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So, this is the beginning of Quads for Squads training. So, a year and a half ago, Gen. Neller made his priority to get every deploying infantry squad a quadcopter, and now, we’re seeing that idea really come into reality. So, we have the equipment. It’s durable enough for us. We got the training from Tulsa, and now we’re getting everyone we can
trained on a quadcopter in the squad, so that they have the ability to
employ quadcopter at the squad level. (Now, I can grab this motor without this prop) Tulsa instruction is very good … a lot of former military contractors, and now they’re coming out to help
us and train us in the capabilities. It’s something they all wish
when they were in the Marines or they were in the military that they had themselves. Now they are passing it on
to future generation of Marines. Really, the two main purposes are either using
it to put pressure on the enemy to observe on him and force him to react
to what you’re doing, or you’re using it to conduct force protection in our level,
so whether that increases our ability, our range of what we can see by pushing out
a quadcopter, or if that increases the range of a squad in foot-mobile
capabilities, or if that increases the range of a convoy for how far out they
can see … no matter what the quadcopter provides, that observation gives it back
to the convoy commander, gives it back to the squad leader and lets him know what’s ahead, and lets him react to that before the enemy forces react.

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