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  1. so just tell her that her mom is already dead and that you witnessed it, feiye. so yunxi wouldn't be played by the empress dowager. 🤦

  2. what a stupid girl!!!are you out of your mind??? yes i know you wanna save your mother,but why you dont asked help for long feiye ?????

  3. I always checked the comment section before watching the video. Now, I don't wanna see this episode after reading 5 comments. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

  4. I like Yunxi but I really need her to stop being used by people.. especially Qishao and the Empress Dowager..
    I'm glad he forgave her, a drawn out fight would've been awful

  5. this episode is the worst scene of whole drama, Feiye should not trust Yunxi who is flawed and in illusion. yunxi can't match yanxi.

  6. I am know getting chinese drama's plot, it always have a second female lead that is obsessed with the lead male character and in the middle of the story the lead female character will be forced to betray or misunderstand the lead male character which will lead to the loss of the lead male and then there happens the turn of the story plot

  7. Ugghhh yunxi why did you believe that bitch?! Prince Qin already told you that your mom is already dead..😐so annoying…🤔im so dissapointed..😣

    This 'Judas-Bride.' My jaw has dropped and I am just stunned at her betrayal. There is nothing I can come up with so that I'll be able to forget this …She could have always gone to her husband and told him what the Queen Mother wanted her to do. They could have worked together and with others, & pulled off this ruse together. Instead-she chose silence and betrayal of the worst kind. What a creature.

  9. Han Yunxi is stupid and at the same time she is smart ,caring, and Innocent but love is something powerful Prince Qin forgave her as it seems but big up to the word "love"

  10. Feiye should no trust a girl like her. Betraying him, again and again. And no trusting him with her secrets when He told her all of his. Now that she is in deep shit she say it all? Yah no girl.

  11. Yunxi is not stupid
    If only she knew that her mom is not longer alive she would have never listened to the Queen or whatever!

  12. I agree w/those comment..i always reading comments bfor watching now that ders something happen,id rather skip this than having a heartache,eyebags and sleepless night..

    THANKYOU not gonna watch this..heheh

  13. What the hell cheating or harming someone, to protect own persons, it's so disgusting, from my opinion it's wrong, I will never do like this.

  14. omg the han yunxi in the book is so smart and not gullible. why in this series she is easy to trick with…so disappointing!!!😌

  15. The comments here are driving me nuts 😂😡😡😡😂. I feel like skipping this episode. But I really love xifengs smile nice collabo to everyone in the drama. Love from Africa

  16. I love the mum's love for her son,that's the one character that impresses me cuz it's rarely seen,her love for feiye is so beautiful . I wished she was amongst the major characters. Can't wait to hear her story with feiye how she mistook him for her son ,n who killed her real son

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