Dr. Miles Davis Named Dean of Business School

Dr. Miles Davis Named Dean of Business School

we have been in the midst of a Dean
search to replace Randy Boxx who is retiring at the end of this year and the
committee has led by Alan McKay has done great work we have had a national search
but they all agreed on one individual every one of them said that person is
highly competent and able to run this school the one individual is here and it’s
my pleasure to announce dr. Miles Davis as the next dean of the business school now it’s time to build what
does it mean for our program and how does it serve the students and miles
walks that walk talks that talk he is so student-centered that he will just
elevate all of our faculty into really being student focused I know the
institution and institution knows me and a lot of the issues that the new Dean
would have to confront i was already confronting issues around how do we
recruit students how to retain students how to prepare ourselves for the world
in which we’re coming into business schools are taking on a different form
it’s not like it once was we’re not sending people out to work in large
companies or industrial settings or manufacturing settings they’re dealing with a lot more ambiguity and that’s what we’ve been doing and that’s what we’ve been
apart of he loves his faculty colleagues he adores his students he believes very
much that business can do good things in our world he doesn’t subscribe to the
big bad business model he thinks business can help create a better and
stronger and more just society what better person to lead our business

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