Employ BASED ON SKILLS, not on Geography. #NickGanzhaVideoQuotes

Employ BASED ON SKILLS, not on Geography. #NickGanzhaVideoQuotes

IT industry in particular started to understand
that it’s much better to hire people based on skills not on geography. And it’s not even better, I would say it’s
vital for a lot of companies in nowadays to employ people based on skills not on geography. Because you simply don’t have enough people
in your region, you simply don’t have enough people, enough skills in your area where you
operate. So it’s natural for company to expand the
limits of where they previously employed. Like 50 years ago, 40 years ago companies
normally employed only people which lived in that area, but with the development of
internet, with the development of technology IT industry started to expand, started to
hire people from different regions because they needed this skills So slowly they spend
it in the country but then they understood it’s time to go abroad, it’s time to go overseas
because they didn’t have enough skills in the country. For example, USA market alone as far as I
know, to my knowledge, USA market alone lacks 1 million people, 1 million professionals
in IT industry. So can you imagine such a huge number 1 million
people, where can you get them, alright. Even if you devote a lot of resources in to
making this people learn some new things, yeah, in to education of this new IT professionals,
right? It would still take time for these people
to develop, but you as a company need this people now you need these skills now, because
you have commitments in front of your clients, you have some projects, which are under the
go, under the way right now. You need these skills now. Therefore this is the main reason companies
expand in their search for new Talent because they need new people, new skills to fulfill
the current project.

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