E-DAB 00: Introduction to Excel Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Class: E-DAB YouTube Class!

E-DAB 00: Introduction to Excel Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Class: E-DAB YouTube Class!

[MUSIC PLAYING] You get lots of data, and you
need to– with a little magic– create your report? Then you came to
the right class. This is Data Analysis and
Business Intelligence Made Easy with Excel Power Tools, also
known as Excel Data Analysis Basics E-DAB. Now why Excel? Excel is the most used data
analysis program in the world. It contains straight
Excel, pivot tables, the amazing and
transformative Power Query, Big Data PowerPivot
and Power BI Desktop. My name is Mike Girvin, and
I’ll be your instructor. I teach at Highline College. I’ve been an Excel
MVP since 2013, and the creator and mastermind
behind ExcelIsFun YouTube channel, with over 3,000
videos and 100 playlists. These are the 10 videos
that will teach you how to convert that raw data
into useful information. All right, we’ll see you
in the YouTube classroom. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Hahaha! This one is to trap those who weren’t paying close enough attention.
    This is the ‘first’ video in a new series, but you actually posted it last — you don’t fool us ExcelisFun-diehards… 🙂
    So, for those who are saying “looking forward”: well, you should actually be looking backwards; because the entire playlist is already there (follow the link in the video description). You’re welcome.

  2. Definitely this is one of the best youtube channels about learning power tool skills and I've learnt a lot from your videos because you make it easy and fun. Now i'm working on a BI project at work and hopefully it's going well. Thank you mike !!

  3. I have enjoyed myself that much with this channel. It's not only educative but also fun as the name says: ExcelIsFun. I wanted to say 'looking forward' but I realized that I am up to date as I have been following up the lessons. In fact I should be "looking backward". Thanks for everything my instructor.

  4. I just wanna say that your videos are dope as fuck!
    I started learning excel from your channel about 4 years ago, and you make that shit look easy and fun!
    Thank you for all the videos! It made a huge difference in my professional life!
    Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there!
    You are one cool fucking dude for doing all of this!

  5. Hello Mike, hope you are doing well . Every video of yours is a must watch. I would like to suggest you please make a dedicated series on Data Visualisation. Like u did for Vlookup , Array formulae etc.
    thanks… cheers!!!!!!! 👍👍👍😀

  6. Mike…no matter what I say, it will not be enough, you know I'm taking you as my pacemaker so one day I hope I will be close to you, I know that sounds impossible but let the man try. What you teaches is not just a lesson we learn, it is a world of functions and a lot more. You know, I'm studying civil engineering but when I began excel course I made my mind to learn it so I work using it, when this happens I will stop my life as an engineer because I found myself and my goal to deal with data using excel and access but one step at time….again thank you from my deepest……
    I stated with Excel basics then advanced then the highline next then the tricks playlist, it could take me sometime since I have college to attend and study to but when I finish this part I will come back to thank you again and tell you where I'm from this world.
    I hope one day I will have the chance to meet you face to face just to express how greet full I'm.

  7. Girvin the ExcelGuru…would you please demonstrate how keyboard keys appear on screen while you taught….like Alt + Shift, Control + Shift.

    Thanks Buddy for being so clear in your vids….

    Awsm Blsm..

  8. Mastermind is right! Sometimes more like Mad-Scientist.. haha!! You are the premier GoTo resource for anyone who wants to seriously get their EXCEL act together. Before finding your channel, I was a lazy user, thinking I knew all I needed to know. Wow.. was I wrong. Your channel, course playlists and Magic Trick videos have supercharged both my skills and my enthusiasm to learn more. Keep them coming. You are making the world a better place, one function at a time!! :)) Thumbs up!!!!

  9. Thanks Mike, I've been following you for a long time and to be honest I got huge benefit of your videos, appreciate it brother keep going

  10. Wow, Thanks Mike………. Just what I have been wanting to improve myself with…… Thanks Mike for your incredible service to the excel Community…………God Bless you

  11. Here is the link fro the full class: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrRPvpgDmw0lPPRiJO5dCUratRGpGx3aT

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