Driving and talking Camaros with Ron Fellows

Driving and talking Camaros with Ron Fellows

Ron, We’re entering turn 2 now. We are, infamous turn 2. How would this be back very early
camaro? I think our lap times back them around a minute 40 and would I think
it’d be safe to say, and i haven’t done yet, but the this generation car would be 12
or 13 seconds a lap faster. Much improved handling, way better
stopping power, tire technology is leaps and bounds since 1989. How technology has developed in
terms and it’s not necessarily top straight-line speed it’s all stopping
and quartering. I’ve always been told that if you can if
you can be fast here be successful in this track you can do it on any track in
the world and I think that’s one of the reasons that we produce such a
disproportionate number of great drivers. High-speed approach, heavy braking, got to
carry lots of momentum. Know the Switchback chicanes, left right, right left, the big one is you know high-speed cornering,
that’s what it’s all about. This is the place. It’s a bucket-list track for drivers.

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