Edward P. Ney Graduate Student Fellowship in Astrophysics – Cody

Edward P. Ney Graduate Student Fellowship in Astrophysics – Cody

I’m Cody Carr. I’m originally from
Michigan. I did my undergrad in Michigan as well. I went to a small, liberal arts
school called Kalamazoo College. There I got a Bachelor of Arts in both
mathematics and physics. I did do a project where I worked with local
students at the middle school and we were — our job was to tutor them, but also act as mentors. I tutored them in mathematics. The plan of the project was really to
help these kids, you know, l keep on with their academic careers after school. So,
the Astrophysics Institute here has an outreach program where we work with
getting the general public involved in astronomy. For example, the last outing I
did I actually went to an elementary school helped teach elementary students
about the reason for the seasons on Earth, and then the possibility that there are seasons on other planets as well. I’m curious about theoretical physics. I’ve
really been interested in about how physicists describe nature using
mathematics. I think it’s very curious and mysterious. I chose astrophysics because
I think it’s really interesting and exciting that we’re able to use
mathematics to describe areas in nature that we really don’t have any
familiarity with in our everyday lives. So, I work with Claudia Scarlata, and
I’m working on using simple models of galactic winds to try and predict what
we observe — the effects of these winds on the light that we observe. Definitely my
fellow graduate students have been the most helpful. We kind of help each other
out when we get stuck or down. At first we were very competitive and weary of one another, but eventually, as we all got comfortable, we’ve become friends. My
short-term goals for the future are to make a contribution to science, so for
that — for me, that would mean publishing a paper and I guess in the long run then
I’d like to do this consistently. If I was in position to I suppose I would. I
would like to help out someone like me who is aspiring to go on to do things that I
find interesting. Receiving the Ney Fellowship has meant
a great deal to me. Without financial support, I might not
even be a graduate student, so it’s definitely nice to have. It takes a lot
of the stress and pressures off financially and allows me to focus on
research and career goals. Thank you to Sylvia and James Earl for establishing
this fellowship, as well as any other donors. This has meant a great deal to me.

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