Emma Lewis and Sabrina Pribyl – Recipients of Leslie Cavarra Buttorff Scholarship in Statistics

Emma Lewis and Sabrina Pribyl – Recipients of Leslie Cavarra Buttorff Scholarship in Statistics

(inspirational music) – Now each year we also select a student to briefly share their perspective on the impact of scholarships, and I am pleased to introduce
as our student speakers Emma Lewis and Sabrina Pribyl. Here we go, guys! Both Emma and Sabrina
are Colorado natives. They attended the same high
school in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They are both seniors graduating in May. They are both majors in statistics. This is, now, this is where they depart. Emma is a statistics major with a minor in business administration. Sabrina is a statistics
major with a minor, let’s see if I get this right, in business, math, and global
environmental sustainability. Emma and Sabrina are both recipients of the Leslie Cavarra Buttorff
Scholarship in Statistics, and are heavily engaged
in the CSU community as tutors, club officers,
and sorority members. It is with great pleasure that
I welcome them to the stage. (applause) – Good afternoon, my
name is Sabrina Pribyl. – And I’m Emma Lewis. – And we wanna thank
you all for joining us at this year’s 31st Annual College of Natural Sciences
Scholarship Luncheon. Like many of you here today, this scholarship luncheon is something we look
forward to every year. As seniors, this will
be our last luncheon. We are so honored that Dean
Nerger asked us to speak. It is humbling to be
the voice of gratitude for all of our peers who have benefited from the generosity of scholarship donors. – As freshmen, we received
the incredible honor of being named recipients of the Leslie Cavarra Buttorff
Scholarship in Statistics. I often stop and ask myself, “How did I get so lucky?” It’s because of Leslie. As many of you know, funding a scholarship and
establishing the award criteria can be a deeply personal experience. When Leslie created her scholarship, she didn’t look for the most
academically gifted student, or a student who was an athletic all-star. She instead looked for a student like me, who was willing to work hard and strive to better themselves, while giving back and encouraging others. I am lucky because of Leslie. She has achieved everything
she has set out to do as a result of her incredible
work ethic and determination. Despite all of her
outstanding achievements, her empathy and compassion
to better those around her, and have them share in her success is what I admire the most. We are so proud to walk in her footsteps, and we are grateful to all the
scholarship donors here today who help make students’ dreams of a degree in the Sciences come true. – As a first-generation student, and coming from a large family, attending CSU would’ve
been a lot more difficult, if not impossible, without financial aid. Out of my family, I was the first to attend
a four-year university, and leave home to go to college. Being a first-generation
student can be difficult. For me, transitioning in to
my freshman year was hard. My parents could tell
that I was struggling, but they weren’t exactly
sure how to help me. As supportive as my parents were, I had to figure out many things by myself. But I was always motivated by the thought that my scholarship donor believed in me. Not only did my scholarship provide me with the financial aid to
attend a great university, it opened up so many more opportunities I would’ve had the chance
to do without a scholarship. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of so many life-changing organizations, participate in undergraduate
research symposiums, continue my volunteer work, and I even cofounded a CSU program that tutors grade-school
students with disabilities. – As donors, you might not all realize how often you are thought of. Like Sabrina, there were many times where I might’ve given up if
I did not remind myself that my donor was counting
on me to persevere. – That she had so strongly
invested in me and my potential. I am especially grateful that my donor has not only funded my education, but has also fueled opportunities. And most importantly, my belief in myself. This summer, Leslie provided us with a paid summer internship at her company, Panacea Life Sciences. And she has become a mentor
to us in so many ways. To be perfectly honest, when I first started at CSU, I largely defined post-graduate success through a financial lens. But my relationship with
my scholarship donor has redefined success for me. Success now means reaching
out to those around me, and always pushing myself to
ascend to greater heights. I watch Leslie give so much
of herself to her recipients, to her Panacea team, and to CSU, and I someday hope to do the same by walking through life focusing on how to improve
the world around me. Like so many of our fellow
scholarship recipients, after we walk across
that graduation stage, we plan to walk towards success that not only involves
personal achievement, but reaching out to others
due to our donors’ examples. – We wanna thank all of you here today for helping students in this room live well-rounded lives in college. Because of your support, we can focus on both school, and contributing to the CSU community. On behalf of all of the College of Natural Sciences
Scholarship recipients, thank you for making such
a difference in our lives! Leslie, we would like you to
come up at stage at this time, and receive a special gift. (applause) As a thank you for all you’ve done for us, we got you this photo of the Grand Opening of your new company framed. Thank you. (applause) – [Leslie] Thank you so much. (inspirational music)

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