ENG SUB《明月照我心 The Love by Hypnotic》EP01——主演:方逸伦,凌美仕,倪寒尽

The Love by Hypnotic The gentle dance moves under the moon. All of a sudden, it’s all hazy. I heard that people laugh at me thinking that I’m dumb. But I can’t control how my feelings are all over the place. I want to erase the impurities of this world. I drink and sing just for her. I paint and write out my feelings. Let’s make fairy tales come to life. Let’s make fairy tales come to life. The Love by Hypnotic Episode 1 Winter of Jinghe year twenty. Xiyue and Beixuan rebuilt diplomatic relations. Second prince Kaierbi personally sent princess Aimaila to Beixuan for marriage. The marriage team got to the city of Xing’an and was surrounded by people. Everyone wants to see the princess. Selling crispy sugar. Crispy sugar. Selling crispy sugar. Girl, come taste. Look. What is this? Taste it. Thank you. Boss. Give me a string. Buns. Hot buns. Girl, look. Boss, give me a basket of this. Put it there. Tasty? Girl, your buns. Boss, give me a bowl of wonton. Coming. Brother, it’s my first time coming here. I dare to ask at this time, is there juggling and entertainment in Beixuan that I can watch? No. Is there any during the day? No, no. Assassin! Protect the princess. No! There is murder at Anhuamen. Xiyue’s marriage team encounters an assassin. Who dares to bully my second brother when I’m not there? Hero, wait. Dare I ask your name, so I can thank you in the future? If you want to thank me, it’s better to go back to Xiyue. Look at the top. Dare to run? Move. Oh boy. Move. Move. What is going on? Come. Come. Mingyue, are you okay? I am fine. Whatever. After you enter the palace, and see the bustling scenery here, you’ll know that father and I are doing it for your benefit. Oh boy. How did he go up again? Don’t run. I am tired to death. You, stop! Catch me. Fortunately, I am scared to death. Oh boy. Who sent you to assassinate the Princess of Xiyue? You’ll never know. Sir. Message from the palace. They said it was a rebelling army. Are they saying that the rebels did it? Secretly protect the team from Xiyue, in case there is another assassin. Yes. Wait. This sword is dirty. Yes. Stop. Who’s that person? And who are you? His Royal Highness King Ling. The princess of Xiyue has already arrived at the official stop. There is no going back for tonight’s action. Has sir ever thought about that, you can also take this opportunity to further… The emperor chose to let King Zi have a diplomatic marriage with the Princess of Xinyue. In fact, he gave him the power of Xiyue. Although you deterred Xinyue tonight. You pretended to get rid of the princess. But the attitude of the emperor has not changed. If you do not further complete the plan… Sir, please calm down. After killing the Princess of Xiyue, do you want me to kill my siblings, or to kill my father? I do not dare to. This time, I will not hold you accountable. Minister Qiao. I’m being considerate of you and Huixin. I’ll remember it. Sir. Ambergris? That’s right. The sachet shot by this arrow is only to be worn by princes. Sure enough, it was Li Qian. Be sure to take care of it. Don’t leave any evidence. Sir, rest assured. I have sent someone to report that it was a rebel attack, to obstruct Xiyue and Beixuan’s relation. There is one more strange thing. The original plan was to assassinate the Princess of Xiyue. But the second arrow was directed toward King Zi. Tonight’s business is the hard work and planning of each minister. But remember, don’t make your own decisions in the future. Yes. Yes. Dismissed. Yes. Yes. Qin Yuan. Here. Send this to Qiao House by dawn. She will enter the palace tomorrow night. I won’t let her be inferior to anyone. Yes. This silk is all custom made for you. But you won’t even take a look. I have told servants that all things sent by the king will not be accepted. Father, why bother have someone send it? Li Qian is getting married soon. I advise you to face reality. Diplomatic marriage is important for the kingdom’s relations. King Zi is thinking of the overall situation and for the emperor. Of course I understand him. But Zi’s first wife is already someone else. Are you willing to be a second wife? The marriage contract is not discarded, so I will always be the king’s woman. Even if I have to be a concubine, I am willing. King Ling is really sincere to you. And he is the eldest son. I know. King Ling’s mother, Madam Wang, has the love of the emperor. He is the best candidate for the Crown Prince. Then you should understand that marrying King Ling to you, to our Qiao family is the only choice. I can’t let people down, don’t want to lie to people, and I can’t forget the expectation of mother before her death. Marrying to King Zi. Have a peaceful life. Queyan knows. You do not want to marry. But you are so handsome. To make the Princess of the Xiyue not to fall for you is difficult. Burn the clothes for me. But more than a dozen pieces last month were burned. Yes. Diwu Cheng. Why are you always so clumsy? Be careful, I, I, I’ll let the prince punish you to squat. Sir. What is it? Just then, the emperor summoned King Ling and asked him to report the details of the assassination. Expected. The power of Xiyue cannot be underestimated. Although I do not care, someone cares. You mean, King Ling sent people to assassinate, but the plan failed, so he tried to act well in front of the emperor? The situation is not that simple. Sir, it is almost time. Good. Come with me to the palace. Yes. The princess sneaked out again. If the second prince finds out, what should we do? Fortunately, yesterday, second brother and Tanli are fine. I can still be happy for a while. I must eat and drink a lot today. Have a good compensation for myself. Waiter. Waiter. Here, please order. Give me all of the good meals in your restaurant. Okay. The assassination of Xiyue’s team, I reckon ninth brother already knows. How can I not know? Fortunately, the princess of Xiyue was not hurt. Otherwise, the marriage that you haven’t gotten yet will be gone. Thank you for your care, brother. I am afraid that only brother can find out the identity of the assassin so quickly. The emperor is here. Greetings to father. Father, the case of the rebel army’s assassination of the princess of Xiyue is suspicious. I ask father… The twists and turns with the marriage with Xiyue are just to your favor, right? I indeed do not want to marry. At the moment, the overall situation has been set. Unless you want to fight against imperial order? I dare not. Emperor, calm down. Have a cup of tea to moisten your throat first. Since this matter is about the rebels, it is not appropriate to spread the word. We must appease officers from Xiyue. This marriage was for Xiyue to become a barrier between Beixuan and Nanlu. If we are not careful, it will be counterproductive. And the south will no longer have peace. Understand? I understand. I understand. Now, the safety of the princess of Xiyue is the most important. There can’t be accidents again. Father, I have something to ask. Speak. Brother has the merits of tracking the assassin. But I am very busy because of the big marriage. To avoid putting the princess in danger again, I think, brother is the best candidate for protecting the princess of the Xiyue. Approved. Listen to me. If the princess of Xiyue has any accident again, I will blame you. Yes. I understand. Ninth brother really is amazing. You were able to earn such an important errand for me. Please protect the princess of the Xiyue, brother. Don’t allow another accident. I will go now. Now you are going to get married, so why don’t you let father remove your marriage contract with Huixin? Father ordered the marriage so I have no choice. I can only listen to the imperial order. It is better for brother to persuade Huixin for me. Let her ask father to remove the marriage contract. How it that? Are you this ruthless? I am ruthless. But if brother is affectionate, then won’t all be happy? Goodbye. We’ll be there soon. Why didn’t the princess come back? Did something happen? You, go slowly. The princess is dizzy. Mingyue. Tanli said that you were not feeling well last night. You are still not well today. What happened? Let me see. Second prince. Tanli, why is it you? Where is Mingyue? Minister, is there something wrong with the princess? It’s nothing. Just a little tired because of the road. Can we take a break before going into the palace? Minister, did the princess get scared last night? Second prince, the princess said that she is dizzy and asked me to buy some spices. But I’m so dumb. I did not get the spices she wanted. Princess, please bear with it for now. Go into the palace first. Okay? Okay. Please. Please. Set off. It’s so stylish here. The view is not bad. But everyone must behave. It’s too much trouble. Maybe, Tanli, you marry for me. Li Mingyue. When we arrive at the rest stop later, you and Tanli must quickly change back. I am not Li Mingyue. My name is Aimaila. Before the marriage, the Emperor of Beixuan gave you a name and gave the country’s surname. If you and Tanli do not change back quickly, which is found by others, you and Tanli are guilty of lying to the emperor. What crime of lying to the emperor? Greetings to Princess Kangle. This is the second prince of Xiyue. Who is this? You are the one will get married to my ninth brother, princess of Xiyue. You’re called Li Mingyue, right? Greetings to Princess Kangle. We have to rush to the side palace to rest. And wait for the emperor’s summons later. What are you wearing a veil for? Princess, this is our custom at Xiyue. It’s not a problem to take a look. You will become my sister-in-law soon. This. Why don’t you let me see? Are you ugly? Or is there something strange? Princess. Wait. I will come to you later. This dress is really troublesome. Why isn’t Tanli back yet? The people of Xiyue’s team are all so informal. Why are you peeking? What have you seen? I am talking to you. Stop. This is not Xiyue, don’t fool around. Oh boy. Why do you look down on Xiyue? I’ve heard people talk about it. There is a kind of people in the Beixuan Palace. They don’t have a beard and are very fond of picking fights. They are eunuchs. You must be… It hurts to think about. Dare to peek at me? Taste my hypnosis skills. Now as soon as I push you, you will fall down and become a tree. You will only cry and cry, and can do nothing else. You will stay here all the time. Fall now. Oh no, where is princess? Get off. Stop. How dare you? You. Princess. Princess, go now. I beg you not to cause trouble. The dinner is about to begin. Wait for me. I will handle you next time. Bad woman, don’t dare to leave. As soon as I push you, you will fall and become a tree. You will only cry and cry and stay here all the time. Sir. Sir. Sir. Why are you crying? Leaves everywhere, blowing into my eyes and bringing tears. Tanli, look at this. God. I can tell even without the veil. You two have really exchanged your identities? We… This is what you call the crime of lying to the emperor? No, no, no. Princess, listen to us. You want me to hide it for you? It’s not impossible. What is the princess’s command, please speak. I want you to tell me all the delicious food, fun things, and secrets that cannot be shared with others. I want you to be my close friend. How is that, can you do it? Yes. Yes, yes. Anything else? Other than that, there’s nothing. That is the princess who came from Xiyue, the person he will marry. It’s that simple? To be my close friend is not simple. Yes. Yes. Yes. I must live up to the princess’s high hopes. Ok, then we will be good sisters in the future. Okay. Who is that person? Why has she been staring at me? She, she is the lady from Qiao House. She also came for the dinner. She is a childhood friend of my ninth brother. Naturally, she is here to see you. The marriage is an imperial order. He can’t control it. Don’t misunderstand him. Huixin, you are too rational. You are clearly sad, but still thinking for others. Only so, I can take into account the pride of everyone. Someday you will understand. I can’t bear to have you sad about him anymore. Then your ninth brother should not like me very much. Whether or not my ninth brother likes you… You should go ask him. Ninth brother, you are finally here. This is my ninth sister-in-law, your future wife. How can it be him? Catch me.=The gentle dance moves under the moon.==All of a sudden, it’s all hazy.==I heard that people laugh at me thinking that I’m dumb.==But I can’t control how my feelings are all over the place.=How can it be you?=Dream is fleeting so rapidly.==Let our hair grow gray,=
=we will watch the twilight hand in hand.=You two know each other? We don’t. We don’t.=Let’s make fairy tales come to life.=People come, people leave,
roads continue extending far away. The tracks from the last life. The views are fading away, just like winter is coming, this moment becomes unreachable. Use paper and a pen to record the eternal secret, whose name I’m writing? Wearing a white elegant dress, we met in the vast crowd. The snow has no trace but feeling, turns into a soft tear. See those stars fly through the sky, yet they’re so far and so illusory. The complicated plots from the next life, we still take pity on everything. I stop here, gentle and soft, it’s all because of you. I stop here, gentle and soft, it’s all because of you.

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