Doreen Miller shares her love of the Charity Learning Consortium

Doreen Miller shares her love of the Charity Learning Consortium

Why did I choose The Charity Learning Consortium? Partly because of Martin, because I believed in his vision I believed in the sense of direction that he wanted to take the Charity Learning Consortium It was a very cost-effective option We did look at other providers and and their costs are just prohibitive for small organizations For some of the larger charities it might not be such a problem. But I’ve tended to work in slightly smaller ones The RNID was about 1,500 staff I think, at the NMC when I started was 300 staff and SSAFA is 500 staff So I think it needs to be really really cost-effective. It’s really difficult for charities these days to raise funds There are lots of calls for people to put their hands in their pockets So I think that would be the reason I particularly went and I know my team really really value the networking meetings that they attend they’ve set up their own smaller networking group they meet other people on a regular basis and that’s helping us to drive what we want to achieve with our E-learning and we’ve got a fantastic technical team here and support from our account managers It’s just it feels right

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