Employ their Ability – Kevin Green

Employ their Ability – Kevin Green

(GENTLE MUSIC) I have achondroplasia. It is a part of dwarfism. I manage six people,
laundry and cleaning. We have a good team.
We all help each other out. They can help me on some big things and I help them on some small things. I’m a lovely, bubbly person and I like to make
the residents laugh and going home happy
to make it a good day. To be employed,
as a person with a disability, that makes me feel great inside, to have a day-to-day job. The trolley that I use, it is
a smaller trolley than the others and it makes it a lot easier
for me to push, to get things out of, just to make it easier for me. Working with Compass
for the last eight years, it has become an opportunity
to purchase a house. It is a great opportunity
to be employed with Compass to fulfil your dreams in the future. As an organisation
with 10,000 employees, we obviously have a lot of employees who are people that
already have disabilities. We’ve been working more closely with
the Disability Employment Service, the DES agencies, and really actively been offering
roles to people with disabilities. It’s been a very successful exercise. We’ve found that they’ve really been
keen to understand our organisation and partner with us
and provide us with candidates that are suitable for
the roles that we offer. In the past year,
we’ve employed 77 people that identify as having a disability. And over that time,
we’ve had a 94% retention rate, which is a real sign of the success. Everyone’s individual and unique
and they bring their own capabilities and skills to the role. So we find that the key
to success here is flexibility. It’s not just the individual that
benefits from disability employment. Often it’s the whole family. Coming from NSW, I used to work with
a disability employment agency. They found that I was
moving to Melbourne. The agencies spoke
between each other. JobAccess supported me
in finding this role working between the two employers. In some aspects,
disability is a disability. You can’t do nothing about it. Some people have got
more disabilities than others. If you get your mind set
to what you want to do, you can do most things.

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