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  1. Hunter Biden wouldn’t have gotten the millions it wasn’t for his father…..and DJTJ wouldn’t have gotten the billions if it wasn’t for his father. Oh look the daddy’s boy competition??‍♂️

  2. treaty was sighted with Ukraine to partner with us in rooting out crime. So they're mad because President Trump is doing his job. Like Hillary said in the debate good thing we don't have someone like Donald Trump as the top law-enforcement official to which he replied because you'd be in jail

  3. LOL…… hey Dickweed Jr , you are the one that there is an invetigation open against for wrong doing , unlike Hunter .

  4. Trump jr should stay away from this hunter story he says it's nepatism but what about a 23 year old that never held a job in any business being made the the vice President of that company aka trump jr and the trump business and how the trump business is profiting off trump being president both of trumps sons are the biggest Hippocrates ever

  5. Are you kidding! Have you looked on the mirror? How can you not see that you are talking about yourself and your family? Not saying that all was good in the Biden camp but you, Don Jr, are acting this out in 2019 real time and we all see it! All of you. I would love to see your resume of qualification. And Ivanka too.

  6. I am glad Eric Trump Blasts Other Political Families For 'Enriching Themselves'. Hunter Biden is a perfect example whatJoe Biden did with the power of his office as Vice President. How about Nancy Pelosi and $100 million she accumulated as congresswoman and cushy job she got her son on a board of directors. And then there’s the Clintons and what they’ve done with their Clinton foundation scam as well as getting Chelsea cushy jobs over her early life. Democrats are such hypocrites.

  7. I’ll pray for you Trump supporters ?‍♂️can’t fix stupid if you believe in trump son God can’t help you!!! Don Junior has the same name as his father he’s living off his father’s name and he wants to talk about Biden come on double standards everybody and he’s even worse!!!!

  8. So why didnt Ukraine EVER get the 350 million, Donny??? Lol Just making it more obvious when he has to use patronizing voices when repeating and insinuating what the Bidens did wrong. This is making America great again? More of the same Donny

  9. Oh; and see you again when your book comes out?? Yeah, not riding the coat tails of daddy or benefiting from it, oh no not the Trumps?? Lol

  10. Pot kettle comes to mind these 2 slugs should climb back under there rock,were did jnr get his millions hold on daddy,and no you haven't stopped liar pure and simple your a classic double standard your a joke and as soon as you disappear back under your rocks bring hannity with you,your as disgusting as your father

  11. Collusion, Corruption, Lies, Smears, Cheating, (I am sure I have left off at least 10 more things) equal ……….DEMOCRATS!

  12. As a republican and army vet. Who happens to work in the next builing to trump tower 711 5ave. I am embrassed by 45 we owe America an apology. I wish somebody would give 45 an audio version of the constitution because we know he doesnt read. For as much as i didnt like 44 for him to say that mention Obama netflix and book deal G7 just show how stupid he is. Obama did this durning your presidency not his

  13. What's the name of the expert? Trump? Who built his whole career just on the name of his father? Ridiculous. The world doesn't get this lousy theatre any more.

  14. Donald Trump Jr is one to talk. He is riding on his daddy's coattails and has made more from DADDY than Hunter even thought about. Talk about dumb. Trump Jr is not even aware he is the pot calling the kettle black.

  15. IRONIC? Trump Jr was never in politic until his daddy had some power. Now he's doing rallies and is planning to get into politics too now that he knows how lucrative it is.

  16. Trump’s kids… soooo terrible. This genius works for his dad… and his name didn’t help him…? Republicans never went after the Obama daughters…
    this is such a terrible look for America and these people don’t care.
    Removing millions of people from food stamps and these people are supposed to be thankful.
    Vote for country not party.

  17. This nut is making good off his fathers name as we speak. Him and his siblings are doing business in places like china etc. What hypocrites!!!

  18. The comment section is a reflection of idiots that refuse to cut the cable cord and stop watching Fox News and rampant Trumptardism. To think Trump Jr has integrity and not see the irony in his comments? All you Trump fucktards are truly the stupidest voters that ever exist.

  19. i could see don jr. as the next president in USA after don sr. is done with his 8 years.that's what i see.what do you think?

  20. Clintons DID THE same under Obama.s Presidentce!.The republicans wear aware of THIS thay were a party too this! Until TRUMP came along thay would have GOT away with it! It's like Nigel farage.s party until Nigel came along THE BRITISH PEOPLE WOULDN'T have a representative EVEN though he isn't an Mp (YET) come the general election AND he'll be ONE along with HIS BRITX party!.GET US OUT NIGEL!.

  21. Appears that the Fox news reporter likes to defend Trump and likes to scratch Trump's nuts.. so why is it that only only Fox news defends Trump.? And talking about jobs why is it that Trump jr. Is now working in the White House.. correction; the whole family.. now Trump jr. Is taking he's father.! steps

  22. Hunter looks like a meth tweaker and Don Jr trying to call someone else out for nepotism is hilarious. I love Trump but his boys are just goofs, he needs to keep them out of the public eye.

  23. So how about that Trump Junior just admit he's going to do everything he can to get his father re-elected for president again.. no wonder he was having a dinner meeting with those two goons that were caught in the airport.. Jr. should shut his mouth cuz he just admitted that.

  24. International business people who have so much debt no U.S. bank would touch them do they use Deutsch, same place Russian oligarchs use and has been busted several times for their practices. That's not fake

  25. You couldn’t pay me to do business with Hunter Biden. He comes off very seedy and reminds me of a used car salesman. What a snake!

  26. Here's the difference don you are not corrupt and willing to do whatever it takes to make money because you realize there is a legal way but demonrates only know corruption and thats the only way someone like hunter that dodsnt have the education your father gave you they are corrupt to the core

  27. America America
    Oh say can you see?
    Ok so the scum son of the criminal n chief, bubble head don. Is in front of a camera, Fox news propaganda station
    By the way, the only station who will let any tramp, or x Whitehouse staffers can get a job after they leave the this corrupt illegitimate administration ever in the history of America

    So bubbles head junior actually talks about Hunter Biden because junior is just that junior just like his father criminal n chief tramp will never measure up to the men Joe Biden or
    Hunter Biden are
    Daddy tramp has broken laws after law. Junior has benefited from tramps under the table deals,
    The felt.pens with that stupid MAGA.tramp sales on the internet
    Tramp has done.Everything but make America great
    Tramp has deserted our allies because he and don are cowards, neither has served for our country, they only taken from America,
    America is the laughing stock of the world.
    The once great America
    Retreated, tucked tail and ran out of Syria.
    And daddy tramp is getting impeached. Not because he made America great, but
    Because he tramp broke the law, like any other citizen you break the law you pay
    This is what is happening.
    Tramp and his sons think they are above the law, they are not.
    Oh and that book. Like his father had ghost writers
    Both son and father are to dumb to write, so like his father. He don is horrible in interviews. Don stop doing tv interviews you are terrible

  28. Risky move having don jr publicly talk about corruption and shady business dealings. I may not find Fox truthful, but they are very talented gaslighters. It’s a skill for sure.

  29. Also, I’m actually being serious here. What exactly did Hunter Biden do that was illegal or wrong? I’ll admit I haven’t done much research into it yet. But it sound like he was working/advising on the board of a foreign company? The optics are bad, I see that, but wasn’t this all investigated? And some Ukrainian prosecutor fired for corruption? Seriously, what am I missing? I’m too lazy to look into it right now.

  30. Oh lol the irony X'D
    "Tomorrow, our guest Ronald McDonald will tell you how bad it is to wear colored clothes and wigs. Fox News."

  31. Donald Trump lied to you . The person playing golf with them in the picture was Hunters long term friend and business partner not the owner of the Ukrainian company. Investigations into the ukrainian company started and went cold before Hunter even joined them, they were investigating drilling permits , it had nothing to do with what Hunter does and he was never even investigated as there was nothing to investigate lol. Even the prosecutor admitted this!!! The US government aswell as United Nations wanted the Prosecutor out because he wasnt doing enough to stop corruption!! it wasnt a secret deal Biden did like the one trump tried to do!!! If you were trying to get awat with corruption awhy would you get rid an under-performing prosecutor who couldnt find anything wrong with the company his son was working and is also suspected of being corrupt himself lol Are you brainwashed morons even capable of critical thought? Hunters job and business with his partner is to help companies expand into other terrorites and markets it doesnt mater that he doesnt know much about energy lol!! he has lots of connections and his name is worth a lot to help make get investment, make deals , and look good on paper. That's why he was paid a good salary . Yeah it looks a bit slimy but its not illegal and its how big businesses and corporations work and how all the trump kids make a living they've never done anything for themsleves everything they have done has been becuase of their name and daddys connections !! even Donald Trump just used his dads money and contacts and even had to have him bail him out numerous times!! !! Its why your dad named you JR and why Trump parades his unqualified daughter around the world pretended she has a clue about world politics when all she is doesing is giving her daughter advertising her company and getting buisness deals done like the one we just did with China!!! thats even more slimy!!! not to mention trying to give his under performing golf resort free exposure at the G7 summit lol please also explain why you were photographed with 2 Ukrainians who are have been arrested?…

  32. A billion dollars……..I keep thinking about how the Biden's get to retain one billion dollars or more. What we could fix if our family got a billion dollars. Is that tax free? Be smart America and vote for Trump 2020

  33. lol..The US Amb. Taylor said that your Father is a Mafia boss..Wants the Ukrainian Pres, to state that he is investigating Biden..That is all Trump is interested in. In Syria, he really helped Putin….TREASON>>>TRUMPTARD

  34. I find Trump Jr. to be very genuine. I feel like he has an understanding for the common person and I also find him very believable! The haters better be careful or Trump Jr might be the next POTUS!

  35. Hypocrite much? Do the Trumps think we're as stupid as they are? Trump Jr only has a platform because of his dad. His whole family is a cesspool of nepotism

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