E-DAB 00: Introduction to Excel Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Class: E-DAB YouTube Class!

[MUSIC PLAYING] You get lots of data, and you
need to– with a little magic– create your report? Then you came to
the right class. This is Data Analysis and
Business Intelligence Made Easy with Excel Power Tools, also
known as Excel Data Analysis Basics E-DAB. Now why Excel? Excel is the most used data
analysis program in the world. It contains straight
Excel, pivot tables, the amazing and
transformative Power Query, Big Data PowerPivot
and Power BI Desktop. My name is Mike Girvin, and
I’ll be your instructor. I teach at Highline College. I’ve been an Excel
MVP since 2013, and the creator and mastermind
behind ExcelIsFun YouTube channel, with over 3,000
videos and 100 playlists. These are the 10 videos
that will teach you how to convert that raw data
into useful information. All right, we’ll see you
in the YouTube classroom. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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