EBACE2017 Opens for Business

EBACE2017 Opens for Business

It’s the one stop shop for the latest products and services in business aviation in Europe. EBACE2017 is open for business! Hi everybody. I’m Lies Martens with EBACE TV. The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition is reaching new heights. More than 12,000 industry professionals – from business leaders, government officials, manufacturers and more are here to connect and get business done. Ed Bolen/President & CEO, NBAA
“We’re already set for one of our most exciting EBACE’s yet. We will see over 400 exhibitors. Maybe our largest footprint.” “We’ve got nearly 60 aircraft between the static display and in the convention center. A lot of these aircraft are new technology bringing new excitement to the market.” EBACE is co-hosted by the National Business
Aviation Association and the European Business Aviation Association. During the media luncheon, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen and EBAA CEO Brandon Mitchener shared the positive signs for the future of business aviation. Brandon Mitchener/CEO, EBAA “This is also a fortunate time to have joined the industry, because it’s growing. After years of sluggishness, we’ve now had six months of steady growth in traffic figures with Q1 up 6.7% compared with a year before. Speaking of growth, EBACE attendance has grown significantly since its inaugural show in 2001 at the magnificent Palexpo. While business is getting done inside, the Geneva area is also getting an economic boost. Claude Membrez/CEO, PALEXPO
“A lot of attendees sleep in hotels, catch a taxi, eat in restaurants so this is the direct economic impact of EBACE. The CEO of Palexpo says the direct economic impact adds up to an estimated 20 million Swiss Francs. That’s just the beginning. “You have the indirect economic impact. These indirect economic impact are the suppliers from the direct economic impact. — all together roughly approximately EBACE
is bringing 35 million Swiss Francs to the local economy. Talk about value. Learn more eye opening
facts about EBACE make sure to watch our coverage in the days to come by going to the EBACE newsroom on EBACE.aero. For EBACE TV, I’m Lies Martens. Thanks for watching.

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