[Eng sub] Empress Dowager Cixi places young emperor under house arrest

[Eng sub] Empress Dowager Cixi places young emperor under house arrest

Your Majesty, Yuan Shikai has caused us problems! What do you mean? Ronglu returned from Tianjin and met Yuan Shikai. Since then, Yuan Shikai has closed his residence, refusing to receive anyone. I think that… he has betrayed you! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Tell Tan Shitong and Kang Youwei that I thank them so much. Our plan can no longer be executed. And… I don’t want to see anyone crying. Tell them to flee at once. And you… I don’t want you to go. But… you can’t stay here anymore. Your Majesty! We’ve come this far. There’s still a chessman for us to move! What’s that piece? On the Moon Fest night, you shall visit the Summer Palace and view the moon together with the empress dowager. Her deputy chief guard, Cha Ertai, is loyal to you. That night, he will replace her guards with his men. Once you throw a cup as a signal, everything will… No way! – No way!
– Your Majesty! There’s no way I can do so! Ordering Yuan Shikai to storm the Summer Palace is already akin to a coup! Now, if we again resort to the use of arms, it will be nothing but homicide! Homicide… How could I inflict such a thing upon my mother? How could I?! Your Majesty! Your Majesty, I risk my life telling you. A critical time has now come. There’s no other way. At present, your court is full of the empress dowager’s men. Without any decisive action, she’ll never give in. If she still exists, the national reform won’t happen. If the reform won’t happen, the Great Qing Empire won’t move forwards! Your Majesty, there can be no delay. Your Majesty, many problems are besetting the Great Qing Empire. Without any prompt reform, our Geat Qing will go to wrack and ruin! Your Majesty… If that time comes, how will you face your ancestors in your afterlife? Between nation and parent, the nation must come first. A public officer must be loyal to his emperor. The emperor must be loyal to his nation and its people! One more thing… The love for a parent is of various aspects. Being grateful to the ten previous emperors of Great Qing is better than being grateful to the empress dowager! My Lord, this is deemed the greatest gratefulness! Step back, step back! Step back, step back! Step back! Those in the front, step back! Step back, step back! Greetings, Commander Cha. Lord Cha, what are you doing here? It’s the Moon Fest. Lord Zaiyi told me to guard Her Majesty, replacing your men in advance. But… But what? You’re defying my order?! I daren’t do so. Then please work hard. We’ll leave. Retreat! – Invite Lord Liang here.
– Sir! Commander Cha, I’m here now. Lord Liang. We have an hour at most. I know. I, Liang Wenxiu, hereby pay respect to my empress dowager and my emperor. Liang Wenxiu. It’s the Moon Fest. Why do you come here, instead of staying with your family? Ma’am, I’m waiting for His Majesty to return to his palace with me. Be relieved. After our Moon Fest banquet, I’ll give His Majesty Your Emperor back to you. Don’t you see? The moon has risen. What a strange atmosphere. They aren’t here to protect me. But their target is me. It seems as if they’re to execute their enterprise tonight. My my, Liang Wenxiu. I never thought you’d be this bold. Surely, I’ve belittled a student like you. Emperor. Why’s your hand so cold? Let’s go inside and pick up a cloak. Empress Consort. Here, Ma’am. No need to follow me. Enjoy the opera here. Ma’am. Lord Liang, we have no more time. – I’ll go and see.
– This… I, Liang Wenxiu, should like to inform the emperor. Allow me to inform the emperor. The moon has risen. Please go out to view it. Liang Wenxiu. You go out first. I’ll think about it later. Your Majesty! A great view can’t be seen so often.
A delay will ruin this good chance. I humbly beg you to go out and see the moon. Silence! Do I need to obey you even in moon viewing? Get out! Lord Liang, how’s it going? Our great enterprise tonight comes to naught. Lord Liang, you should flee now. Wide is the land. But I have no place to go. Lord Liang, it wouldn’t be so. As for tonight’s matter, His Majesty may survive. But you… Lord Liang… What are you… I’ll go nowhere. Alas! Lord Cha! Lord Cha! Lord Zaiyi is coming with his men! Lord Liang, you must flee right now! Lord Liang! Lord Liang, His Majesty grant you this private seal of Tong Dao Tang. He said he can’t see you again. In any case, you must flee. The farther you go, the safer you’ll be. This is His Majesty’s will. And it is his last command for you. My Lord. As we’ve gone this far, you should leave without delay. I’ll sacrifice my life. And I’m here bidding you farewell. Lord Liang, please go. As long as you’re alive, the national reform is hopeful. I’ll be here to protect His Majesty. You must go now! – Please go now!
– Please go now, Lord Liang! No, Zaiyi is coming that way. You should go this way. Go! Insolent traitors, be arrested! My Ancient Buddha, I, Zaiyi, come to save you too late! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I’m here! Your Majesty, please help me! What Majesty? Now he can’t even help himself. How can he help you? Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Let me go! Your Majesty! – Your Majesty!
– My dearest boy! My dearest boy! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! You’ll never leave me, right? You’re here to help me, right? Please bring me back home. I haven’t fed my goldfish yet, you know? My dearest boy… We won’t be able to go back home for a while. But don’t worry. I’ll later ask the empress dowager to forgive us. I don’t mind. As long as I’m with you, I can endure everything. I don’t want anything more. During this time… we won’t be able to be together. But just for a while. My, what a sad moment! Who could ever bear with this scene? – Men, take her away.
– Sir! I don’t go! Leave me alone! Leave me! I don’t go! I don’t go! You’re emperor! You’re emperor! Why don’t you order them? Why don’t you?! Tell them not to set us apart! Don’t you hear me? Don’t you? My Lord! Order them right now! – Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
– My dearest boy! My dearest boy! My, what a sad moment! Who could ever bear with this scene? – Men, take her away.
– Sir. Leave me alone! Leave me! I don’t go! I don’t go! You’re emperor! You’re emperor! Why don’t you order them? Why don’t you?! My Lord! Order them right now! Don’t call me emperor. Don’t call me emperor. I’m not an emperor. I’m nothing at all. – You’re emperor!
– Remove her at once!
– Sir! – No, don’t drag me away!
– My dearest boy… You’re emperor! Order them right now! You’re emperor! Don’t drag me! Don’t drag me! Order them now! Your Highness, be calm. All those he said are true. Let me die! Anyone please kill me! Let me die! Emperor! Give me death! My beloved sister, I won’t let you die. Go and enjoy your blissful life at the Cold Mansion. Your Majesty. Ah, no, you love calling me sister. Today, I’ll just address you as brother. In my life, it seems I’m only able to call you brother. How unlucky am I to have married a useless emperor like you. That girl just gave you a few praises, and you thought you’re a great ruler. But you’re a good-for-nothing troublemaker. The empress dowager can deal with you as easily as crushing an ant to death. This year’s Moon Fest is just like tonight’s moon: completely dazzling. Completely dazzling! Goodbye, my brother. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Please go. My Ancient Buddha, don’t you feel sorrowful. If you fall ill, who could then be the pillar of the Great Qing Empire? I’ve taught a distraught emperor. I’ve parented an ungrateful descendant of Aixin Jueluo. Why can’t I feel guilty for having disappointed the ancestors of Great Qing? Your Majesty, please don’t worry. The situation is not that serious. Not that serious? Are you serious?! The reform has resulted in the public dismay and a general hue and cry. Appointing a Japanese as a national advisor? Isn’t it the act of leading a wolf into the house, inviting a ghost to prescribe medication? This is not just idiocy, but also the ruination of our clan! Your Majesty, don’t be angry. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I think Principal Prince Li just meant that it’s still lucky enough as you took action promptly. So the faction of Kang and Liang was unable to mislead the emperor, and the situation was not much worse. Thanks to your timely counteraction, Great Qing didn’t lose its luck. That’s right! I did mean so. My Ancient Buddha, you better sit down. Emperor. For over a half year, your health has been declining and your wisdom has been reducing. That’s why you’ve become careless and unable to undertake any public duty. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have allowed the reformers to behave so insolently. Do you think so, Emperor? Yes. His Majesty is of ill health. He needs to rest. We thus beg Your Majesty to once again rule the empire from behind the curtain for public consolation. Emperor, how do you think? Your son begs you to once again rule the land from behind the curtain for public consolation. The royal court is in trouble. There must be someone to take the lead in solving these problems. Unfortunately… the emperor needs to take a rest. All right. I thus have to devote my life to serve this empire till my last days. On behalf of your subjects, I hereby express my gratitude for your mercy! We hereby express our gratitude for your mercy! – Lianying.
– Here, Ma’am. Send men to escort the emperor to the Ocean Platform. Tell the royal physicians to alternately examine him there and to take the best care of him. No one may disturb him whilst he is resting there. Yes. Your son is thankful for your mercy. There already exist the customs governing the behind-curtain rule. Then, what’s the most urgent matter at the moment? Answer me, Chief Grand Councillor. In my opinion, the emperor should denounce himself and invite you to annul the reform, before arresting the ringleaders thereof. Let this be done. But remember that the most important thing is public consolation. Then, only the masterminds are to be arrested. Their families shall be kept intact. We hereby receive your command. God save the people! God save the emperor! Stop! Stop performing at once!

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  1. Pathetic clip that showed the weak knee emperor throwing all his supporters under the bus or chopping blocks. Lady Zhen thrown into the '"cold palace"; solitary unheated hut like the fabled "kooler" in old German POW movies. She will eventually meet her end at the bottom of a well.

    His reform minded supporters were hoping that he would emulate the 18 yo Meiji emperor in Japan who had begun modernizing Japan in the 1870's. Pity this Quangxi emperor was such a wimpy "tool" under mommy's thumb. Japan adopted a form of constitutional monarchy and hoover-up western methods for its industries and military. What a contrast of two Asian societies.

    By 1900 Japan built up enough strength to surprise the western powers: by sinking the Russian Grand fleet at Tsushima; and by defeating the mighty Qing empire in Manchuria.
    Big face lost for both Russia & China, that fermented overthrow of those monarchies.

  2. Anyone knows how can I watch the whole serie online, with subtitles in english or spanish, please? Thank you 🙂

  3. I'm not familiar with the culture but to me, she is a strong woman, the people behind her are the one's misleading and controlling the situation hence the emperor is left weak. If he doesn't stop acting like a pathetic obedient son and speak his mind he will remain weak

  4. Although pretty much everyone agrees Cixi was manipulative and ruthless, some people still admire her. Chinese nationalists tend to view her vehemently anti-western attitudes in a positive light (even though her attempt to use the Boxers to expel white people from China ended in disaster). Some feminists see her as an empowering figure (even though her conservative policies did little to improve women's rights). Others assert that she was simply overwhelmed by historical realities and nobody else could have done better (possibly true given how weak both Tongzhi and Guangxu were, but the reformers never even got a chance to govern because of Cixi).

  5. 这剧看得我急死了。光绪要是果断点杀了慈禧就不用搞得如此悲惨!一山不容二虎,对这昔日的中国历史,我也是醉了。

  6. If i am in that position i certainly don't like to be a serf or slave but when faced in that situation where i cannot kill my mom to weak to do palace politics let alone diplomatic and domestic politics, i'd rather be a middle class man with a middle class family of my own low profile and away from the capital maybe somewhere in the silk road, than a emperor of a decaying empire. Anyways love it
    Greetings from your neighbour the Republic of the Philippines.

  7. She's being merciful by not invoking the "execution to 9 degrees" which would have wiped out the condemned men's immediate families. Confucians thought this extreme and tried not to invoke it. It was finally dropped in 1905.

  8. 一個单纯天真的一個女生 没有自由身权 卷入求出無期的高墙深宫内。從害怕不爱經厲的事實真想成為日夜睡夢惊醒小女孩 需經厲一些不想做的事情结局都要 啃主害怕的心态眼前的每一件雙眼目睹的恐怕是真相没辦法 。唯獨要學會一件事情 就是(不能在有一滴眼泪落下在深宫紫荆城 需學無有涙水的女人才能活着看見明日的夕陽落下)

  9. Cixi took a look at them and already read their game. If she was stupid, she wouldn't be the Empress Dowager. She fought her way from the bottom all the way to the top. It wouldn't be easy to overthrow her.

  10. if Guangxu emperor would have implemented his reforms and Cixi would not have stopped him, probably now China would still be a monarchy with the emperor living in the forbidden city….

  11. A emperor who has no balls to stand up to mommy and put her in her place, is now emperor at all. Shameful, yet the Qing deserved it's just desert, being torn apart by the western powers and to later become japanese puppet state is a shame that can never be wipe off from the history

  12. Cixi is the main factor for Qing's demise. Since she entered palace, Qing lost the war to England, the emperor died soon after, ordering the prince regents to help rule the country in place of child emperor, but she executed them. Later on she don't allow her son and Guangxu Emperor to make decisions, thinking she is always correct. She play politics in the palace instead of fixing the real situation outside. Signed the unfair agreement with 8 banners and England which protected her Empress position and it caused huge losses to reserves and suffering to citizens and officers. Guangxu wanted to reform the economy, she refused to allow as he will strengthen his power, instead she is the one who used his ideas to invite reform so she can claim the credit. In the end before she die, she poisoned Guangxu to install another child emperor, Puyi. The moral of story is never let women rule as the number 1.

  13. Had he been a stronger willed man this wouldn't have happened much like Peter the Great of Russia and King Edward III of England who faced a similar situation with a powerful female figure in their lives (an aunt for Peter and a mother for Edward) and they took care of business and deposed them quite effectively putting them under house arrest. The young emperor's mistake was not building a power base, separate of his mother, that Peter and Edward were able to do.

  14. 26:58 "dude, we are just doing our jobs of escorting you and providing armrests, if you wanna take out some steam, your mother is over there."

  15. Where could we find this Masterpiece please ? This is perfect, I would be grateful if I could know how to buy this in V.O Subtitled. Thank you very much.

  16. I thought empress dowager is holding her newphew’s hand and pulls him into the room then have s** together XD jk

  17. I have to admit that the places, the clothes and the objects used are superior! I love each particular of the scenes

  18. To all commentators: Emperor Guangxu was not her son, he was a nephew (on maternal side). He should've had her killed but didn't have courage to do so.

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