yes so to find your niche is to find the
place where you feel the most comfortable or the place you feel as if
you belong so some people spend many years finding their niche I must admit I
spent many years finding my niche but the thing is I never stopped looking and
that is the mistake that many people make they often stop trying to find
their niche in life they will sometimes settle for something that they don’t
enjoy doing however in my life I’ve always tried to do many different things
I’ve searched I’ve tried I’ve gained experience doing many different things
some of the things I enjoyed and some of the things I didn’t enjoy so finding
your niche finding your place in life can sometimes be a long process but my
advice is always the same don’t stop I never give up never give up
my niche is working in tourism says Christina so there you have found
something you enjoy doing it is almost as if you are sitting in a very
comfortable chair have you ever done that have you ever sat in
chair and it feels as if the chair is giving you a lovely warm hug that is
your niche in life the thing that feels as if it was made for you it’s a great
feeling as well when you find it Oh Belarus you says since I was seven I
wanted to be a dentist and also an own orphan on orphan Onex I can’t even say
that all fenomena Rusia so from the age of seven Belarusian today a dentist and
guess what yes Belarusian found her niche sometimes we
know exactly what we want to do with our lives and sometimes we try lots of
things until we find the right one Rafi says can we also say it is finding your
calling in life yes when you say your calling the thing that you feel that you
want to do it is your calling however quite often you might not realize what
your calling is so the thing that you feel you are destined to do because it’s
the feeling that you have we call it your calling something from afar is
saying become a teacher mr. Duncan become a teacher you will one day become
a teacher so that’s it you’re calling the thing that you hear almost like a
message saying do it that is where you belong
hi Irene I hope mr. Duncan will be with us again and again for many decades I
also think that is a nice idea as well yes thank you very much mr. Duncan you
have a very fun and attractive way of teaching Thank You Hasan I’m glad to
hear that we are talking about a big subject by the way today so I haven’t
finished yet I still have a long way to go because this I suppose this will be
the final real lesson before Christmas time because on Sunday we’re going to
have lots of fun with Steve however today we are going to talk about
something very serious something to do with the English language we are talking
about business and this is a big topic and it is also a topic that many people
have asked me to talk about so I’m going to go through it today I hope it won’t
be too long and I hope it won’t be too boring however I think this is a very
interesting question and also it’s worth mentioning that when I was in China I
used to teach business English as one of the many areas of the English language
that I used to teach one of them was business English so when we talk about
business what are we talking about we are using general terms to describe
business so when we talk about business we can also talk about commerce as well
so not only the thing that you do in business but also the things connected
to running a business or owning a business or generally doing business
so we often talk about business and also we talk about Commerce as well so that
is the way of running the business doing business with other people making money
making the right choices Commerce dealing with other people whilst doing
business here’s another word an interesting one commercial so again this
is a word that can be used in many ways you can use commercial to mean anything
related to your business the thing you are doing with other people or of course
if you are promoting your business as well so the outlook from your business
the way you see your business running the way you promote your business it is
a commercial enterprise it is a commercial business so you have to sell
your business you might have to sell your products you might have to sell
yourself that is something that I’ve had to do quite a few few times in my life
I’ve had to sell myself that’s what you do at a job interrview when you go to a
job interview what are you doing you are selling yourself an enterprise again
when you set up a business you might have lots of big plans big plans ahead
for your business so we say we have an enterprise a person who thinks up a
business the thing that you are going to do business in your enterprise
enterprise another word we can use when we are going into business we are
finding the thing that we want to sell or do or create we can say also
your venture venture so when you set out we can use the word venture to mean your
journey but also it can be mean it can mean the thing that you are planning to
do you are going out to do that particular thing your new business is
your venture a thing you are going out to create it’s one of the hardest things
to do it is very easy to have an idea but the hardest part of creating a
business is actually coming up with all the plans and quite often if you need
money if you need to go to the bank to borrow money you will always need a
business plan you always have to have some idea and quite often you have to
write it all down on paper it has to be very formal and clear you need a
business plan with a business plan quite often you will have your mission the
thing that you aim to do the reason why you are creating your business what
service or product you are planning to create or offer so your mission is
basically the thing that your business is going to do what do you want to
achieve with your business what is your mission what do you aim to achieve with
your business and nowadays this word is used a lot when people are talking about
their business and also their aims the things they want to do and the reason
why they do the business what they are trying to do for other people to make
their lives easier for example when you set up a business quite often you will
need you will need your brand and this is an interesting word in the olden day
when everyone had cattle they used to have all of their fields next to each
other and quite often some of the cattle from one field would go into another
field and quite often it was very difficult to tell whose cattle belong to
which farmer however you can make it easier by putting a mark on the animal
so you will brand an animal you will put a mark on the animal and that will
identify that animal as belonging to you hence the word brand however nowadays
the brand can also mean the identity of your product or company so when we talk
about the brand nowadays quite often it is the name of the product or the name
of the company so the thing that identifies your business is the brand
you might notice there in the corner so you might describe this as my brand so
that is the thing that will be recognized and hopefully people will
remember that brand the thing that is the name or maybe there is a photograph
or an image to show the name of your company your brand it seems like a very
simple word this but however in business this is everything
your brand is everything it identifies you it shows what you do it shows what
you stand for so when you come to your brand when you
come to creating your brand quite often you have to put a lot of work and a lot
of thought into creating it it takes a very long time to do of course with your
brand you often need a logan so when we say slogan it is
normally a series of words or a sentence or a phrase that goes with your brand so
slogans there are many slogans around i’m sure
you can think of quite a few now for example just do it just do it
that is a well-known slogan for a certain brand of footwear so just do it I’m sure you know which company that is
so when we talk about the slogan it is quite often a sentence or phrase that
goes with a product or a certain company or business the slogan just do it there
are many actually there are many who remembers I’m loving it I’m loving it
also a well-known slogan I’m loving it which company had that slogan who
remembers it of course it was McDonald’s and the other one was Nike so when you
have a slogan it means something that you can remember easily it normally goes
with a product or a company a business they will often use a slogan something
that is easy to remember palmira says president Trump said America first yes I
suppose so I suppose you could say America first or make America great
again became a slogan something that many people remembered and they
connected that thing with him here’s another interesting word you may
not have heard of this before tagline so when we say tagline it means
something that goes alongside another thing quite often a product name so you
have the name of the product and underneath you will have a tagline very
similar to a slogan something that goes alongside or with a product name tag
line also strap line is another one quite often on the radio
you will hear radio stations use a strap line so it is something that you hear
repeated again and again maybe a radio station will have a certain strap line
for example I used to work many years ago on a community radio station called
chase FM and the strap line was closer to home so our strap line on the radio
station was actually closer to home because we were a local radio station so
the name of the radio station was chase FM closer to home that was the strap
line it is something that you repeat again and again until it stays in your
brain we talked about your brand branding is the action of giving your
company or maybe the product its own name so the branding relates to the
thing and the words that go with it the words that go with it
Jamelia says what about make mr. Duncan makes and brands yes we often say
make so maybe if you are choosing a new car maybe you will choose a particular
make of car so when we say make in that respect
it means the brand so something that is manufactured and sold and it normally
has a name maybe Ford Toyota Vauxhall Renault they are all makes of car they
are all brands of car so the branding is the action or the appearance of the
brand the thing that is easily recognizable often used in business and
also in manufacturing as well where we talk about the brand quite often we will
have maybe a picture that goes with it logo so when we think of logo you think
of something that mount might be a picture or an image or something that
it’s being specially designed as a logo you might describe this as my logo so
you might see this in many different places on my youtube channel
your logo is the picture that represents you or your company or your product so
the brand and also the logo can be used in very similar ways so you can often
say your logo or your brand however your logo quite often is something that is
specially designed so the logo also relates to the appearance the shape of
it what it looks like and of course we can all think of lots of different logos
I can think of one in you see that it’s a very clever logo
because most people know it straight away so you want to start your business
you want to create the perfect business you want to have success in your life
you will need your strategy so the strategy is the plan the strategy is
your course of action that will take you in a certain direction with your
business so if you want your business to be successful you have to come up with a
very good strategy so this can relate to anything that will help your business to
move forward your strategy can be for maybe advertising so maybe you have to
spend money on advertising that is your strategy your plan your approach so a
business strategy is always something that you need before you start your
business Thank You Pat you yes you you guessed
the logo you were right that’s right your outlook can also be
the strategy so the way you see your business going so when you start a
business you always have to have some sort of plan you have to know where your
business is going in the future what is your outlook what is the plan where will
you be in a year from now two years from now quite often in business when you are
creating your own business you will have an outlook or a strategy quite often it
is a five-year plan so when you have a business plan it is your stretch
and quite often most new businesses will have maybe a two year plan or quite
often if you are planning to borrow a lot of money you might have a five-year
plan so you normally plan ahead into the future when you are creating a business
we talked about your Outlook Outlook also we can use this word to mean how
things are going generally so maybe if you are in a certain type of business
the outlook can mean how well other businesses are doing that are similar to
yours the outlook looks good
the outlook looks bad the outlook to look ahead what is
happening around you and things that will happen in the future
here is another thing oh when we talk about business when we talk about
planning your business quite often you will have to make predictions you will
have to look ahead you will have to imagine that you have a crystal ball in
front of you that you can look into and see the future so quite often with
business you will have to make some predictions you will have to work out
how much money you will make in your first year and then your second year and
then your third year so your predictions for the year Sally says a strategy you
have to set out when you start your work and it should always be for the long
term yes normally a strategy is something that you plan over a long
period of time especially if you are creating a new business you need to know
where you are going with your business especially if you want to borrow money
because the bank will not give you any money
unless you have a very good plan a very good strategy and your predictions well
once again you are trying to guess or work out what will happen in the future
this is something that is not easy to do even experts often get their predictions
wrong here’s an interesting one numbers when we think of numbers we often think
of just general numbers any number think of a number right now you are thinking
of number seven yes Wow mr. Duncan how did you know I was
thinking of number seven you were you were thinking of number seven then
weren’t you how did I know that Wow it’s very creepy numbers so when we talk
about numbers we might be talking about our profit or loss we might be talking
about how much money we’ve made or how much money we need or maybe how much
money we might lose so when we talk about numbers we we mean just the
figures all of the figures concerning our business so give me the numbers tell
me what the numbers are what numbers do you expect before Christmas what numbers
do you expect after Christmas so in that sense we mean how much money will we
make how much money will we make if a business is doing well we can say that
it is profitable a company that is making money that is doing very well
it is not losing money it is profitable and most businesses during the first two
or three years hope to become profitable so when you first start a business you
might find that you don’t make much money at all you might find that you
lose money in the first year or maybe two
years so quite often a business will not start making money until it’s maybe two
or three years old so something that is profitable something that can give you
something back I like it a business that is profitable something that you go into
adventure or a business that you create that proves profitable I like it I like
it a lot in this day and age there are many people trying to create businesses
that in the future will be profitable especially when we are talking about the
environment so there are many people trying to create new devices new forms
of battery new forms of travel and transport we talk about the market as
well so the word market is a general term a general term for anything that is
creating money selling things providing a service so any area where business is
taking place so quite often we think of the market as a place where things are
sold and things are bought and that is pretty much it really so when we think
of the stock market all people are doing really is buying and selling that’s all
they are doing they just happen to be buying things that sometimes cost a lot
of money parts of a business so the market refers to the general situation
so maybe a certain part of a type of business or maybe something that is very
specialized a certain market or the general market so how well the economy
is doing so we the economy is going up and nor money is
being created and earned or the market might go down as it’s happening in many
parts of the world at the moment so market is a generic word it can mean
anything that is being sold or bored netra hello network nice to see you here
Christmas is around the corner merry Christmas to you mr. Duncan thank you
very much that’s very kind of you your analytics this is something that is very
useful if you are in business quite often nowadays you can have services
provided to you by companies and they will give you information on how well
your business is doing analytics so quite often they will analyze all of the
things concerning your business the amount of items that you are creating or
maybe how long it takes to create your product or how many people are buying
your product how many people are not buying your product maybe they are going
somewhere else your analytics so all of the figures all of the information that
tells you how well or how badly your business is doing even here on YouTube
we have analytics we can find out how well our business is doing Cecilia by
mr. Duncan I have a nice afternoon see you all on Sunday Thank You Cecilia I
hope my business chat is not too boring why is the Christmas hat red asks pachu
well red is often used during Christmastime I suppose nowadays we
often think of red referring to maybe the color of Santa Claus clothes
so quite often Santa Claus will wear red and also maybe white as well so we often
think of red and white at Christmas time back to business
oh that’s actually a phrase we are getting back to business profit and loss
very simple to explain profit is the money you make over your expenses so you
have to spend money running your company and anything you make over that is
profit the profit is what you get to keep nice of course there is the
opposite loss so maybe in your first couple of years of doing business you
might lose money so profit and loss are antonyms they are opposites so you make
money you lose money you make money over all of your expenses you lose money you
pay to run your business but you don’t make any profit you only make a loss
earlier another one if I can get it into my hand when we are talking about our
profit and our loss we will often talk about the bottom line the bottom line in
business is the result the thing that is at the bottom have you made money or
have you lost money so the bottom line is always the profit and loss hopefully
hopefully the bottom line will always be profit but not always so when we say the
bottom line we mean the final result the final figure has my business done well
or has it done badly the bottom line theorem theorem
hi mr. Duncan thank you for all of your lessons thank you as well
hello mr. Duncan thank you for all of the English lessons Thank You Meg ah
Thank You mega mega oak haha thank you very much that’s very nice of you to say
that Sally says I’m very happy for this lesson it’s really beneficial for me
because Business Administration is what I’m studying very good business English
is a little bit like normal English or general English however there are many
specialist words and those are the words that I’ve shown you today so I’ve shown
you quite a few words today quite a few words I will show you to them show them
to you again very quickly so we have business commerce commercial enterprise venture mission brand slogan tagline strapline branding logo strategy outlook predictions numbers profitable market analytics profit and loss bottom line so
those are the general words we can use in business I hope that’s been helpful
to you of course one of the problems with being in business is there are
other people doing similar things we call it the free market in many
countries you are allowed to create a business doing anything within reason as
long as it’s not causing harm or injuring other people you can create a
business however sometimes in business you can have something I’ve just dropped
on the floor excuse me you can have opposition so the
opposition are the people that are doing the same thing the thing that is very
similar to what you are doing they are the opposition another company
is doing a very similar thing to you the opposition a good example of opposition
might be Coca Cola and Pepsi so they are opposites of each other because they are
both trying to do the same thing so Coca Cola has Pepsi as as their
opposition so the opposition is the thing that is forcing against you so if
you are selling a cold soda and this company is also selling cold soda you
are in opposition the word is opposition I like that one so when we talk about
the free market it is the freedom to create any business so for example here
in the UK we have a free market in the USA there is a free market there are
many different areas of competitiveness so the person who is against you might
be described as your opponent your opponent the person who is against you
is your opponent so if I am Coca Cola my opponent is Pepsi or Pepsi Co to give
them their proper name so your opponent is the person who is opposite you trying
to compete they are your Challenger so a challenger is a person who is doing
something against you maybe they are in business and their business is very
similar to yours deer deer deer we can describe them as
your rival I like that word rival so your rival is the person who is against
you they might not be angry they might not be willing to fight you however they
might be doing the same thing as you rival so maybe you have a rival company
a company that is doing the same thing or a similar thing
to you they are your rival they are against you because they are trying to
do the same thing as you your rival can also be described as your
foe so these are words you can use in business in business English these are
people who are doing the same thing they are maybe challenging you
they are your your foe your foe they are the people who are doing something and
maybe you see them as a threat so the person who is the foe is also the threat
they are a threat they are your foe you might even use the word enemy but we
don’t often use the word enemy in business it’s a little bit strong rival
is a very common word so quite often we will talk about a business that is
similar to yours as your rival your rival I suppose also another word we can
use is adversary adversary so an adversary is a person who is against you
they are doing things that are adverse hence the word so an adversary is a
person who is working against you against you we might also use the word
competitor so a competitor is a person who is working against you they are
someone who is doing something very similar this is used a lot in business
English so in business English the person who is doing something similar to
your business is the competitor it’s a bit like taking part in a race you are
running along the track the people running against you or your competitors
they are the other ones that you are competing against wow it’s
a big subject this isn’t it I think this might be one of the biggest subjects
I’ve ever covered rivalry once again your rival is the person you are
competing against so rivalry actually describes the action of doing that you
have rivalry it is describing the fact that you are competing with someone else
you have rivalry there is rivalry taking place things can be difficult times can
be difficult you might have difficulty selling your products maybe there are
many reasons why this might happen perhaps the market is no longer buoyant
it is not floating anymore so maybe people are not buying a certain product
so there might be something that you sell that suddenly becomes unpopular
because people don’t want it anymore maybe people in a certain country have
little money so you might describe things as difficult you are going
through a difficult period with your business your business is having a
difficult time so the difficult thing can relate to anything that is causing
problems for your business something that is difficult a difficult time Sathya
says bullish oh I like that word I haven’t got it on my list if something
is bullish it means it is very forceful very powerful we often talk about
companies being very bullish aggressive so we talk about adverse when things are
difficult when are not going very well for your company
we can say that things are adverse adverse things are not going very well
for my business things are going very badly at the moment turbulent difficult
rough imagine being on the ocean and the the waves are strong and wild but you
are trying to get across the ocean things are very turbulent so when we say
turbulent it means things are not going smoothly they are changing all the time
they are very turbulent we are going through a turbulent period of time at
the moment so many businesses are suffering they are having difficulty
they are suffering during this turbulent time so in some countries the economy is
going through a turbulent period some people say that after bricks it happens
here in the UK some people say that the market here and many businesses will
have a turbulent time when brexit happens which it would appear that it is
going to happen an unfavorable moment or unfavorable business period maybe your
trading is going through a difficult time maybe no one is buying your
products maybe people have stopped buying your goods things are a little
unfavorable things are not going very well for my company they are very
unfavorable at the moment Maria is going you are all starting to drop like flies five – Maria I know a lot of people are
probably going now because they have other things to do don’t worry you can
watch this again later something is challenging you might have
a challenging time a challenging period of time some difficulty that you have to
overcome challenging in business it is possible to have a challenging time
things are not always easy when you are running your own business unstable very
similar to turbulent and stable things are always changing sometimes they go up
and sometimes they come down very unstable you don’t really know what’s
going to happen next no one knows bumpy
something that is bumpy you can describe the economy as being bumpy so again you
don’t really know what is going to happen next
things are very uncertain you don’t know what lies ahead in the future and
finally I’m sure you’re very pleased to see this secured so if your business is
secure it means it is safe so maybe you will be in business for many years to
come because you are having a lot of success you have a very secure future so
if something is secure it means it is locked in place it is certain your
business is secure when we talk about different types of business we often
talk of trade trade so trade is just the action of buying and selling you trade
you exchange one thing for another you exchange one thing for another
you’ve trade so quite often when we trade in
business we will trade a product or a service for money I give you the service
and you give me the money trade trade you might want to put some
money into a business quite often you will need someone to give you money to
help your business start you need to invest so to invest is to put money in
you put money in you put money into a business you get other people to put
money into your business you want them to invest so invest is to put in you put
in you give your time you give your money so in business quite often you
will invest money and when you do you will buy stock so when we invest money
quite often we will be given stock so the stock refers to pieces of the
company pieces of the company or maybe money that you have invested in
something and of course we are talking of shares as well so quite often we will
hear stocks and shares used together so the share of a company is something that
you have bought a part of you’ve bought a part of a company maybe many years ago
you bought shares in Apple in which case you must be very happy now shares parts
of a company that are normally sold and bought there are many different types of
business of course retail did you know that retail is virtually the most common
and popular type of business especially in the UK many people over the past 10
or 15 years have launched and created their own
retail business so when we talk about retail we talk about shops supermarkets
things that are selling items normally in a shop or quite often online these
days because we have big companies like Amazon many others as well
retail retail is probably the largest area of business certainly in this
country so quite often the economy of a country can can rely heavily on this
area of business the retail sector or retail shops businesses selling things
quite often to the general public so this is a really big area of business
there are many people every day setting up their own retail businesses quite
often working from home services another area of business when we talk about
services or the service industry that is anything that is offering assistance any
type of assistance so services is a very general term it’s
a type of business that is offering help or some sort of assistance with a
particular thing services finally if you have to do something that is very
complicated you might go to a business or a company that can help you do that
thing and the word we use is logistics another big area of business nowadays
there are many companies that now deal in logistics and that means doing
something very complex something that needs a lot of people and a lot of
people in different places to get one thing done
for example delivering your food to the supermarket you need lots and lots of
people working lots of people packing lots of people putting the goods into
the lorries then you need people driving the lorries or the tricks so logistics
is a very big area of business and it means getting something complicated or
complex done there are many logistics companies
around the world now many that was a big lesson I have to be honest with you
finally one last phrase before I go if your business is doing badly and then
you find out that lots of other businesses who are doing the same thing
as you are also doing badly it might mean that the bottom has fallen out of
the market this is a great phrase that you might hear use so when people say
that the bottom has fallen out of the market it means that particular thing is
no longer required people are not buying that thing anymore
so maybe you are selling a product that for a short time was very popular many
people bought it but then suddenly they stopped buying it and because of that
your business starts to lose money we can say that the bottom has fallen out
of the market so that area that type of business is no longer wanted or needed
the bottom is fallen out of that market that is it that is it that is it that is
it that is all today I hope you’ve enjoyed this something a little
different because we are going to get into the festive mood over the next few
days as Christmas approaches I will be back with you on Sun
I’m here live on Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time just before I go of course I have
something else to show you I haven’t forgotten don’t worry
so here is something else that I want to show you very quickly before I go
because a lot of people have asked about books mr. Duncan can you please show us
some books some textbooks so I’m going to do that right now for you there are
many textbooks available there are many different types of English textbooks so
we are talking about business English textbooks so I’m not going to recommend
anything today I’m just going to show you what is available so these are some
some useful books one of the most useful books as far as I’m concerned is an
English dictionary if you are studying business English then you will need
something that refers to words that are used in business English so here is a
good example of one of them you have the Cambridge business English dictionary
published by Cambridge Press so this is something that you could keep nearby
whilst you are studying your business English either at college or at home so
always have a business English dictionary nearby always have one to
hand because you never know it might come in very useful indeed also we have another one here English
for everyone this is a book published by DK and it gives you lots of simple very
useful ways of expressing English in business English so business English
also refers to specialised areas of English but also everyday English as
well so another useful book that might come in handy might be very useful so
there are many books that you can use professional English in use refers to
lots of different areas of business and again these are specialist books you can
see two examples there on the screen right now medicine
so maybe words and terms that are used in the medical profession and also you
can see law as well so again a very useful type of book so I’m not
recommending these books these are available they are they are useful and
there are of course many other books available as well once again from Cambridge press you have
intermediate business vocabulary so this is something that is useful for everyday
English and everyday learning most of these books can be found on Amazon but
you might find that there is someone selling these books in your own country
maybe online or maybe you can go into town and buy one from your local
bookshop that sounds like a nice idea the Oxford business English Dictionary
as you know I do like Oxford press I like their dictionaries and also their
textbooks as well and here is another one Oxford business English Dictionary
if you are studying business English I would always always suggest having a
business english dictionary nearby to refer to so always have an English
dictionary so Cambridge Press do them and so does
Oxford as well two very good sources of English information and then Oxford also produce a pocket
dictionary that you can carry around in your bag or in your jacket pocket so you
never know when you will need to refer to those English words so maybe having a
pocket dictionary nearby could could prove to be very useful indeed and finally we have another selection of
useful books and these are all referring to different parts of business so you
can see there on your screen you have accounting customer care Human Resources
the automobile industry also aviation which concerns flying and the people who
serve you on the planes are the cabin crew so again these books contain lots
of useful words lots of key words that are used in those particular fields so I
hope they were useful to you and I hope you will benefit somehow from them that’s it that’s definitely it thank you
very much for your company today so there are some useful books I’m often
asked to talk about business English and also to talk about some useful books
that they can buy or you can buy to help you with your business English studies
and there they are so you can find them online but my
suggestion here’s a suggestion if you have a local bookshop near where you
live and they sell lots of education textbooks maybe you could go there
instead so instead of buying it on the Internet
you could go in person and buy something personally and also help one of your
local businesses at the same time thanks a lot for your help today I hope it’s
been useful it’s been a long one I am back on Sunday and we are going to have
a little bit of fun on Sunday mr. Steve will be joining me live as we prepare
for the arrival of Christmas which will be next Wednesday next Wednesday I
suppose the big question is will I be with you live on Wednesday because it
will be Christmas Day I’m not sure at the moment
however I will definitely be with you on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time thank you
very much for your company today I hope it’s been interesting Thank You Palmero
I have a special portfolio for learning English about business but I do not use
it because it is boring I constantly read The Economist a very good magazine
and in that magazine there is always useful terms and words connected to
business thank you very much thank you grace
thank you Noemi Thank You Erik thank you also too highly thank you too
who else shall I say goodbye to before I go neo
see you later neo thank you Marella thank you Eric
all this if this information by the way is available later you can watch this
livestream all over again if you want it’s
okay and later there will be captions as well just in case you haven’t watched
them on the live stream this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for joining me today see you on sunday christmas is just
around the corner are you excited I hope so and of course you know what’s coming
next yes you do ta ta for now 😎

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