EDC Business, Computing & ICT Courses video (East Durham College)

EDC Business, Computing & ICT Courses video (East Durham College)

>>SAM: My name’s Sam Tinklett and I do BTEC Business Level 2 Course at East Durham College.
>>KAY: My name’s Kay Burdett and I do BTEC Business Level 2 and I do it at East Durham
College.>>LOUISE: My name’s Louise Johnson I teach
Business Level 2 and 3 BTEC at East Durham College. In our lessons on a day to day basis
the students do a lot of group activities, they do pair work, they work on their own,
they do projects. We try and keep it really interactive to keep the subject really interesting
for all the students.>>SAM: I liked to do the enterprise that was
actually interacting and creating our own products and selling them on. If we got profit
we got to keep it and do something with it that we wanted to do.
>>KAY: The bit of the course that I like the most is the interactive activites we do within
the group. I would never normally like to be involved in group activities but I found
it quite fun.>>SAM: The facilities within our course are
quite good we get to use laptops and have access to computers and stuff. We’ve got the
library which have got business books to help us with assignments. The teachers are really
good, they’re excellent.>>LOUISE: Every student has access to our
system where they can access classroom activities, they can submit assignments and they can also
chat on forums with their fellow class members. And the students really like that.
>>SAM: All of our teachers do have different experiences with business. My main lecturer
she ran an accountancy business for 10 years and the maths teacher has a business of his
own so it really is beneficial.>>LOUISE: Because business is such a wide
range of areas some students go onto University, others go straight into industry, anything
from accountancy to admin support to management to sales and marketing, even retail. Its such
a vast area.>>TONI: My name’s Toni I’m on IOCT BTEC Level
2 Diploma in IT and the college I go to is East Durham College.
>>JASON: I’m Jason Miller I’m an IT Lecturer at East Durham College at Willoughby Grove.
>>SARAH: My name’s Sarah Walt I’m an IT teacher at East Durham College at Willoughby Grove.
>>JASON: The course is broken down into units so some of your units could be web design.
So you could be designing a web page and putting it up on the internet. You could be doing
some animation work so again you’d be designing that and again putting that on something like
YouTube. Or you could be taking apart a computer and putting it back again and working from
that point of view, understanding IT in general. And then we can also be looking at the employability;
what you are and what you bring to the organisation that you potentially go to to get a job.
>>TONI: I chose ICT as a GCSE in school and I liked it in school so I decided to carry
it on in college. We have all the equipment we could need and the tutors are really good
at their jobs and what they do and helping us with our coursework.
>>JASON: The College as a whole is fantastic. We’ve got loads of IT rooms dotted all over
the College and we actually have seperate what we call practice machines that you can
take apart and put back together again.>>SARAH: We have external trips; we’ve got
an event coming up in the future which we’re attending called the STEM Conference, which
is for the North East so thats for our IT students and they’re all really looking forward
to that at the moment. And we do try and get plenty of activities in with the course.
>>TONI: Coming onto this course I’ve had more confidence in speaking in front of people
and more confidence in answering questions. I’d recommend you to come to this college
to do this course because the facilities are excellent and the tutors are excellent and
the course is really really good for if you just want to do this course and then go find
a job in ICT that offers you more experience as well or go for an apprenticeship.
>>SARAH: The IT course that we provide is quite broad subjects so it provides them for
a lot of entry level and most people go to University to do an entry level degree, or
they can go in and be an IT technician or technical support and it does also provide
skills for every other career as well because obviously we use IT in everything nowadays.

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