E-Verify for Small Businesses: What sustains your success?

E-Verify for Small Businesses:  What sustains your success?

What sustains your success? Maturity. Resilience. The gratification you feel turning
process and practice into perfection. But as the recipe for hiring success gets more complex you need a partner that can take the heat. E-Verify is there to provide you with peace of mind
that your new hires are authorized to work. By comparing the information on an I-9 against data available to DHS, E-Verify eliminates human error and guesswork. Within seconds, you can confirm that your new hire
is authorized to work in the U.S., allowing you to build the best, most diverse team. E-Verify requires no software, making it the smart move,
regardless of your business size. It also features flexibility for different user
accounts within your business, so you don’t have to worry about
putting too much on your plate. Hire smart, hire secure,
higher potential for your business. Visit E-Verify.gov and enroll with confidence.

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