Empire at War: Consortium Let’s Play 1

Empire at War: Consortium Let’s Play 1

hey YouTube is crazyk checking in to
bring you my first part my Empire at War remake series and I’ll be playing the
equal footing campaign and here’s the other settings 10,000 credits I like to
set it to level 1 next tell the tech level of 5 yeah and hopefully this will
be entertaining for us all all right here’s ok bring conditions go
knock out everyone got it and pause it so I have time to do everything and this
is a tricky part about playing as the consortium you don’t get mining
facilities to easily make money so it’s gonna have to build a love-struck are
shopping that contracting jump up the wedding aisle construction Contracting yeah I think that looks good Contracting just let it play
oh nice already have a little five space station on Kapoor hi poori
that’ll be very easy hmm all right looking around my family
in the land there we go much better yeah my income jumped from seventeen hundred
some-odd to forty four hundred so that’s really nice good nice beginning
construction I’m broke again yeah playing as the consortium is very
expensive which is a bit of a downside there are all these ships together into
one fleet coordinates received Construction complete copy hmm
where to hit first I’ll be too pal yeah that’s the best bet because like I
like when I’m playing this game like you know I complete connect all the dots if
you will like make sure like it’s a secure position contracting putting
myself into bidding on a construction beginning construction right see what we
can do but I poori just grand ears Shane will do those guys up there
you got a proud to be my story for a track invasion pump-action complete
construction compete compete no I don’t and you get Defiler to do
creations yeah so if you’ve played um especially if you played Empire word
remake before please let me know down the comments and let me know what else I
can do as the consortium if you know otherwise I guess we can just run
chattering but if you know it it would be a very big construction if you know
something you learn command alright let’s do some corruption progress and
just you know I have played I played the original version in this game Empire
where remake it ton so I’m very comfortable with that version of Empire at
Wars I don’t really put that one a ton so so does learning a lot in this
mission we have a family member in our control and the planet will do anything
to meet our demands all right so I guess I no longer have to
do corruption missions I guess yeah and the original thank you or like a
kidnapping for example you’d have to actually fight it actually take whoever
it was you’re going for beginning construction now let’s see where can I
build a black mark you building under construction or building
under construction and sourcing palace they’re beginning Wars awesome Wow
I am completing construction building cancelled
building under construction training training soldiers training troops right
training lots of ships I’m sorry jack Indonesian do their profession company
assault squad reporting and aggressive there we go he’s still pretty expensive option company sporting construction
company battleships standing by all right pretty soon reporting the assault
squad reporting or Gouda pal
musics pretty dramatic assault squad reporting have any of you played and
part work remake I guess re-ask that one but have
any of you played the original one or what other mods have you played one of
my favourite mods is ultimate Empire war anything approaching it makes it a bit
more balanced okay okay so lots of Thai fighters but there’s no way I’ll be able
to hold them off like that it’s not a resolved save time training troops now
the most important battle to win is ground battles because obviously space
battles are cool corruption is a move if you can win the land battles you can
know you won’t actually lose control the plan you’ll still get the income from
that planet and that’s all that really matters
alright first fight all right here we go we’ve been paid
with all orders we’ll move his lungs were paid use the
Turin to your advantage we must repeal this invasion of the Sun
consortium is to survive squad reporting moving as quickly as possible we appreciate your credits weapons at
the ready attacking now Twitter account signal receipt confirmed we’ll get there soon zg alright ready
for battle we’re moving into position now reinforcements forum has it nowadays
answering your call we secured a bit ahead yeah when I
learned I save up from the supership is there a broadcast little ground
structures that they can build these little antimatter cannons will
annihilate anything down there bombers who is this dude increase Nightsister reign course I mean I don’t
have any of those orders order acknowledged supporting allied units
ready and reporting we’re available give us a signal secure baby’s head
coordinates received moving there now we’re moving right away operate from the yeah I stand no chance of these that wasn’t clear if it yes sir your signal is garbage I’m talking now this will be easy target
give us those coordinates again watching for enemy fire we could use more
supplies I’m seen here four hours what’s the any orders here’s try because if I could yep we
stand ready to fight got a target person bit too hard anyone there
understood it’s your payroll what do you got we can do that that’s awesome huh me
the way is clear will you be out awaiting your orders all right 80s DS Eminem face is under
attack nice thing about these marks e-version
they actually destroy assault squad reporting
advancing on the enemy now we appreciate your credits if you don’t
mind walking load where it’s happening immediately enemy Bob Arnot is ready fine believe we got everything else signal received squad unit waiting for
orders I see no problem with that we’ll provide all the back of your knee now over and out didn’t get that please repeat orders
received a special battle awaiting orders the credits are good
let’s hope your orders are too okay all right it’s gotta buy the ride
that and since you’re able to ten times so wherever you want immediately GG
ready and reporting hmm assault squad reporting beginning
construction recruiting troops I survived battleships standing by freeness – yeah sure Zeon – is now in
agreement with all song consortium dealings corruption of this world brings
valuable assets to the consortium tactical battle imminent Wow – Steve hmm
no I think I just have to do the same thing that’s just way to make ships contracting assault squad reporting okay
I think we got this one – you will be even closer because all I have to my
name is just a lowly consortium barracks we’ve been paid with follow orders
locations cited one barracks but there are so many took ones I love we’re
available our defense must hold we have a lot invested in this planet build
defenses and fortify those locations with consortium forces and your coin is here and we’re ready to
fight for combat give us a single tap on something that wasn’t clear repeat any
move order in Dulwich here that’s a good thing I constantly secure a bit of head
oh yeah no they don’t stand a chance at this
rate knocking your signal is garbled coordinates receding moving there now
we’ll back up where we can compete yeah I don’t think I need to be worried about
this in this planet anymore give us a target we could use more supplies we’re moving
right away any orders yes sir understood they’re all mine on here we stand ready
to fight traps if you don’t mind paying us to run around awaiting your orders
shouldn’t be a problem assisting the go deep the credits you
humming if we have to assist these bits way that way make up your mind work you
it’s assisting allies not reporting I just signal receive water on the way moving as quickly as possible it’s your credit account give up heavy
fire supporting allied hands we’re pushing on the enemy position expect
resistance watching for enemy fire and through your call ready for action
ready for badger Academy is over there engage your weapon systems well back up
where we confirmed moving forward ground support enemy’s efficient acquired
target confirmed it’s time to move in for the kill we’ll be able to talk it’s charity then
I can get on they’re just coming in yeah doesn’t really matter we’re
increasing to wiped out I could send in the destroyer droids but
they would definitely just be destroyed by that that auntie Oh got a target there’s nothing in our way is ready aardman possibly awaiting
orders tell me what they are
we’ll be there before you know it ready and reporting move ordering
darling supporting allied units yeah its place forgot so in this game if you’re
the Empire playing playing as the Empire and you call down a bombardment it’s you
know it stir blaze a fire in actually gonna do damage but with the rebels it’s
just ionization which doesn’t do anything to biological units but
obviously it’s doing something to my what do you got move as long as were
paid for right here with you oh yeah we’re gonna win this we’re
moving right away who question I should still there we go here’s the other one I
are just very annoyed we’ve been paid enough tell us what to do SWAT unit waiting for orders we do take them make sure you’re covered
we’re as good as your credits attacking and we expect the whole payment for this
we’ll get there as soon as we can this way face is under we secure understood again again watching for enemy fighter actually like I said gonna win it I’ll
speed it up yes gonna pause the game to get my bearings yep going to to pal
totally gonna crush them there and then I’ll bring a little hero army combine
them with this army and we’ll get it tactical battle in and no idea what they
got let’s see what’s there whoo nice deli bastards gave it to me if
I resent you Kristen shield power useful ground bases are undetectable weapons online
destroying key elements of the enemy’s forces is an optimal tactic try to
separate the defending units to pick them apart all right
star Viper squadrons online weapons charged coordinates received frequency
open pretty confident nothing is ready there flank speed
throw everything friends weapons online we’re awaiting orders
coordinates received we’re moving out wow that’s really cool you guys see that
this turrets were spinning that’s awesome yeah this mod is so good the
transmission guards if wiki’s are online coordinates really battleship reporting
stay inflammation preparing for combat what do you think I said incoming response to being called battleships
standing by a guy about out there to see the estimable ability plastic alliser’s
but I guess we’ll roll with it blasted nerf herders keep in formation ready wow yeah and about the other
factions but for our target price fortunately just can’t even way to play
on route night copy blowing out I’ll get there eventually Roger that yeah when I was referring to
you know the sangwich backs I wanted to play ass
crossfire sound like some a lot of people wanted the consortium and they
just around on the internet but Oscar was saying like lewbert’s
super overpowered and I’d have to agree with that see how
keep your eyes post one I got it mind I warm up don’t have to do anything moving
to Attack Position I’ve got it lined up awaiting orders we can handle it
coming about weapons online we’re awaiting orders
ready for battle direct fire at their laser cannon on
station we are ready enemy target sighted
engines active we’re heading out all right let’s good at anything this version of the model this update is
so good like before there’s also like it was lighting issues as well finished –
not actually being able to like loiter save games I have ix-me yeah now it’s just
this is Stacy frequency open we await fleet orderly free to attack we’re on
station with news arms they have strong resistance almost got
them we’re on our duty station frigate moving
out thanks textures – we did a lot together
working on this good job obviously you mean a lot but still they’re falling
back you don’t want a great work on come on run away run away one x-wing Wow yeah
they’re going got destroyed aside squad reporting I see they’re definitely moving around
lots of people bidding on a construction though the vehicle factory pull this
contracting you may plant a tree don’t you bidding construction all right
you’re gonna just take over to the POW and then we’ll find a really big gun and
mistress on you want to be the first gay invasion commencing yeah we got this choose your reinforcements we have to
shore enemy that we are a force to be reckoned with land some troops and show
them I was thinking this build will bring down a lot of steroids but then I
remembered roids pretty sure can’t capture anything so what which lowlifes
shall I dispose of prepare yourselves Taschen that way this way in case they
actually can take something and if it is and if they can’t no big deal they can
very easily catch up yeah I know they can’t capture that choose your reinforcements will bring
down ciliary next yeah she’s actually a night sister of the old style Knights
Esther obviously you must like Star Wars if you’re watching this this video how
many of you guys have seemed like Empire and see Empire work seeing Star Wars
rebels or Clone Wars because they they bring they mentioned the Nightsisters in
Clone Wars and they’re kind of different most notably in rockland same cores in
the battle it’s your credit around this is a really good great game and Clone
Wars and rebels are both actually really good stories of life there’s our target I’m really patience wears thin
I don’t enjoy waiting taking lookout positions this better be worth my time use anyone doubt my ability do not make
me wait follow this direction we stand ready to fight what do you want with the
same dream life coming around card yeah also my sister’s
had little quips yeah why you named your e4 petals is beyond know one is my
superior I go what are you concerned with do not fail know what we’re doing just
keep that’s coming choose wisely edit sir who will suffer
the consequences hmm I wonder what’s up here obviously nothing good because
there’s nothing this way let’s go she’s nothing in this little battle
information the coordinates awaiting your orders
shouldn’t be a problem groups on the scout if I’m one feel
doing a comms tower up there and I can see everyone and I know exactly the drop
that bomb my french disturbance we secured a learning zone SWAT
rewarding ago didn’t know I had to choose your reinforcements very well
capacity hold it make this a hero party excellent got the comm we appreciate
your credit array let’s see with lots and lots of bond homage incoming
barracks to barracks so that already long but still to barracks and nice and one vehicle weather is the
enemy I do finishes my sentences on occasion are you certain your I fan here
very well see you right then very much about him
looks kind of cool reminds me of like so back you know that
Egyptian god ready to strike it’s the night sister she’s crazy just
throwing it out there I wish your pop bombers would think of
course locate our enemies stay behind me ready for battle this way that way bagel
come on instruction what you men back me up
all of you come with me just give me a coordinate awaiting orders squad on the way in
through the rear there just like having gone flat like engine first choose your
reinforcements city production reinforcements point attention reporting
I am ready let’s get moving tea to be over we secured a bit of head
darkness awaits it will be done orders acknowledged we’re available we’re
attacking an open forum agenda car man please give us a signal sentries that
way case any peoples who stand in my way she went into territory that wasn’t
clear repeat what is it that is section intake versus Trump
event life you know your signal is garbled my
patience wears thin g2b copy bribes not the last moment this
matter be worth my time give us a target the birds are off of intensity we can
use war supplies its seat orders in oh man or quit in a guide talk to me response time is money awesome company we secured a bit of padding I copy sauce
and honey course plotted I have a business to run you want something I can persuade you
otherwise all right keep building one in fairway Paul Harbor already destroyed dispose of bombardment incoming destroy
the beards eye nice bye-bye we stand ready to fight awaiting your
orders okay over the ring he’s hungry who stands in my way they will be taken
care of my patience wears thin I see support this better be worth my
time does anyone doubt my ability we’re next
do not make me wait fire I think between those two we got it assault squad reporting we appreciate
your credits attack as we secure a table head yep yes we have signal received we’re attacking is
ordered weapons at the ready attacking now I need to get these guys they’ve
risers confirmed moving forward constellation watch out the cannon I
have foreseen this make sure you’re covered but they all say and first lady
bow to him joshan copy we secured a they’ve had these mercs are wearing armor they’re
not human yeah okay I guess they got fling trade there so it gets to choose
your reinforcements more reasonable why their leg reinforcements consumers will
pay down some grand ears instead bringing a bit of variety let’s get up what are you concerned with to that
location everything is on everything well back up where we can watch out for
traps watch out for traps I was damaged behind you no one is my superior French
disturbance giant pterodactyl thing I will go as I please we secure a bit of
head we secure a big head they’re falling back on something assisting all
right took me long enough gone starch in coffee contracting
beginning construction probably have to gauge well everyone that is first part
of this let’s play for the song consortium if you enjoyed it please
leave a like and if you’d like to you know keep see thesemoving forward definitely
be sure to subscribe oh and great

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  1. Might want to send a few blastboats along your invasion force so you also have bomber support, also it costs money every time he bribes stuff so turn if off until you need it

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