Emory’s Endocrinology Fellowship Program

Emory’s Endocrinology Fellowship Program

(classical music) – I chose Emory for my fellowship because I did residency
here, and while I was in residency here I became involved with the endocrine program and
worked with the faculty here and got involved in some research projects and I realized that the faculty here were very supportive of
my research interests, were very involved in teaching, and I knew that these were the people that I wanted to work with and where I wanted to get
my additional training. – The Emory Endocrinology
Fellowship Program is very unique because it’s very flexible. We have a large number of fellows so that allows us to have
fellows do many different things like research and different electives. We have a very large number of faculty that are interested in many
things so a fellow can easily find a mentor in for example
pituitary conditions, lipid conditions, bone conditions. We have over 25 full time faculty here. Another unique selling
point is that we have four large hospitals in
the metro-Atlanta area, so very four unique endocrine experiences. – Emory University
Endocrinology Fellowship is a great program. The program director and all
the fellows and the people are very invested in your education, and they definitely care about what you do and how you learn and educational
opportunities available. – Many of our fellows stay at Emory because of the unique experience here. The faculty are fantastic. Many of our fellows are friends, and they spend time together on weekends. We have a very friendly and
family-oriented program, and so I think many people
are very happy here. – My plans after I graduate are hopefully to stay within the Emory system. I really like education, and I like the physician environment here, the patients that we get to see and thus far everybody’s
been really supportive of helping me get into
teaching and in working on getting me a faculty position here, and so ideally my plan is to stay here. – My plans after graduating
will hopefully be to integrate what I’ve
learned at endocrine training with some of my personal
passions in health care, which involves global health care and also medical and health writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to
address health disparities for patients with diabetes both
locally and internationally, and I think my training
here will definitely help me with that, especially
with what we see at Grady with socioeconomically
disadvantaged patient populations and diabetes care. – If you’re looking for a very flexible
endocrinology fellowship program that gives you strong clinical training and strong research
training and mentoring, Emory would be a great fit for you. (classical music)

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