Elon Musk: How to Start a Business (Elon Musk 2017)

Elon Musk: How to Start a Business (Elon Musk 2017)

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  1. How do you start and operate a successful and momentous business when you're only able to save $10,000 after years of efforts? When you have to go all in or lose everything. It's tough for a lot of people who struggle with <$40,000 household income

  2. Awesome guy!!! I love that he is honest about his success. People only see the billions of dollars – not the sweat and pain he spent and will spend.

  3. Hey random person scrolling
    throught the comments. I just want to say have a great day or night.

    Remember your loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals

  4. But, what if you are a musician/composer like me and there are sooo many others in the industry that may not be necesarily better but they are more high up contracted by the majors and such? Then making new, fresh and technically good stuff doesn't bring you always further . . .
    Now, I do realise that I can keep myself alive with my work, which is special in itself, but my music is not reall a thing that people seems to "need", "want" or are eager to buy tickets for.

    In my opinion that is due to the lack of marketing budget, a good agent/impressariate. But of course the bottom line may be my attitude as well, not seeing the blind spots. I want to see them to improve the interest of others to get to know my music and my abilities to creat it in such a fashion that it really stands out. But maybe I am too eager to see it..? Who knows?

    My goal is to write more music for feature films and play a little more live concerts in reasonable theaters. Just to be able to show a different and hopefully an inspiring world where one could see their very own creative capabilities.

  5. Did you know it’s not true that tesla spends nothing on marketing. When Elon launches a new vehicle he markets it otherwise how would people know. You think when he introduces a car it that he doesn’t spend money then you are out of touch with reality.

  6. Listening. Our schools though have real challenges teaching entrpreneurialism. This requirement is often self-taught through advanced leadership, innovation, insight, research, tenacity, and desire to improve upon the world. It is true, if clients/customers/employees believe in their greater leadership, that leadership must inspire more often than not.

  7. Starting a business for younger generations is infinitely more difficult than how it was for baby boomers. The amount of competition and other tactics, even with women coming into the workforce now it has doubled the amount of people doing the same thing (not that it's bad women working it's just vastly different to before).

    One thing I've learned from seeing people run businesses who are close to me, is that a large degree is luck, but the more important degree is constantly perservering even when it looks hopeless. I know a guy who survived two recessions and it looked like the business would shut down – he borrowed 50k off his father and other people, at the risk of losing it all and being 50k in debt.

    But because of that, it saved his business through the recession (employees were getting paid from his pocket not from income of business).

    It takes a certain degree of insanity to be successful.

  8. I love listening to him, him and MIchael Makabi are always so refreshing and inspiring. It's sad to see people make negative remarks on his speaking. I don't talk like this constantly but my mind runs so much faster than my mouth and I often have trouble getting out everything on my mind, but I do get my pint across.

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  10. Focus on the product that your customers love — a fantastic piece of advice, if every entrepreneur can focus on the products that customers love we would never have businesses closing down after an initial excitement.

  11. I don't understand anything about this discussion. what's that? looks likes someone to play a role for tempting people, ?! this is the American heroooooo

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  14. The person who is more educated is quit simply the person who has lived a whole lot of life and learns from it, not the person who has a degree

  15. It seems like the woman interviewing is more interested in speaking than listening, watch this and then watch it again.. she completely disregards what he is saying, " yeah" Yeah" yeah" she isnt really listening to him.

  16. Lost me at solar system, it doesnt exist u know this most of all Elon, remember your "it looks so fake its real"

  17. "Everything around you is made by poeple no smarter then you, dont wait for change, be the change"

    -bill gates

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  19. "make a product that you will love" damn humanity has really stemmed far from logic and common sense. I blame china

  20. I have been successful my whole, now I’m in that part of life where I feel the lowest the saddest, two babies and a lot of house work rarely I go out, the devils of depression and anxiety are haunting me, I started to do jewelry work with gemstones and 18k gold every piece is unique and made in very long process in my days, I’m not hoping for money as I’m hoping to make people happy and get friends.

  21. Without doubt, many people want to be rich. So, the question of how to get rich is a pretty common one. Many people think the answer to the question is to become an entrepreneur and start a business. However, there are many other ways to get rich, although, it definitely depends on your idea of being rich. Some people believe that to be rich, you must have power and influence, some believe being rich means you have impacted society in a way people can never forget and some believe that being rich is being a billionaire/millionaire.

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  22. It sounds like Elon is trying to tell everyone, that we will improve in nearly everything by working together or at least thinking of how whatever you are creating or offering will affect the other workers or clients and wanting it to be the best it can be.

  23. this nut job captivates so many fools, he's freeking subsidize by the U.S government he ain't that smart. Don't drink the cool-aid.

  24. I'm not trying to be an asshole and I respect Elon for what he's done but starting a business is the riskiest shit. What if it fails? What, am I supposed to take another couple thousand dollars from the bank and start all over and be in more debt? That's my biggest concern

  25. A normal conversation

  26. During the interview her pussy was dripping you can see it while she is agreeing at what elon is saying! 😂

  27. Hey,

    Great Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other good tip videos

    Look forward to your reply


  28. If you guys need a push , i work in Lending and i fund companies all the time, cannabis, start-ups, everything

  29. we can make amazing meme of this girl shaking her head for a long time

    yeah…..yeah yeah…yeah……..yeah yeah yeah …….

  30. Executives : What kind of interviewer should we get for Elon Mu-

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  33. His advise was mute. Nothing impactful or original.
    And WHAT TF WAS SHE DOING asking him "EVERYONE WANTS TO BE ELON, HOW DO WE BECOME ELON?"… what in the minion mind kinda question is that??? I was waiting for this fool tonsummon to her knees and suck his dick….speak for yourself woman, everyone DOES NOT want to be Elon, manybwant what Elon HAS. Get that shit right. I cantvstomacj when minion type personalities interview people because it's these minions that over inflate these people's minds into thinking the world wants to be THEM. Why tf do you think Kanyes mindless head got to the super exorbitant size it's become??? Become of surrounding himself with too many MINIONS via interviewers and thirsty desperate yes men. It's dangerous to exalt a mere human. Exalt God. The universe, the Galaxy, not some bumble brain human who's only in control of a fraction of his own brain. Just saying

  34. If you're considering starting a business, have started a business already, or are running one during the first 5 or 7 years of its existence, this post will be useful to you.

    I'll explain step by step the entire process in 10 crucial steps.

    The important thing is to complete EACH step completely before moving on to the next step.

    Your chances of success will truly be maximized if you complete each step successfully.

    On the other hand, missing one step will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of FAILING.

    Interestingly, each step completed puts you in a DIFFERENT universe, one where your odds of success is significantly higher.

    For example, having a business plan (no matter how imperfect) will tend to increase by 10 or 20 percent your odds of success.

    So here are the steps:

    1. Do market research to figure out an unmet NEED. (No, don't try to CREATE a need. It's a common mistake to try to get people to need what you offer.)

    2. Clearly identify and define the TARGET MARKET.

    3. Create a product that fulfills that NEED for that TARGET MARKET. At this point, it's probably still a prototype so you want to put it in the hands of beta users and get detailed feedback on how to improve it.

    4. Develop the product until you have a functional product that you can charge money for. Doesn't really matter how little you charge.

    5. Recruit a team to help you to build the company. Offer equity or profit-sharing to team members.

    6. Write a business plan.

    7. Present the business plan to investors. Get feedback and/or investments.

    8. Create an actionable marketing/sales plan, including digital marketing.

    9. Recruit a digital marketing team and, if possible, pay for performance. That is, pay them commissions only, but be generous.

    10. Create a system (I'll provide one through ABI, my Artificial Business Intelligence) that helps you to collect information and data in real-time to properly manage your business.

    So friends, there you have it: the 10 super-strategic steps to build a business from scratch.

    These are the steps that, as a business consultant, I help entrepreneurs and startups go through.

    Anyone can do all these steps, but most people conveniently ignore them or deceive themselves by thinking, "Oh, I learn through action, I just want to try it out and see."

    No. You will fail.

    That's because business is a very TECHNICAL discipline, like engineering or dentistry.

    You must know what you're doing.

    Business is not a "social" activity where you network, chat with prospects, and hope to build a solid, positive-cashflow business.

    It's not even about digital marketing although it can amplify your business results IF you've got these ten steps in place.

    I hear of people who have lost $200,000 in business, or who wasted $20,000 hiring a publishing company to write their book — which, after I read it in a few minutes, seems NOT to fulfill any need for any particular market.

    It was just vanity publishing.

    Yes, it's good to learn from trial and error, but losing so much money BECAUSE one did not diligently go through the 10 steps above, seems pretty stupid.

    So we must be hard on ourselves and summon the courage to do the right things, one step at a time.

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  35. Elon Musk sounds like he's holding back on more than what he's disclosing. He's reluctant and careful with the words he's using…

  36. I run a business, it involves creating business plans for people to include market research and financial forecasting. If anyone needs one done Id be happy to help.

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  39. Hey you! Yea yea, you, nehind that screem, scrolling down hoping to find god knows what..

    Let me tell you something about Elon Musk.

    He stutters.

  40. Anyone reading this you are loved by someone so stay positive we all have a purpose in this world and if you think no one loves you I love you and most of all god loves you

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