Employment Gaps – Is that a Problem? A lot of nurses get married and have children,
or have to look after their sick parents and as a result they may need to take time from
the workforce. So If you are a nurse with employment gap and are looking to register
with NMBI or NMC this video is for you Wowowow before you see my intro don’t forget
to hit that red big bold subscribe button So is employment gaps a real concern- The
answer is yes & no I know Its a weird answer but that is the
reality During your registration process – with NMC
or NMBI – professional gaps are allowed upto 5 years. That means you can still get registered
if you have max upto 5 years of professional gap. But after registration, to secure a job, it
is solely upto employers discretion As I mentioned in my earlier videos everything
works on demand basis in the market If there is surplus of candidates in the market
when compared to jobs available definitely employers will look for best candidates. But often situation is not the same, due to
massive demand in healthcare system in Ireland and uk employers are willing to negotiate
, but end of the day they would prefer candidates with good portfolio and good work experience
. I am going to share a big secret –
While creating your resume include a wonderful cover letter FOCUS YOUR COVER LETTER ON YOUR EXPERIENCES
The main purpose of a cover letter is to give the reader a sense of who you are and what
to expect before reading your resume. In your cover letter, you can express your
experience while at the same time providing a valid reason why you took leave. For instance, for a nurse returning to work,
in the cover he or she may write “As you can see in my enclosed resume, I possess a
licensed certificate in the state of California and have more than 10 years of clinical nurse
experience. While I did take a few months to care for my two sons, I have taken several
CE courses and also worked part time volunteering in my local charity Employment gaps are not pleasantly welcomed
on a resume. Remember to focus on your experience, skills, and what you can offer to the employer
rather than on the gaps in your employment. So let me wrap up by saying , Guys if you
are planning for work as a RN in Ireland or Uk you should maintain an impeccable track
record.Candidates with such higher portfolio will be easy placed.
I hope I have answered your query re employment gaps.If you would like to connect with us
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Until next time Sree Nair signing off

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