[Eng sub] Judge Bao executes Little Prince Chai Yu

[Eng sub] Judge Bao executes Little Prince Chai Yu

Men. Here! Prepare palanquin. Sire! Wang Chao, Ma Han. Here! Wait outside. Sir! Do you know what will happen to you in the court? I do. Under the blade of your guillotine, I won’t survive. Now, do you repent your wrongdoings? Lord Bao, I have nothing to say if you’ll punish me according to the law of Great Song. But I have nothing to repent. By secretly conducting gold mining, you violated the human’s law. By destroying the innocent lives, you breached the heaven’s morals. The value of human lives is as high as the sky. Why do you have nothing to repent? In launching the coup at Chen Bridge and proclaiming himself sovereign, tell me if your Founding Emperor did consider the heaven’s morals and the value of human lives? You! Zhou fell, Song rose. How many lives were lost during the establishment of this dynasty? Lord Bao, how could you criticise me now? Turmoil usually occurs during a political change. The loss of lives can’t be avoided. But you destroyed people’s lives because of your greed for wealth. How can these things be compared with each other? Lord Bao, you’ve misunderstood. What’s my misunderstanding? Lord Bao, how do you know that my gold mining was not for a political change? What do you mean? There’s everything at the Manor of Chai. Why am I greedy for wealth? I conducted gold mining to collect money for forming armed forces and restoring Zhou Dynasty. Chai Yu, you planned an insurrection? Fomerly, the throne belonged to Zhou Dynasty, and the country, to the House of Chai. Zhao Kuangyin seized everything from us. How can’t I take it back? Insolent! How can you directly utter the name of the Founding Emperor? Your Founding Emperor was once a servant of the House of Chai. How can’t I directly call his name? I think Lord Bao has nothing to say any further, right? No. Superficially, your words sound reasonable. Actually, they are delusive. Well, if you can give me an undeniable explanation, I’ll accept my penalties without any objection. Good, lend your ear to me. Look back to the history and one will see that a political change is required by the will of heaven and the need of the people. The founder of a new government couldn’t turn a deaf ear to the people’s cries. He then stepped in to represent the people. If he didn’t heed the voices of heaven and the public, how could he successfully formed the government? If so, the rise of Great Song was the will of heaven and the need of the people? Correct. Emperor Shizong of the preceding dynasty was an able ruler but died prematurely. Your grandfather became a new emperor at the age of seven. Northern Han and Liao then jointly invaded. If the Founding Emperor did not take any action at that time, our empire would have been colonised. Wasn’t this the will of heaven and the need of the people? Even so, he wasn’t entitled to rule the empire belonging to the House of Chai. Your “empire beloning to the House of Chai” was originally founded by Guo Wei. Did Guo descendants require Chai descendants to return the empire to them? If every dynasty could claim ownership over the nation, there would have been endless battles amongst the descendants of Qin, Han, Sui and Tang. Sages hold public interest in high regard. A political change occurs as situations require. The current emperor is kind to the people. But you did harm to people, citing the restoration of your fallen dynasty. Chai Yu, not only committing the gravest crime, you also made the House of Chai an unloyal and inhumane figure. And you still argue with me without shame? Now, anything to say? Lord Bao, your words are contemplative and reasonable. I accept my penalties. If so, Officers! My Lord! Hold a session right now! Sir! [Court chant] Power and might. Bring the defendant forward. Bring the defendant forward. Chai Lu. You and Zhang Chong secretly conducted gold mining, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives and the sufferings of many citizens. Now, all are proven. Do you still plead not guilty? Lord Bao, it was me and Zhang Chong who ordered gold mining and assassinations, not the Little Prince. Please reconsider. Chai Yu admitted that he was the mastermind. Stop removing him from his liability. Lord Bao… Hear the judgment. Chai Lu, you conducted gold mining, concealed the exhibits and ordered murders. No quarter may be given. I have been appointed Inspector General. By virtue of the law of Great Song, I hereby sentence you to death. Officers! Here! Dog-headed guillotine! Sir! Lady Murong, will you tell me how I’m weak and craven and why I’m stupid? For so long you have been beset with the diseases that all the famous physicians know not how to cure. You then refuse my treatment because you don’t want to be disappointed and saddened again. Don’t you deserve being called a weak and craven person? Medical sciences are as deep and vast as an ocean. Though having spent their whole lives, many doctors didn’t reach the depth of these sciences. You’ve just met a handful of physicians and treatments and you think that your diseases are incurable and refuse further treatments. Don’t you deserve being called a stupid? I’m sorry for what I’ve said. I hope you won’t mind it and continue to heal my illness. [Court chant] Power and might. Bring Chai Yu forward. Chai Yu. Lord Bao. Though you have no royal title or post, you are a son of a prince. I exempt you from kneeling. Thanks, Lord Bao. You have admitted your guilt. Do you still want to be examined in this court of law? Not necessary. I have contravened the law. I must be punished according to the law. You may now render a sentence pursuant to the law. Hear the judgment. Chai Yu, as a son of a prince and a future prince, you should be loyal to His Majesty and maintain law and order. But you directed Chai Lu, your butler, and Zhang Chong to conduct gold mining. As a consequence, many lives were destroyed and many families were broken. Under the law, your offences are fatal. As Inspector General, I hereby sentence you to death in compliance with the law of Great Song. Officers! Here! Dragon-headed guillotine! Sir! Open — the — knife! Please stop the knife! I, Bao Zheng, hereby receive the decree of the Founding Emperor. May His Majesty live for ten thousand years, ten thousand years, ten thousand of ten thousand years. Lord Bao, please read the decree. When the Founding Emperor established this dynasty, he appointed my father as Prince Zheng. He then decreed that any holder of the Prince Zheng title, if guilty of treason, shall be exempted from death for one time. You’re invoking this decree to protect Chai Yu’s life? Correct. I beg you to follow the decree. But I can’t. Lord Bao, how dare you breach the royal decree? Your Highness, I’m not breaching the decree. You think this document is false? Granted by the Founding Emperor, it’s not false. When there’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t follow it, you breach it as a result. Though the decree is authentic, I can’t exempt Chai Yu from death. You! Your Highness, the decree clearly prescribes that every holder of the title of Prince Zheng can invoke it to exempt himself from death. Though Chai Yu is your son, he doesn’t hold the title yet. How can he be exempted? Lord Bao, just a little exception. My duty is to equally enforce the law, not to grant exceptions. Well, I’ll give up my princedom, so that Chai Yu will succeed to it. Your princedom is inalienable and the succession only occurs upon your death. You know so well that Chai Yu can’t succeed to your princedom until your death. I know so well how much you love your son. But wrongs are wrong. I really can’t grant your request. I hope you’ll understand. Forgive me, Your Highness. I need to maintain the law. Instructor Gongsun. My Lord. Resume the session. Sir. Wait, Lord Bao! You still have any objection? No. I just want to see my son for the last time. Your Highness, your son is now a prisoner pending execution. It’s inappropriate to allow him to have a private talk with you. Please don’t feel inconvenient. I’ll bid farewell to him in the courtroom. I ask you to grant this request. My Lord, the law allows a defendant’s relative to attend a session. But we’ve never let anyone attend the execution of his own relative. Anyway, I’ll remove you from the courtroom after you bid him farewell. Do you agree? Thanks, Lord Bao. Instructor Gongsun. My Lord. Tell Royal Guard Zhan to accompany His Highness too. Sir. My dear. Dad. Lord Bao upholds impartiality. You can’t help me. My dear. You’re right. It’s my own fault. Lord Bao is observing the law. I have no excuse. Dad, I’m so ungrateful. I can’t look after you any longer. Please take good care of yourself. I have to go now. My dear, my dear. Lord Bao. Your Highness. Lord Bao, Chai Yu will succeed to the Prince Zheng title upon my death. The death exemption decree will then be effective. I beg you to follow the decree. What’s your intention? I’ll commit suicide at once! Your Highness, you can’t! Dad! Your Highness! Dad. My dear, I can’t let you die under this dragon-headed guillotine. Dad, I’m already ungrateful because of my great sins and great crimes. If you also sacrifice your life for me, how can I confront people and continue my life anymore? Dad, please don’t do this. Don’t let me be labelled as the most ungrateful person, Dad. My dear, my dear. I must help you. Lord Bao, please support this selfishness of mine. Your Highness, though you die, Chai Yu will not be removed from death. You! If you die, your death will be reported to the central government. For succession to your princedom, a letters close will need to be issued, transmitted, royally signed, and declared by the Government. At least one month will be required. Your Highness, at that time, Chai Yu will already have left this world. Your Highness. Lord Bao, can’t you just extend the execution period? Your Highness, in enforcing the law, how can I think of personal interest? Bao Zheng, you! Your Highness, your highness. Dad, Lord Bao upholds the rule of law. Why do you make him feel uncomfortable? My dear. There’s no return. When the dynasty has been changed, I must understand it and respect the law. Under the law, equal treatment must be upheld. I’ve breached the law, I’m willing to be punished under the law. I’m thankful for this life you’ve given me. Thank you for taking care of me all this time. Lord Bao, please punish me according to the law. My dear, my dear. Royal Guard Zhan. Here. Bring the Prince out of the court, so that he will not see the execution. Sir. Your Highness, Please. Your Highness, please. Officers! Here! Prepare the execution! Sir! Open — the — knife! Kill!

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  1. wow how emotional is that!  If the law were carried out in this country impartially and with understanding few would kill, murder and cheat. Unfortunately we have a world where a lot of corrupt people get away with all.

  2. Man, Judge Bao is awesome and just, the penalties reflect the crime according to law irrespective of ones status. We need more judges like this.

  3. Judge Bao is a Righteous Judge that fell from Heaven. That's what I heard from my brother. He supposed to be in Jade heavenly Palace. Judge Bao has powers too. I'd wonder if there's anyone like this that come from Heaven.

  4. So just out of interest: Am I right to assume that in real life not even the succesion to his fathers position would have saved the Prince since he planned to commit one of the "Ten Abominations" allthough he would fall under the groups privileged under the "eight deliberations"?

  5. Fyi in ancient China, trachery against Emperor was punishable by death by 7th degree. Which meant the emperor was not only going to kill you but also execute your father, mother, your wives, your sons, daughters, cousins, nieces, nephews and their relatives.
    The great Han hero, Han Xin suffered this terrible fate when Empress Lu accused him of treason against Gao Zhu Emperor.

  6. 1.太祖是死后上的庙号吧?2.杀别人儿子以“见谅”二字安慰,合适吗?3.王爷是否翻译为Duchess (公爵)比Prince (王子) 更合适?王爷与皇子不同,王爷是一个世袭爵位不是血统。4.不能暂缓执行,确实有些让人难以接受。尤其是已经有圣旨的情况下。何况柴玉已经认罪。法律最关注的不就是教育而不是惩罚本身吗?

  7. 如果毛三世造反,要习二世退位,也是这下场吧。

  8. Wow it looks like Judge Bao is killing somebody new every week.

    Maybe this needs to be a new hit TV show. Instead of Judge Judy, it is "Judge Bao" or "A Slice of Justice with Judge Bao". 😛

  9. Such a weak argument, ChaiYu’s ancestor was neither cruel nor stupid, he is simply too young. This means general Zhao betrayed his lord who has done nothing wrong, which is absolutely unacceptable under ancient Chinese value. Besides as general Zhao was trusted by his lord, there is no conflicts between making the country thrive and his loyalty. As such what judge Bao said would be considered as absolutely shameless by ancient Chinese scholars.

  10. If Justice Bao is here today, the first heads to fall are those heads of the corrupted judges, follows by the corrupted politicians and officials.

  11. people should not make judgement on one another…only god can do that. Reason why is bc all people are corrupt even Judge Bao.

  12. Hope that there would be a Judge like Judge Bao in the Philippines. I love to see the heads of decapitated corrupt officials be displayed like christmas balls.

  13. I always respected Justice Bao but In this episode or circumstances, I was hoping that justice Bao would sentence him for life imprisonment than execution as this episode was too too emotional between a father and son love here !

  14. Justice is pain when come to your families. I hope im not in the same position as Judge Boa. It nit easy to uphold the law balance and maintain fair and equal.

  15. စာတန္းထိုးေလ တင္ေပးပါ

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