Electric Adventures: The Business Edition Episode 2 Pelican Bus and Coach

Electric Adventures: The Business Edition Episode 2 Pelican Bus and Coach

Hi I’m Chris Hines, I’m an environmental campaigner and sustainability advisor. EDF Energy have challenged me to find business that put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. This electric adventure has bought us to Pelican Bus and Coach Pelican import Yutong buses and coaches into the UK market. Including the most widely proven zero emission electric bus design currently in the existence. I’m looking forward to meeting them. Pelican was setup in 1919 by my Grandfather and I’m now running the business and looking forward to taking it into the second century by leading the field in the move from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles. And what’s their range? How many miles can something like this do? This bus has a 422kWh battery, and that will give you a range of around about 350km. There are some very credible, tangible operational cost benefits but the real benefit is what you’re saying about your business and about your respect for the environment. What’s been the biggest challenge about bringing electric buses to the UK? We need to have a push button solution given to operators with vehicles, infrastructure and funding as well. EDF are playing a very strong part in bringing that to the party. We’re looking at working in partnership with a number of different customers to embrace this change of zero emission vehicles. Now we’re in Newport to see how Newport Transport are taking steps to electrify their fleet of coaches and buses with Pelican and Yutong. The company is 110 years old and we’ve gone from horse driven coaches through to diesel bus and now onto full electric bus. The fuel bill annually for us is £2 million, diesel vehicles get between 7 and 8 miles per gallon, on the trial of the Yutong electric vehicle we got equivalent of 30 MPG, which is a massive saving on fuel for us. The company has ordered now 15 E12 Yutong electric vehicles, fully zero emissions. What would you say to any other companies who are considering electric vehicles? The main advice is start now. I think the way forward is definitely into electric, the future is very good for us. So there you have it, a centenary business who’s electric adventure is proving the value and efficiency of going electric. The benefits of zero emission bus transport touch all parts of the community. Good for business, bus drivers, passengers and the environment alike.

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