Education with Purpose | The DeGroote School of Business

Education with Purpose | The DeGroote School of Business

Purpose, it’s aspiration locked on a target.
It’s focus, with a plan for execution. It’s found in leaders waiting to emerge, and at
DeGroote it’s a prerequisite. At DeGroote, we know a thing or two about purpose, four
decades ago, we were the first co-op MBA program in Canada. Today, we carry on that proud tradition
by providing industry leading education in the heart of Canada’s business corridor, the
Golden Horseshoe. Explore your purpose. Join our students, and connect to real world opportunities
in digital healthcare and business, insuring the future economy is driven by human values.
Create your future, with top academic minds in the heart of Canada’s business community,
where the latest trends and opportunity meet, the GTA. Be a next generation business leader,
work within the worlds of banking, healthcare and technology. transform society, one sector
at a time. Join our thousands of alumni who’ve brought their aspirations to business school,
and left with the knowledge to drive society forward. Purpose is not a subject we teach,
it lives in our students, professors and alumni. Because at DeGroote, purpose is how we do
business, and how we do business, transforms the world. DeGroote School of Business, education
with purpose.

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