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How EcoStruxure improved the efficiency of an Italian Bakery Going to work in the morning on my cycle is important to me since it brings me peace. My name is Sergio Soldo SERGIO SOLDO
Manager of the Morlacchi bakery and I am one of the managers of the Morlacchi bakery. Our famous Italian dessert Torrone is exported not only to European countries but also all the way to parts of Asia such as Hong Kong, Tokyo… Inside our business, we have two main activities, one is linked to the cold storage which needs to be monitored everyday and the second is the part of production. In the past, it happened to me that I arrived at the bakery and discovered that there had been a failure with my refrigeration and hence I lost all the stock. In our activity there are HACCP obligations which requires daily monitoring of the temperature EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business simplifies my life in a complete waybecause with this app it works automaticallyWe notice that in some parts of the laboratory, we have some equipment that consumes high amount of energy and we plan to reduce this energy consumption by 10%. This solution proposed to me by my electrician perfectly meets my needs for the management of my bakery.

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