Embrace Your Future: Business and Management | Oxford Brookes University

Embrace Your Future: Business and Management | Oxford Brookes University

I feel like we could fix poverty or hunger through business and the collaboration of business with science and politics. I’m an international student from India but I’ve grown up in the Middle East. Growing up, I saw how my father gave his everything to his company but when the 2008 recession happened, they threw him out before even thinking twice. I realised that businesses need to be more ethical. That’s when I knew I wanted to get into business to make a better change, a better impact. Oxford Brookes is one of the very few universities that offers a January admission. I needed some time to think about what I want to study and Brookes gave me the freedom to take my time and to apply in January. Studying Business and Management at Oxford Brookes has been a great experience because the lecturers are really approachable. If I have any doubts or any ideas, I can
always reach out to them. I’m part of the Business Society and the Indian Brookes Society. The Oxford Brookes Business Society holds insightful events such as classes for stock exchanges and then we also have photo shoots for your CVs and your LinkedIn profiles. University is supposed to be all about opportunities and I feel that Brookes has gone above and beyond to provide that to students. I can just show up to uni and one day there’ll be a fair about jobs and the next day there’ll be a fair about societies. There’s just always something to do.

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