E-Verify for Small Businesses: What drives your success?

E-Verify for Small Businesses:  What drives your success?

What drives your success? Precision. Performance. The freedom you feel on the open road of opportunity. But high speeds and high stakes mean you need a
partner that can move at the speed of business. E-Verify is a fast, easy-to-use employment verification tool. It helps eliminate guess work and human error in the hiring
process by comparing your new hire’s information against data from State and Federal governments. Moving you quickly and seamlessly through the employment
eligibility verification process so you can focus on running your business no matter the make or model. Access E-Verify anytime, anywhere. No software to buy, just a web connection and a browser. With responsive updates to meet your needs,
it’s no wonder E-Verify is one of the government’s highest rated services in user satisfaction. Hire smart, hire secure, higher potential for your business. Visit E-Verify.gov and enroll with confidence.

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