Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Earn Your Business Degree at the Southern Oregon University School of Business

Business is what makes the world go around. You need business skills in every industry you go into. I think one of the joys of being an an instructor, a professor, or mentor is that I get to see students transition or blossom, or develop, you know, from maybe as a freshman and then go through our program and then at the end of the four or five year program ready to face the real world, so to speak. We have students that are working all over this valley, in high level positions: at Lithia Motors, Asante, Harry and David’s. A lot of our students end up staying here in the valley because once they come here, they learn how great it is and they don’t want to leave. I decided to go to college at the age of 50 in 2008 because I wanted to further my career and expand my knowledge. I wanted to provide the best value I could back to Rogue. We have faculty from a wide variety of business disciplines. And all the faculty here believe to help students to success, help them to define what they’re going to do in the future who they are, and how they’re going to succeed in the real business world. What I love about SOU’s Business Program is that they work really hard in putting on activities that will help them better their future. They put on career fairs, where about forty to fifty different employers come and show what they’re offering. I bounced around to several very expensive private schools out of high school, and I never felt a connection with the faculty until I came here, and I felt like I found a home here in the Business department, in this program, with the faculty, I found people that were interested in talking to me, in connecting with me and really helping me accomplish my goals. I love teaching at SOU because I love the people I work with. I have great respect for my coworkers We have a lot of fun and everyone here cares about helping students succeed. I have actually been fortunate enough to graduate from SOU in three years instead of four, which is really fantastic because it saves a lot of money but it’s also really sad, because I don’t get to spend as much time with everybody. I decided to come to SOU because SOU is actually a partner university of my university back home. And I wanted to study in the US because I think it’s a great opportunity to study abroad and I love to travel Thanks to the classes that I have taken and the professors that I have met here, I was able to secure an internship with the Oregon Wine Experience this past summer and it was a phenomenal experience. I got to work with some of the top wine makers in the country and and also wine masters from all over the world. And that was just mind-blowing. So I tell students: “If you don’t want to major in Business, at least minor in Business because you’re going to need those skills sooner or later.” I can’t overstate the value that obtaining my degree at SOU has brought to me, the Credit Union, but also what it taught my children. My daughter now attends SOU and is so focused on obtaining her education Because she saw at the age of 50, that Mom could do it and so now she knows she can do it as well.

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