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>>The Aboriginal Student Placement
Program focuses on hiring students internally on campus.>>At the moment I’m working as a
Scholarship Assistant. I’m just working in the holidays,
that allows me to focus on my studies throughout the semester.>>When I first began working here I was
working as a receptionist at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies.
And right now I’m working at People and Culture just as an
admin assistant as well.>>I’m doing a little bit of
administration work, we’re doing a mail out for
prospective students next year. Some data entry, some filing, archiving.>>You don’t really get that sort of
experience like just as a student but working here as well
you get to see like behind the scenes of what’s
going on, around here. I really like that side.>>Being able to put that theory that
I learn in the classroom into practice, in like a
real-world experience.>>It’s just really convenient
working on campus and then being able to
go to class as well.>>You’re earning money, so supporting
myself while I’m studying.>>So we also run resume workshops and leadership workshops
throughout the semester. As well as different networking
events that students can attend to help with their personal
and professional development.>>Yes I did one of the resume workshops,
which was really, really valuable. I’ve only ever had one job
my whole, whole life so never really had a resume before. The resume workshop was really
good in terms of being able to build that resume from scratch
and see what employers want, and what they’re after, and how
to highlight my attributes.>>A lot of people here have
helped me develop those interpersonal skills that you don’t
really get working elsewhere. And it’s probably helped the way
I’ve thought about the workplace and especially like what I’m studying,
and what I want to do, once I do graduate.>>I can really recommend the
Aboriginal Student Placement Program because it’s flexible, it allows me
to work around my study and also allows me to earn some
extra income during that time. And I think it would be really valuable
to have on my resume, sort of help with future job prospects.>>I love working here and since
I have started working here it’s definitely given me
a lot more confidence in not only the workplace but just like
who I am as a person.>>Students can get involved by
either going through UniHub or they can email
[email protected] and then I’ll send them all the
information of how to get involved.

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