[Eng sub] Empress Dowager Cixi punishes emperor’s concubine for insulting her

[Eng sub] Empress Dowager Cixi punishes emperor’s concubine for insulting her

We hereby pay respect to you, Ancient Buddha. Rise at once. Thanks, Ancient Buddha. I’ve heard that His Majesty was angry at new salt officer Yi Ming during an audience, because you’ve kept inciting him at his bedside. My Ancient Buddha, this is not true. They say there’s no wave without wind, no smoke without fire. Why don’t all the accusations mention the empress consort or Concubine Jin, but they specifically name you? My Ancient Buddha, this is because of His Majesty. Why doesn’t he visit any other mansion, but only comes to the Great Benevolence Mansion of mine? Listen! How sharp-tongued she is. Don’t be incensed, My Ancient Buddha. You mean His Majesty favours you, people then envy you and accuse you of those things? Never have I thought so. But I just want to know who dare accuse me before you, Ancient Buddha. This is because of His Majesty too. Why doesn’t he visit any other mansion, but only comes to the Great Benevolence Mansion of yours? I understand not. When Salt Officer Yi Ming met His Majesty, His Majesty scolded him for acquiring his post through money. Angrily he shouted: “Even a concubine in my palace knows that you have bought your post!” Lianying, tell me the result of your investigation. Ma’am. According to the palace records, on the 16th day of the previous month, His Majesty visited the Eternal Spring Mansion. On the 3rd day of the previous month, he visited the Peaceful Harmony Mansion. As for the remaining days up to yesterday, he stayed at the Great Benevolence Mansion. The empress consort and Concubine Jin haven’t met the emperor for over a month. Then whom could the culprit be? Answer me. You were so eloquent a moment ago, weren’t you? Ancient Buddha… During a talk with His Majesty, I made a slip of the tongue, saying a few words: “Nowadays, even an illiterate man like Yi Ming can become a public officer. But no one cares, as long as he can pay. How foolish!” But I never thought that His Majesty would remember my words. Once meeting Yi Ming, His Majesty tested him and found that he couldn’t even write his own name. His Majesty thus became angry. Do you know the duties of the salt officer? He controls the manufacturing and pricing of salt. Moreover, he controls the carriage of salt by sea. This post requires skills, not literacy. If a Brush Wood scholar is sent to assume the post; he won’t be able to do those duties, though you force him to do. I also found that although Yi Ming isn’t a scholar, he’s highly experienced in commerce. The personnel ministry gave him the post, probably because they saw this good point of him. If men are actually employed due to their skills, Yi Ming would then be the best choice for this post. And he wouldn’t have paid a hundred thousand taels for the post. You said he bought the post. Do you have evidence? My Ancient Buddha, I’m not the one who received his money. Where could I get evidence from? Even historical records contain various groundless stories. As these rumours occur, it is appropriate to check them, isn’t it? Indeed, it is appropriate. But inappropriate is it when said by you! Your act is nothing but an intervention in politics, don’t you know that? The Palace Law of Great Qing provides that no member of the harem may interfere with political affairs. Don’t you ever know? Today, I just understand this provision of the Palace Law. The harem of Great Qing cannot interfere with political affairs, but can rule the empire from behind the curtain. Ancient Buddha, I just blabbed. I have no intention to insult you. Please forgive me. I have lived for ages, but never once have I seen an insolent like you. Excellent! Pretty excellent! Your son hereby pays respect to you. Longevity I wish you. Yet I haven’t been blown to bits by my anger. All of you shall wait a little longer. Mother, your words shame me that I feel unable to stand anymore. Isn’t it me who should ask you for a place to stand? Ancient Buddha, it’s me who insulted you, not His Majesty. My Ancient Buddha is a benevolent adult. Please don’t mind my speech. Ma’am, Concubine Zhen is a stubborn and careless child. Just treat her like a kitten or puppy, and forgive her. Emperor, I think you have heard what Concubine Zhen said a while ago. Tell me what her punishment should be. The harem’s internal affairs are left to your discretion. Left to my discretion? Lianying. Here. Draw up a decree in His Majesty’s name: Concubines Jin and Zhen have violated the legal code.
To the rank of noble lady shall they be demoted. Ma’am. Do you agree? Yes. – Lianying, a rod.
– Ma’am. Ancient Buddha, I’m begging you on behalf of my mansion keeper, Dai Enru. Last time, he almost died because of twenty beatings imposed on him. This time, it’s completely my own fault. Please don’t beat him again. Ancient Buddha, please have mercy. Today, it won’t be too many strokes. Just ten. But the one to be beaten today is not Dai Enru. It is you. – Lianying.
– Here. – What are you waiting for?
– Ma’am. My Ancient Buddha, I’ve repented. I’ve repented. I won’t do like that again. Ancient Buddha… In the harem since the founding of Great Qing, only eunuchs and maids have been beaten. No royal concubine has been so punished. Today, I grant you a chance to be remembered in the history. Mother, I beg your mercy. Please think of Concubine Zhen’s dignity. It’s her who tore down and trampled upon my dignity first. Your son is begging you. Please be kind. Please think of my dignity too. A mother should think of her son’s dignity. Then tell me whether she should be beaten. Tell me. Tell me! Beating her or not beating her?! Beat. Your Majesty… Why treat me like this? Why don’t you help me? Then you better slay me! – Death is even better than disgrace!
– Silence! Stop talking nonsense! Now the emperor has refused my mercy himself. Officers. Concubine Zhen is not just beaten here. Emperor, empress consort, eunuchs, and maids – none of these is allowed to leave too. I will have you all stay here to witness the end of an insolent! Your Highness, why don’t you thank Her Majesty? I hereby thank you, My Ancient Buddha. Pronounce a decree. The Empress Dowager hereby decrees that when a concubine violates the law against political intervention, an inquiry shall be held by the empress consort, and severe penalties shall be given without mercy. We hereby receive your decree. Copy and frame this decree, before hanging it in front of the Great Benevolence Mansion. Whenever you, Noble Lady Zhen, visit the empress consort, you must recite this decree before her. If you are still mulish and relapse into bad habits, violate the law, interfere with politics, or behave insolently, severer will your punishment be. Forget not my words.

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  1. People keep asking why there are no English subtitles, despite my clear statement at the video description above that YOU SHOULD TURN ON CAPTIONS FOR THE SUBTITLES. So, this will be my last time answering such a question. Thanks. 🤟

  2. It is really sad reading the comments and the mentality of those putting down all these comments ,it is cos of people who thinks like you do that makes the world unbearable place to live,cos you guys love to watch while evil is planted and grow its seed and continue to endure cos no one has the ball up against weeds like cixi,i applaude thay concubine ,but also not really so sure as someone may have snitched on her ,if she had said that in truth ,i appaude her to heaven , even if the repercution may take her head , freedom is worth dying for especially for those who dare.

  3. Didn't China become an utter backwards, weak and prostate cow to be milked under this lying parasitic toxic lifeless bitch?

  4. Wow. Now that is power when the Emperor himself gets on his knees to his mother who technically had no power but through the Emperor. This shows that power flowed through Cixi and not the Emperor himself.

  5. I don't quite understand the insult … Did the concubine insinuate that the queen or whoever she is was ruling the emperor and making him make decisions because of sex? I'm not understanding the supposed insult. Can anyone clarify? Channel owner, can you clear this up?

  6. The concubine only said the truth cause emperess dowager Cixi govern China behind a curtain. I don´t understand.

    Furthermore, Cixi had to make time to abdicate in favor of her son and she did not do it.

    Also know that when Tonghi married Empress Alute, before he died, according to historical records, she was pregnant and they left her out of succession because Yehenara wanted to continue to keep her position in court as the most powerful woman of all the Empire.

    Which amounts to a coup d'etat.

    It should be mentioned finally that when she ruled China as the Empress Dowager when Xianfeng died, it is said that Cixi killed the 1st wife of her husband.

  7. Geez. How stupid cam one be to speak to an Empress like that? 😓 I was surprised she wasn't outright killed! The Empress Dowager was very merciful on her.

  8. Hmp. If my mother was disgraced like i would SAY BEAT HER TIMES THREE!!!! How can she be so arrogant to assume just cause i favored her she can already act like shes queen! >:(((

  9. Amazing that a dowager would have such authority in the Imperial Court. The Emperor appeared to be little more than a frightened humble servant.

  10. Nina!! Aprende a cerrar la boca! Ella es la emperatriz tu solo eres una concubina de la corte!! En aquellos tiempos te podria haber costado la vida..esa paliza no fue nada

  11. Of course tbe Empress Doweger can get into politics. It's her job! A concubine can't because she's not part of that life

  12. Pride goes before a beating!

    The Emperor when asked if she should be punished should have said "Yes, but be certain to flog me first for listening to her gossip."

    Of course, no one except a man suffering not only from clinical insanity but a serious death wish would dare lay a finger on the Emperor.

    Game, set, match.

    If you don't use the God-given logic granted to men, women will always walk all over you.

  13. Moral of the story is don't marry a guy who has such a scary moody nd powerful mother. Or being a daughter in law life sucks u or kill ur mother in law on ur wedding night cuz every 1 think ur mingling with ur hubby😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👹👻☠️👾

  14. This girl was only beautiful but not smart. Since the beginning she should have seen the emperor was his mother’s bitch. Those kind of boys will never be able to protect you. So it’s better to not be appointed to the palace and marry elsewhere or to win the heat of the emperor and the favor of the empress. She’s old, so in no more than 15 years her death can be arranged and with a manipulable boy such as his son whom she so kindly trained for you, it will be easy for you to rule. But when the time is right and the empress is weak and old. Mean women like her kinda deserve that. Karma

  15. Emperor needs to grow a pair of balls! Tell that bitch to remove herself from his throne.

  16. If she hadn't undergone such punishment everyone would started to speak out of line. It's horrible but she shouldve kept her mouth shut.

  17. This girl is so stupid lol
    She has the best life any woman could dream of having during her time and place, and she talks so much smack. Hahaha what a stupid, foolish girl

  18. What I get from is that the punishment was not about the concubine making political comments in and of itself, but for the line "The harem can rule the empire from behind the curtain." This essentially undermined the role of the empress and it was basically saying that a concubine with her charms can manipulate his majesty into political decisions.

  19. mmmm somebody got ugly nasty words for people but she lies to the mother of the king. Talk about nasty and I love the part where the matron said she has a nasty tongue! WOOT!

  20. Oooooh snap! That girl acted like a snobbish bitch so she got spanked on the butt with a giant paddle!

  21. Me and my son would've been fighting. Your woman disrespected me. You didn't defend me. You didn't say anything to her. But you begged me to grant her mercy

  22. люди что за фильм? и если ли с переводом на русский?

  23. I didn’t turn on the subtitles in the first half of the video but I already knew that concubine was running her damn mouth and should have kept it shut.

  24. I’m forgetful very of Asian type languages do you understand Cornell Brown. Because I understand the authority of measures that’s right Cornell brown’s momma get bien Chinese food . I ain’t y’all they used us


  26. A bit off topic but Zeng's voice is so sweet and fits her cutesy doll-like face very well. It's a shame that she doesn't know when to shut up tho lol

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