(ENG SUB)이 알바 추천한 사람 아가리 ㄷㅊ라.. [내 인생이 레전드다] ep.5

You’ve heard that selling holiday gift sets is the best part-time job, right? Himchan can cart in gift sets from the stock room when they run out, Yeoljung can wear a hanbok and sell tuna gift sets like crazy Besides the hard stuff, there will be no hard stuff Oh~ If you sell a lot, there’s an incentive Work hard~ If I work 10 hours, I get 100,000 won (~$86.40),
along with the incentive…?! A sweet, part-time job
hahahahahaha~ [My Life is a Legend] Can I try one? Yes, feel free~
(Tuna sample canapés) No!
You have to purchase that first…! Ohhhh~!! This taste…! Is not the tuna flavor that I’m looking for
I won’t buy it Special pre-order sale
Samjo Tuna This crazy—
You ate it all..! Your mom said she’ll be right back after doing some shopping
Why isn’t she here yet? Oh my, are you babysitting your siblings while working~? No, they’re total strangers…
(No hitting! Ok, so let go;; hahahaha) I’m so moved that I should buy a couple gift sets
I’ll take 20 20?? I put in all 20, customer~! (So Cool) I’ll just cancel What?? Can I cancel my life too…. (fck) We asked you to take good care of them while we were away. How can you make her cry!! You can’t just put them under my care… And she was playing just fine before She’s crying from how salty her booger was after eating it You let my kid eat boogers?! I’ll file a civil complaint with the mart!
You should be ashamed of yourself~~! Hmmph What a weird lady… Yeoljung, how are you holding up?
(haggard) (No) I haven’t sold any gift sets, and only got scolded by rude customers
(haggard22) Oh no..must be tough… Himchan, what about you? That must be so heavy…
Are you okay? No~ I go back and forth, putting gift sets on the cart…. It’s so easy~ ..It doesn’t look easy whatsoever?
(Looks like you’re about to high five the angel of death) We can do it, Yeoljung There must be a reason why this is a sweet part-time job~ Yeah… You’re probably right..? Brings the items out faster~ I’m twice as fast at selling than you are at stocking~ Yes, sorry about that~
I’ll try harder…! *trembling* (glancing over) Excuse me… Auntie What can I do to sell more like you? Can you do it even if I teach you? I, Park Choon Ok, even sold a red ginseng gift set to a 7-year-old I’m on another level (FLEX..☆) Ah… Yes Samjo Tuna | Namwon Tuna
Get your holiday gifts~ Full of protein… Namwon Tuna~~ makes a great gift set~ ? / lol Fresh Samjo Tuna Namwon Tuna is fresher~! So fresh, you can hear it’s breathing ASMR~ She’s stole my ment? Give me two~ Thank you, customer!! That’ll be two…. (Steps in) (Here you go) 1 set of Namwon Tuna is 30,000 won so two is 60,000 won~ Score~! (?!) She’s my customer! 2 for 60,000 won, 3 for 90,000 won! If you can’t do math, come here~ There’s no need to steal my customers as well~!
Wth..! That’s my sales know-how~ You don’t get an incentive for no reason? Don’t hurt my tuna sales, and scram after doing the bare minimum~ One day only! Samjo Tuna is cheaper than tires!
(based on the slogan that tires are cheapers than shoes so tuna is the cheapest) Boss, we’re going bankrupt! Oh, this must be cheaper~ This bish.. How dare you mess with me?! Come to Namwon Tuna~ The tuna must have used body lotion Bc it’s so smooth~ I can’t lose..! S A M J O T U N A Buy the Samjo Tuna gift set with ease~!
100% no money-back guarantee~! That crazy bish.. Stop interfering?! You started it, old lady! Old lady! I’m still fresh off 4th grade~!! I have too much sense not to work part-time! Sorry for being an unemployed person trying to make some money, grandma!! Grandma?! Yes, GRANDMOTHER!!! This crazy– has no chance at succeeding! Give me your dentures cuz your breath stinks! Confiscate all the red ginseng candy and red bean jelly! And no watching ‘Altoran’ (food show) for a month! Are you trying to zap the fun out of everything?! Confiscate your wifi password and selca apps! And no watching Pengsoo the Penguin forever! Then what am I supposed to watch while pooping! You evil! Bring it on! I have to buy a gift for the in-laws but I’m too scared Let’s not go visit the in-laws, honey Don’t even try, honey Who’s fart smells like meat? I smell something delicious Customer~~!! It’s the scent of ham~~ Sizzle– Ham that’s warmer and more square than tuna~ Oh~ Right! We can buy a ham set for the in-laws~
Darn it… I’ll take one~!
I’ll also take one~~!! I’ll have to fill it up again? (Children’s song)
When Cinderella was young… I won’t let this slide, Kang Sook Ja! You were giving off the scent of ham while I was fighting with that unemployed girl?! I was being smart
Unlike someone else~~! I said that incentive is mine!!
How dare you try to take what’s mine!! What are you talking about, I was first~!! You smell like saliva so wipe it!! Stop it Is the incentive worth it! Stop fighting!! You’re trying to repair your image by acting all nice now to sell some tuna?! Who would go that far! You! Join us!! Get a hold of yourself!!! Good job, Himchan… Must’ve been tough moving heavy stuff all day? Nah, I’m good~ Yeoljung, you had it harder~ Even fighting with the ladies… At least I won… Shall we…
Open the gift set that our manager gave us? It’s nice how they take care of part-timers… No wonder it’s a sweet job… He gave us trash to take care of? Let’s go Where? To kick the manager’s a**~ Enough to give him a second-degree burn on his butt To make him feel like he’s pooping out spicy chicken…!! There, there, Yeoljung [My Life is a Legend]

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