Employment Case Manager (Episode 75)

Employment Case Manager (Episode 75)

Too many choices? Just can’t figure out
where to go for a job? Let’s meet someone who can help you sort it all out — the
employment case manager. Hi I’m Viviana. I’m Lindsey. welcome to Williams Lake
Employment Services. Thank you!

let me show you around. Okay.

Hi I’m Lindsey Shewchuk, I’m a case manager for Williams Lake Employment Services in Williams Lake, B.C. As a case manager, I help people move forward in their job search. So
depending if they’re wanting to increase their knowledge, their interview
skills, everything like that. Helping them use the computers is a big barrier,
resumes, cover letters, interview preparation and just job search in
general: where to find jobs, how to access the hidden job market, networking where
the jobs are locally as well as out of town. A lot of people don’t know where to start looking. So if I’m struggling looking for a job and I need help and I
come and see you what can I expect on the first time I meet you?

So the first time, it’s a one-on-one intake, we go back to my office and we kind of go over some
questions to see where you’re at, where you’re coming from and what help you’re
needing. Gotcha. Could you show me? Sure! Come on back.

Okay. A typical day for a case manager
is that I come in in the morning, the computer gets turned on and I check what
my schedule looks like for the day. Who is booked, what needs to be prepared for.
I check my emails and return any phone calls that need to be done. People coming
in here are expecting assistance with their job search. Primarily they are all
unemployed or underemployed individuals looking to find full-time work or to
increase their part-time hours. So they’re looking for us to help them find jobs. A typical work week is Monday to Friday,
8:30 to five o’clock with a one hour lunch break throughout the day. The
most common misconception people have when they come here is they think that
we are going to find them their job. What we really do is we help them look for
jobs, we help them increase their job search knowledge, their interview skills,
all the tools they need for their job search. Different training required to
become a case manager can vary quite a bit. For me, I started with a two-year
associate’s degree and I worked four years in the field before I applied to
get my certified career development practitioners certificate and from there
I still have to maintain the certification every three years by doing ongoing
courses and credits. Other people can do it based just on experience, they can
work in and apply to get the certificate. Different growth opportunities in here is
you can do workshop facilitation, job club coaching, management, it’s something
that could be different depending what everyone else likes. Being social is very
important in this line of work. You really have to be present when you’re
with a person, you have to engage in them and be willing to communicate with one
person for an hour appointment. Verbal and written communication are a very
important part of this job. You speak and listen to the clients as well as you
have to record what we’re doing, we have to sometimes write rationale letters
where we have to clearly identify the client’s needs. So my advice for someone
who’s wanting to get into this is to make sure you really enjoy working with
people. So whether it’s volunteering first or taking some courses in social
work, psychology, making sure you want to be around people, you have to have the
compassionate side where you want to help and you have to also be prepared to
learn community resources. Lindsey, I can only imagine that this is probably the
most rewarding part of your job. It most definitely is. When a client comes in and
says yes, we’ve got the job we’ve been working towards, it’s just an amazing
feeling. Well, Lindsay, it’s nice to know that there’s a resource like this out there, thank you so much for your guidance. Nice meeting Viviana, and good luck with your career.

Thank you. Once again, this is Career Trek and I’m Viviana
reminding you that this career could be yours. We’ll see you next time.

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