El MBA de INCAE Business School

El MBA de INCAE Business School

Guillermo Selva
INCAE Business School Master Program’s Dean
Operations The curriculum has been designed following the American model of two academic years with the objective that our students go through the first year learning all the tools of the main functional areas, to create a strong base of analysis. We achieve the second year with a series
of classes with a bigger strategic perspective, which will complement that managerial vision. Our students learn a lot, with the case method, “the ball is in the student’s court”. Many times the same students take the professor out of context, cause you are not prepared to receive “that” question or insight. That enriches the class and one self as a professor. We are the only school of Latin America who has a living campus that creates the perfect environment to study with an exclusive education. We facilitate our MBA students with a series of
services which they won´t have to deal with, so they will entirely dedicate all their passion and energy to the MBA. The fact that our campuses in Costa Rica and
Nicaragua are open 24 hours a day, creates that experience, that openness, and the opportunity
to create deeper interaction between students, their study groups and the faculty as well. In that
they can meet all the requirements for each course. So, there’s an enormous interaction, integration and that
is typical unique from the INCAE’s model.

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  1. Ansioso de estar presente en la sesión informativa sobre el MBA de INCAE a realizarse en el Salon Cedro del Hotel Intercontinental Metrocentro el 10 de julio.

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