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  1. Yo-yo Ma had given me a love of the Cello where I had previously loved classical piano because of my grandmother. Now at 50 – I have feared that in the years to come … I will have no one left to stir my soul. But I fear no more … I have Sheku. ❤️

  2. Sheku that is beautiful. I haven’t heard Enigma played on just a cello before it’s usually an orchestra piece but that was beautiful. It made me very emotional. So well done. ?

  3. My god, I’ve got goosebumps even listening through my phone speakers! This is going to be a great album, I can’t wait

  4. Painfully Beautiful!!!! Just Heavenly Sheku & Ensemble!!! Praise God for you & your family. What a Gift?!?! Hope you & your sibs record an album in the near future as well.

  5. #Kemosion
    Tengo entendido que Elgar dedicó cada variacion a sus mejores amigos. Esta interpretación es eso: un elogio a la Amistad!

  6. Just a stunning few moments of clarity in this song! I hadn’t realized that the cello is slowly becoming a favorite because of Sheku’s incredible skill and passion. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Sheku is phenomenal and at such a young age, he will be a world master for generations to come! Gifted beyond measure!! Even an old Hippie/Rocker like me weeps at the sound of his music!

  8. All I hear are the bow changes. Classical music’s obsession with youth is to the detriment of the art. The same with singers, composers, violinists etc etc. It’s obvious that people gobble it up though from the comments here and on those of other young talents (Alka Deutscher, Julia Lezhneva), – a sort of worship that goes beyond the appreciation for developed artists. I guess it goes outside of the arts too with political activists etc. and maybe has ever been so in our culture (Mozart, Mendelssohn, child saints etc.)

  9. While I have to admit I strongly dislike all the pitch sliding, this is a painfully beautiful arrangement which was giving me goosebumps. Especially the last minute or so!

  10. So good, I literally had this on repeat for a while. I love the journey through this piece, the rise and falls. It's truely beautiful.

  11. Thank you. I love playing this section of the Variations in orchestra, and hearing it performed. Your performance, which I know I will listen to again and again, is so beautiful. Your "singing" of this lovely melody is exquisite. I hope to hear you in a live performance some day.

  12. Cette magnifique musique touche mon cœur le Soliste transmets tellement d'émotions, c'est émouvant vraiment Merci merci mille fois ???

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