[Eng sub] Corrupt general commits suicide before Judge Bao

What goes around comes around. Now, no one can help him anymore. It is late at night. Why don’t you come in and take a rest? Instructor Gongsun, how could I sleep on this night? Wu Jin is still at large. When you are in an open space like this, we all will be worried about you. Sorry for disturbing all of you. Wang Chao, Ma Han. Here. – Let’s go back to our rooms.
– Sir. Hurry up! Hurry up! – After him!
– Don’t go! – This might be his plan to “lure tigers out of their mountain lairs”!
– Sir! Friend, why don’t you come out? General, it’s me. How dare you come here again? Why did you told those things to Little Butterfly? General, you didn’t heed my words. I thus needed to do so. As long as Lord Bao has no evidence, there’s no way Little Butterfly would learn of those matters. But you told her everything. What’s your intention? General, Lord Bao might get evidence soon. What do you mean? There’s an irrefutable evidence. What’s that evidence? I’ve been thinking about this for a while. The only evidence hostile to you is the horse trade accounts. And so what? Who’d know about the prices of the horses bought? Horse traders know. These three years, you’ve changed more than ten traders. Who could ever remember those details? Pursuant to the horse trade rules, horse traders need to record in their accounts the details about the dates, numbers, prices, and fees of the horses sold. Horse traders travel here and there. Who could gather them? Turf Club. Turf Club? Why have I never heard of this name? It’s an organ of the chivalry. The club oversees horse traders and collect fees. All the accounts are deposited with this club. If Lord Bao gets those accounts… The club will surrender the accounts to him? It never cooperates with the government. It only cares about the chivalry members, especially those familiar with it. After careful consideration, I found that the only chivalry member serving Lord Bao is Zhan Zhao. But I’m not sure if they’ve already known that they need to go to the Turf Club. Maybe… Zhan Zhao is going to the Turf Club. He left the city yesterday. Really? A round trip between Shangzhou and the Turf Club takes two days. That’s why Governor Li Quan said Lord Bao will acquire evidence within two days. Lord Bao sent Gongsun Ce to our military offices to audit all the accounts. So the accounts have been their target from the outset! If the accounts are checked against each other, you won’t be able to deny the charges anymore! – General, please leave Shangzhou without delay!
– No way! I said I’ll never leave this city! I’ll go and stop Zhan Zhao. I won’t let him bring the accounts back! You can never defeat him. But if I take action myself, that’d be equal to my admission of guilt. It’s too late. It’s you who should leave Shangzhou right now. Don’t stay here any more. And don’t sacrifice yourself without necessity! General! General! White Draco, I once wanted you to have a good owner. But that seems impossible now. Let everything depend on your luck. Men! General, any order? – Bring the horses hidden by Wu Jin out and send them back to the Troopers’ Regiment.
– Sir! My Lord, Shen Rang has brought those horses to his corral! My Lord, he must be escaping. We should go there and arrest him immediately! Be calm. Hear my command first. – Zhang Long, Zhao Hu!
– Here, My Lord! You two bring our officers to his corral and block all its entries whilst waiting for me. Go now, and hesitate not! Sir! – Wang Chao, Ma Han!
– Here! Get my carriage ready. We shall go to the corral forthwith! Sir! Instructor Gongsun. Yes, My Lord. Wait for Royal Guard Zhan here. If there’s nothing wrong with the accounts, tell him to see me at the corral right away! I hereby receive your order. You broke out of the cell? Correct. I’ve been waiting for you here. For what reason? Give me the accounts. You knew about that? You should also know that I’ll never give them to you. Then put me to death. You won’t get over me. Why do you have to go that far? Unless I die, I won’t let you harm him. I don’t harm him. He harms himself. I care not! Give me the accounts… or draw out your sword. I never want to kill you. You have no choice. Kill me now. I said I don’t want to kill you. Take care of yourself. Why is it so quiet here? Halt! Why are you here? You don’t come to me. So I come to you. I… You’ve been absent because of your work, right? And your work concerns my brother? It does. He breached the law for real? Evidence says so. Milady! What does Lord Bao say about this? If his guilt is confirmed by evidence, there’s no way he’ll get off scot-free. How will Lord Bao decide about this? Graft isn’t punished with death. But for masterminding murders… death is the only penalty. Milady! Milord, can’t you just help him? He’s my brother. I know. He’s my only relative on earth. I know that well. If we… if we get married, he’ll be your brother too. You really can’t help him? It’s Lord Bao who’ll make the judgment. Can’t you beg Lord Bao for mercy? Lord Bao denounces a conflict of interest. He’s never mingled his personal interest with his public interest. Then… Please don’t bring evidence to Lord Bao. How could I do so? I’m begging you. I’m begging you on behalf of my brother. I’m begging you… Just exempt him from death, and I’ll serve all the penalties in his stead. I’m begging you… Don’t do this. Begging me is useless. He violated the law. No one can help him anymore. If he is exempted from the clutches of the law, how’ll you explain to the people he killed? Who’ll give them justice? Can you bring them back to life? It’s too late. – But he’s my brother!
– Being your brother is nothing! Like you, I don’t want to see this outcome. Lord Bao too. But we have no choice, don’t you ever know? No… If we alter the law because of personal relations, will justice still exist in the world? If we ignore the law because of personal requests, how will we face ourselves and live our lives without shame? A result like this will surely be painful. But we don’t have any other choice. Don’t beg me again. Don’t beg Lord Bao too. It’s useless. I know… that you don’t want to lose your only relative. And I know… that I might lose you because of this matter. Little Butterfly, if you don’t want me to live without shame or honesty, never again shall you beg anyone for your brother. You better go home now. Milady… I found it! These accounts bear good evidence. Shen Rang bought low-quality horses in high prices and stated false prices, in addition to taking bribes. I’ll see Lord Bao at the corral straightaway. Hey, Royal Guard Zhan! Any command for me? Today, Little Butterfly came here and asked for a meeting with Lord Bao. But Lord Bao didn’t meet her. I knew. I also met her on my way back here. – She…
– Enough! Lord Bao is waiting for me. Hey, Royal Guard Zhan! My Lord. Have you got the accounts? I got them. Instructor Gongsun examined them and found that Shen Rang is guilty. Excellent! Thanks for your hard work. Was your journey smooth? Wu Jin came, trying to seize the accounts. He knew you’re going to the Turf Club. That’s why he broke away from the cell. Where’s he now? He died under the blade of my sword. He’s such a blindly loyal man. Now that we have got the evidence, we shall go to the corral and arrest Shen Rang at once! My Lord… You have something to say? Please let me see him first. I permit. I shall soon follow you. Thanks, My Lord. Give him some time. We shall set out later. Sir! Halt! Let him in! Halt! White Draco… He’s such a unique horse. Flying Dove, Yellow Sign, Red Hare… They’re all descendants of famous horses. It’s not easy to find them. How lucky am I to own all of them! In this world, no other horse lover is as privileged as me. Why don’t you leave Shangzhou? You came here alone? Lord Bao will arrive soon. Let me ask you again. You know you will come to this end. Why stay here and wait to be arrested? Why don’t you flee from Shangzhou? Flee? And what’s next? How could I leave these horses here? If you’ve determined not to leave this city, you shouldn’t have sent Wu Jin to me! He… He’s dead. He’s my loyal servant. Unfortunately, he’s loyal to a criminal. He then became a criminal too. He’s just like a horse: a dependable friend. Friends are connected by respect, not by ownership! What’ll you do then? Keeping talking with me or what? We shall wait for Lord Bao. Otherwise, we shall duel. But this duel isn’t just for skill testing. It won’t be stopped upon touching the opponent’s body. And it won’t come out like our last duel. Prove your words. Well! I won’t disappoint you. Wu Jin was right. I should deal with you on horseback. Wu Jin told me the same. With your halberd on horseback, you might defeat me. They say a conceited warrior will never meet victory. I didn’t heed these words, for I was overwhelmed by ego. You still have a chance. Why don’t you try again? Don’t let your proudness destroy you. I just want you to know that being on horseback doesn’t always guarantee victory. Green Beads, hurry up! – Hurry up, hurry up!
– Sir, hurry up!
– Sir! I’m mounting White Draco. This might be unfair to you. You may ride one of these famous horses. Then we will fight. No need! Come on! No entry! Whilst on horseback, you are truly unconquerable. Still I can’t conquer the rule of law. Lord Bao. So these are the horses for which you have risked your life? May I ask if you are fond of horses also? I am a civil officer. Limited is my knowledge about horses. Then it might be hard for you to understand the love between men and horses. All I understand are the right and the wrong, the good and the bad. Right and wrong? Good and bad? It’s purely based on men’s views. But for horses, if you’re good to them, they’re good to you and obedient to your orders. If you treat them badly, they too treat you badly. They won’t move, despite being lashed, beaten, scolded, or yelled at. That’s why horses are better than men. Horses are more sincere and honest than men. You then committed crimes for horses and slew men for horses. Is this the right way to love horses? My Lord, please tell me how I will be punished according to the law. Committing corruption, ordering murders… I fear that death is your only penalty. At that time, I promoted you for I hoped you would work hard for the nation. I never thought this day would come. My sincerest apology for disappointing you. You are now under arrest. Anything to say? I admit my guilt. But I have one request. State it. These horses are precious and unique. After they’re confiscated, I hope they’ll be given the best care. Though I die, I’ll never regret. Be relieved. I shall provide the best care to them. I humbly thank you on behalf of these precious horses. White Draco was granted to me by Prince Chai. My Lord, please don’t confiscate it. I understand. Royal Guard Zhan. I entrust both White Draco and Little Butterfly to you. My Lord, as I have breached your trust, I will now punish myself! Milady! Brother! No, no! Brother! General! Brother! Don’t leave me alone in this world… Brother. I tried to beg Lord Bao and Zhan Zhao for mercy. But I never thought that, in their minds, law is more important than friendship,
friendship is less important than law. I therefore couldn’t protect your life. I’m a useless sister. I hope you won’t chide me. Brother. Tomorrow, this will no longer be our home. I’ll bring your memorial tablet back to our hometown. There, we’ll be together. I’ll be with you for the rest of my life. Don’t you know, Brother, that you’re my only relative? Thanks for taking care of me for over twenty years. From now on, I don’t have you anymore. I promise to take good care of myself. Please don’t worry about me. I wish you a safe journey hereafter. I hereby bid you farewell. Brother. At the time I met Zhan Zhao, I thought destiny brought us together. But who knows? Our union has to come to an end this hurtfully. I know that I owe so much to Zhan Zhao. But when our love comes to this end, though I can’t resent him, I can’t love him anymore. He wants to live a proud life. Then it’s me who have to live a shameless life. The only thing I can do is to swear before your memorial tablet that… from this day on, I won’t meet Zhan Zhao again. It’s a pity that a horse lover like Shen Rang met his end because of horse loving. As seen in this incident, reasons can sometimes be carried away by a sea of passion. This Shangzhou trip of ours indeed brought sorrow to all of us. Especially Royal Guard Zhan and Little Butterfly… That heartful couple had to break up heartlessly. God works in mysterious ways. Have you met Lady Shen? She didn’t forgive me. For now, it might be hard for her to calm down. Maybe you two will meet again one day. No. I don’t think I’ll be able to meet her again. My Lord, everything’s ready! – So let’s set out!
– Sir! Why stop our procession? My Lord, Lady Shen is in our way. Go see her. Little Butterfly. Go with me. Choose wherever you want to go. Just let me take care of you and stay with you. No. Though my brother didn’t die because of you, I won’t forget that you refused to help him. In the future, if I have to see you every day, I’ll keep telling myself that you’re involved in my brother’s death. So I can’t be with you. I come here to give White Draco to you. I hope you’ll take good care of him. I can’t accept the horse. It’s the will of my brother. Your brother’s will is that you be with me too. No. I can’t be with you. But I fear that you’ll forget me. As long as White Draco is with you, you’ll think of me. When the horse is with you, it’ll be like I’m with you… Be with you always.

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