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  1. "Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than first-hand smoke"…..
    What a minute. The person smoking is getting both first-hand smoke and getting second-hand smoke too?
    SHUT UP.

  2. Don, I'm sorry, you did nothing wrong on the whacked out, View. Those vultures made me so mad. I thought you may have helped them lead you into their trap. Simply by being too defensive. You were all over it, but just a little too much perhaps. I think, sitting back, and letting them whirl like the Tasmanian devils they are, would showcase their lunacy more effectively, that's all. No harm, no foul, and I apologize to you Sir.

  3. How much do they spend per day on this kind of impeachment hearings?

    Money that could have spent somewhere else like health, food, welfare…

  4. In addition to their investigations, they’ve been passing legislation at a rapid clip. In all, the House has taken up 51 bills, resolutions, and suspensions since January — 49 of which they’ve passed. This includes a slate of bills to attempt to end the longest government shutdown in history, the result of a protracted fight between Trump and Congress over border wall funding.

  5. 60 odd million ppl voted for a corrupt Hillary, just shows what your up against. 60 odd million zombies, who will follow the carrot on the stick.

  6. They recently passed a bill to lower prescription drug prices, and another one to protect preexisting conditions. The House also passed nine bills on veterans issues this week alone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted at her weekly press conference. On Thursday, Democrats tried to present Trump their infrastructure plan before he walked out of their meeting.

  7. Awww they got trump jr to do some damage control. Aight. When trump gets impeached all these fox followers gonna be left wondering what happened and they’ll have to watch actual news to see why trump got impeached since fox painted it differently.

  8. The Democrats have accomplished alot of things Don..They accomplished showing the american public their true colors,
    They proved that their political interests is more important than the interest of the citizens of this country.

    They showed that people that was born in this country come last, while people from other countries come 1st
    They confirmed that they have no respect for the constitution or this republic by manipulating it to fit their own agenda.

  9. Can you imagine Trump's son bringing back $1.5 billion dollars from China and he would be on America's most wanted list and but hunter Biden and Joe Biden can bribe- racketeering and EXTORTION of Ukraine and the United states tax payers

  10. They complain about the New York Times, but brag about the NYT best-seller list. The book has been bulk bought by conservative organizations; that's how you buy yourself onto the best-seller list.

  11. Has it occurred to anyone else that perhaps the DNC has been infiltrated by Saturday Night Live? Hollywood is in control…..

  12. Meanwhile.. while both parties talk about BS… Oct. government spending is blowing up out of control… 138 billion was spent by your government last month.. up, over 35% since last Oct. This government, democrats included… is racking up over 1 trillion or more in spending a YEAR! This is NOT sustainable… but anyway, neither party will do anything about infrastructure either… just up there sucking your tax dollars.

  13. These two loser scumbag piece of shits need to rot in prison or someone needs to stomp their brains in with a good boot

  14. They legalized public ruination and pooping tho 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Why doesn’t Trump just get Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton to testify?
    I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding and they could clarify the issue.

  16. Fortunately Schiff has a long neck.
    This shall help the executor the day he will be ask to chop traitor Adam's head off!

  17. This witch-hunt isn't going anywhere it's burning to the ground shifty shift is going to hide under a rock. Maybe not he'll startup more s*** pretty soon

  18. This is nothing more than bunch of clowns waisting our tax payer's money. Almost all of them should be impeached, not our President.

  19. This show is full of people who talked more crap than the truth. So when the Republicans come to their senses they would dump Trump and the crooked Trump family and Sean hannity and Tucker Carlson.

  20. Hearsay is better than actual evidence?

    Do you mean to tell me there's going to be an upcoming surge of high dollar lawsuits that will clog up the courts because hearsay is now more valuable than actual witnesses and evidence?

    Last I heard if the actual witness doesn't testify, you're up Schiff Creek without a Paddle😂

    Democrats: You're pure and simply deplorable, and it's pathetic at this point.

  21. Welcome to family family war for the top Dracula positions. Too much families but less poor blood to live a vampire life.

  22. US Patriots – Fight for your president or you get something like IM Erika aka Angela Merkel STASI TRAITOR!!! Greetings from germany!

  23. Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from another you've been messin' around.

    So essentially Shifty Schiff and his cronies on the left have plagiarized REO Speedwagon's song Take It On The Run for this coup d'etat. The band should sue!

  24. Here’s a prediction . Trump doesn’t get Impeached,HE WINS 2020 in landslide, massive arrests in 2020 of many Democrats and Deep state for corruption and treason, congress agrees Trump was never given a fair first term and an amendment is made and Trump serves a third term in the White House.

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