Thats mine. Al right, we are off. And Im just waiting for my food. Just super hungry. The best thing I like about Emirates is their food options you can get indian food options for almost all of their international routes I don’t know how they manage to get the indian food options for their international routes but that is killer I mean, I dont need anything except Indian Food and they have ton of options you get like 3 or 4 options – lunch dinner breakfast and you get unlimited drinks and beverages you can absolutely got mad at it. what would you like to drink ? you need to check if you have got mango juice sure. hahahahahah 😀 if you dont have then apple is fine mango juice with ice ? yeah yeah.. thank you al right, I just got my mango juice… my food has reached and the paneer butter masala chole rice chicken a kind of bread sandwich mango pickle lets have the food and the best thing is about the internet for the business and first class customers, you get free unlimited internet all through out the flight which is chargeable for the economy – 16$ internet is my lifeline without internet nothing works for me and you have to bear with me for this review because I have to speak low everyone is sleeping out here its like 2am right now and there are no lights absolutely no lights, silence – pin drop silence – everyone is sleeping I have to speak low, bear with me for the review So emirates has been awarded as the best airlines in the world, when it comes to entertainment they call it ICE INFORMATION COMMUNICATION ENTERTAINMENT its loaded with 1000s and 1000s of movies, music,songs, games, TV series And yeah, its all free you can just watch any movie, any tv series, play any game for absolutely free I mean if you get bored in an emirates flight you must be seriously depressed with your life. talking about the entertainment, you get this huge 23 inch screen just play any movie it starts movie on and you get this nice tablet you can just slip it like this and get it off and just watch the movies right on the tablet do anything, play games also you get this small remote you can use this to play games use it as a controller and do anything you want – right from the controller so entertainment is pretty much loaded in A380 all the time big screen – a huge tablet – remote controller while you are sleeping you can do pretty much everything now talking about the seat design for the business class Emirates A380 its designed as 1-2-1 format so the window side, like this is one config and the middle is with 2 -config its best suited for couples or friends, who are flying together but normally when Im flying alone, I always choose the 1-config which is the window side because yeah,its just feels so private to me so whenever I can, I just go ahead and upgrade its just so comfortable now talking about the space – ITS HUGE the private space for one seat of business class A380 is absolutely huge it makes sense, why its so expensive this is a completely flat bed, right now its 90 degree and you can see that, it has all those buttons. this button pulls forward, this is backward config, this is the whole 180 degree this is the 120 degree and this is the 90 degree so right now, its on 90 degree, let me show it to you lets try the 120 so yeah, it’s set to 120. This is the 120 button and now lets try the 180 completely flat bed lets do it makes sense, it has more to go. now lets get back to the 90 degree all the way from 180 to 90 degree and each seat of the A380 Business class comes with a lot of storage storage box, storage box, storage box… Huge space also storage over here you can see, I have placed my phone and the lens cap lot of storage with every BC seat of this A380 config, you get this minibar if it has a lot of drinks, water, pepsi mirinda, mango juice but it doesn’t serve alcohol. For alcohol, you need to goto the on board lounge. Im going to show it to you right now. so this minibar is really neat. And they also re-stock in every half of the flight time in case its done, over. They are going to re-stock it. how cool is that about the power socket options – you are going to get everything right here you can use those sockets to charge your laptop You can use this socket for phones, iPhones, Android Phones, everything. so pretty much all set. now, what all you get in a business class a380 seat first – you get is this noise cancellation headphones one huge blanket and one huge pillow and the big menu book – it has a lot of options! so basically this space is all about you its completely for yourself flat bed, then this huge dedicated space to keep your boots lets place it over there. and if you need lights, like Im trying right now for a lot of light you are going to get like 2 of 3 options for the light first is this big light for yourself, then this two lights all 3 lights are your friend, when its like completely dark and for the window pane, I have two – this and this I can just use those buttons and get it done or I have those 3 small buttons to manage it. this is for one – this is for left, this is for right, this is for both at the same time here is how it works the famous on board emirates lounge this is one of the best on board lounge in the world and its on the upper deck of the Emirates A380 only available for business class and first class customers you get unlimited drinks, beverages. I just had a lot of Mango juice.

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  1. Amazing luxury. Beautiful video. First class re ghapa ghap .. ha..ha I caught it. Travel someday in First class and post a video. U can afford FC. 🙂

  2. I’m not really a fan of their business class is just too damn gaudy With all of that fake wood and gold And mediocre service

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  6. Airline EMIRATES DISCRIMINATES heavily disabled passengers. I'm disabled and need special tools necessary for everyday life (stomic aids, can not be without them, hygiene etc.) Emirates refused to transport these aids free of charge and wanted to charge 540 euros for 10 kg of overweight Mr Trejbal, causing great both the material and psychic problems, the best airline in the world is behaving like a heavily physically disabled person, perhaps it is just a mistake for an individual who is sitting in the wrong place. Prague-Bangkok, Prague- Colombo I am looking for help to make it happen again I would like to contact the management in Dubai but I can not get a contact, it will always end in Prague.

  7. 4:05 – what's the point of flying business class if they let children in? I'd be so pissed off if I paid a grand for a flight and had a noisy kid next to me…

  8. Having flown both business and economy multiple times, I feel that the A380 economy seats are more than comfortable enough for any type of journey. However, when you do have extra money to spend, you can afford this luxury. Yes, It's not a necessity, but a luxury. For a physically fit, healthy person, traveling economy flight in a A380 should be perfectly fine. For longer flights just make sure to stretch every few hours and drink lots of water and avoid sugar/caffeine.

  9. Hey. Love the video. However, why only put subtitles when the mic doesn't work? As a hard of hearing individual, accessibility is a must. If you can, please caption all of your future videos. Thanks!

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    Further episodes will be the most complete review of all 4 huge Emirates Business Lounges in Dubai – the best of its class worldwide, and Emirates First and Economy. Would be great if you checked it out – as informative as possible, and entertaining…..
    Cheers from Germany! Chris

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