Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF): Build the Future in NZ

– We, the inhabitants of planet Earth, this curious little blue marble, are living in extraordinary times. We face uncertainty and
unprecedented global challenges. Yet, we have more creative human potential than ever before to solve
our most complex problems. – The question we all
need to ask ourselves is, can I see a future where we realize our spectacular potential, while ensuring a sustainable future? New Zealand is full of people
who believe in that vision. – If you want to make a
positive global impact, New Zealand wants you. This is the place of the possible. Where bold ideas can quickly
become bolder realities. Where the first women in history claimed their right to vote. A peaceful, nuclear free country that bridges the east and the west, honors indigenous rights, and stands up with integrity
for what it believes in. New Zealand is an incubation nation, where visionary entrepreneurs take action. Where pioneers push
boundaries to create models for the rest of the world to follow. – New Zealand’s most
celebrated global citizen, Sir Edmund Hillary, was the first person to climb Mt. Everest and
he then dedicated his life to serving people around the world. Today, the world needs
more people like Sir Ed. Humble leaders, who can
face the insurmountable and see a possible pathway. Visionary entrepreneurs
with the audacity to execute on bold ideas, who can take advantage of the unique opportunities
New Zealand offers, and lead at the edge. – Which is what the Edmund
Hillary Fellowship is all about. To build a global community of catalysts working to create positive
global impact from New Zealand. – The Fellowship brings
together a select group of entrepreneurs, investors,
and start up teams each year, who are determined to
challenge the status quo, solve pressing global problems, and impact the course of humanity. International Fellows
will have exclusive access to New Zealand’s new Global Impact Visa, the most entrepreneur
friendly Visa in the world, and the first to focus on impact. – As a Fellow, you’ll
become part of New Zealand’s collaborative environment
to help you succeed. – With the support of the
New Zealand government, we’re assembling a
community of global citizens who are dedicating their talents towards building a better future. Be it through education, economics, the environment, agritech,
health care, media, software, or which ever
unique gifts they have to contribute to a more regenerative and equitable, global society. – Any entrepreneur or investor can apply, regardless of age, qualifications, level of work experience, or what country you come from. What matters is your ability to create solutions for the world. – So find out how you can join a community of fiercely determined entrepreneurs and world class mentors in New Zealand, the incubation nation
on the edge of the map, where together, we can ascend and create a more beautiful world for ourselves and future generations. (climactic orchestra music)

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