Emily Brooke: Safer Roads for Cyclists | EQ Fellows

Emily Brooke: Safer Roads for Cyclists | EQ Fellows

My name is Emily Brooke. I have a bike technology company called Beryl. Our first product tackles the blind spot, the most common cause of fatality. It’s a front light with a laser that projects the symbol of a bike ahead of you onto the ground. They found that a laser light decreases the blind spot of a van by over 25% and a bus by nearly 30%. But I think we’ll see increasingly all forms of mobility being interactive or being an ecosystem of different modes. Being selected to be one of the EQ Fellows and to be here at Summit in LA, honestly is being possibly one of the biggest highlights of my career so far. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that. And I’m going home with some amazing connections and some amazing ideas and even more inspired and more excited and hugely grateful to both Mercedes-Benz, EQ, and also Cool Hunting for getting me here.

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