Empowered Employment for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Empowered Employment for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

(electronic music) – [Tabea] Sometimes we think
that our purpose in life is so much further than it actually is. It’s right in front of our feet, it’s what we’re passionate about. (electronic music) When I heard about human trafficking, it triggered something in my heart, and I thought, “What, people
bought and sold as slaves “and that still exists
today, and I don’t know ” anything about it?” (electronic music) The more I talked about it, the more people joined right in and said, “You’re right, wow, why isn’t
anybody doing anything?” So, this is a social business, it’s a safe work environment for men and women who were
exploited in the sex industry, former prostitutes, but
also victims of human trafficking and it is job
rehabilitation for them, it is reintegration to
the normal work force. People are catching on with the whole idea of I’m gonna give my kite
instead of trashing it, and again, we work with
people who instead of trashing them, instead of them feeling so devalued of where they came from, they’re
now proud of what they do, the money they earn, it’s
not something they just want to throw away because they’re not proud of how they earned it. But, they’re so proud of something that appears in front of their eyes, they can watch how their creativity flows into a product. (electronic music) The coolest thing is, this could have been
on the Lake of Galilee, or this was somewhere on a
wave in the Mediterranean. We always try to get people’s
attention to the cause in very funky ways, so we said, “Why don’t we just run in high heels?” And, so often in life we
think we have to have all the answers to something before we start being active about it. And, I just realized that the answers come by doing something, they don’t come
if you’re just going to sit back and watch, and be
all disturbed about it, and all “Oh my goodness, this crazy world, “what’s going on?” It’s literally, what am I good at? And let’s just do it. (electronic music)

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