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  1. Ahhhh finally the swamp rats flushed out!
    RUDY- time to lawyer up! Can't wait to see if RUDY shares a cell with STABLE ORANGE IDIOT!

  2. it's not only an illegitimate impeachment they didn't even follow the right rules or guidelines they don't follow laws rules or anyting else he's corrupt pieces of trash these are communist socialist corrupt garbage and they're not going to get away with it they will be removed your corrupt liars and you will be removed you're not Democrats you're not liberals you're just lying scumbag trash and you will be removed

  3. The DOJ protects all these slimeballs. Mccabe , mueller, comey the whole gang. None of them are going to be charged. Unfortunate but true

  4. Robert Müller was the person who took the samples of 'yellowcake' to Russia for Uranium One / Hillary Clinton. Müller was the head of FBI during the FBI's undercover agent's work to expose the extortion and corruption of Russia's move to capture the world's uranium market; and he knew about what was going on… Yet he enabled the sale of US uranium to Uranium One – a Russia-owned Canadian firm.
    Bill Clinton was paid $500k for a speech by the Russian bank which bankrolled the deal; and the Clinton Foundation received $145m shortly after the deal was signed… Now Dems are concerned about quid-pro-quo, yet they ignored this for years…? And Hunter Biden's various shady deals with China, Ukraine etc… All ignored. "Debunked" – as the Dems claim, yet debunking requires an investigation, which they can't ptoduce…

  5. Remember all the memes about Mueller? The ones that said he was going to take down Trump, or it's Mueller Time, can't forget the one with Mueller in the side view mirror. They all vanished like a fart in the wind. Sorta like what is going to happen to the Democrats.

  6. Even when this is all sorted nothing will change on capital hill, not until those who have been their for 30 years are gone.

  7. Clinton-Biden ORG Crime Families must to be DISMANTLED NOW for the 2016 FAKE Russia COLLUSION plot via Fusion GPS and Clinton money laundering foundation!

  8. Clinton-Biden ORG Crime Families must to be DISMANTLED NOW for the 2016 FAKE Russia COLLUSION plot via Fusion GPS and Clinton money laundering foundation!

  9. Felon Fidel Obama had 4 foreign intel agencies investigating Trump before the election but somehow that was OK. Wasn't that illegal and election interference, KGB Comey and Mueller "mystified"?

  10. Felon Fidel Obama had 4 foreign intel agencies investigating Trump before the election but somehow that was OK. Wasn't that illegal and election interference, KGB Comey and Mueller "mystified"?

  11. Dont expect Barr to release anything that would help Our President Donald J Trump. The Media will lie about any truth as well. The coup has not ended and Criminal Democrats will not stop.

  12. Democrats are trying to change our election results because they hate the winner and lost their power position. Soft coup against our president. Vote democrats out nationwide… 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

  13. Why did your Mr Putin force the great Russian athletes to cheat in the Olympics by taking performance drugs? Doesn't that bring shame on your whole nation??

  14. There were abuses of the low IQ Kenyan's on puppet strings law.
    Poor little thing.. he was just a stinky little nappy headed Bong weasel…. he had no idea where he was ….

  15. Adam shiff needs to be charge for all his lies. Trump should sue him for every penny he has for defamation with his lies.

  16. This crap hasbeen going on for years on both sides. Nobody of any significance is getting locked up. They'll be allowed to fade away like they always do.

  17. Mueller and his associates came after Trump with claws fangs and teeth bared to rip him to shreds. As they grew thin on evidence they added illicit and even illegal activities to find anything. Then he testified using lies.

  18. We shall see what sticks to whom …….. so far EVERYTHING Trump and the right have been screaming about and calling for folks to be locked up before and since 2016 has turned up ZERO cases and charges . As for on the other side , there has been MANY cases , charges and sentences against folks connected to Trump .

  19. Wow, this would be like the first time Mueller lied before Congress. Oh my God, what's this going to do his unquestionable, stellar reputation? Maybe his friend AG Barr can offer him just a slap on his wrinkled and crooked wrist? How about something like a year in solitary confinement? Sounds fair to me. After about 10 months, President Trump will more than likely pardon him. After Mueller gets his "Get Out of Jail Free" card he'll get a coupon for a free round of golf at Trumps Club in Virginia

  20. Pretty hard to deny Trump's 10 counts of obstructing justice. Under the new Dem AG, Trump will be indicted at noon on 1/20/2021, arrested at 6 a.m. the next morning.

  21. A ** bill of attainder ** (also known as an act of attainder or writ of attainder or bill of pains and penalties) is an act of a legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them, often without a trial.

  22. Potentially serious allegations, ie, they will have video tape evidence of wrong doing, yet, will decline to prosecute, , because it would be "petty".

  23. this impeachment inquiry is another ploy by the opposing party to distract people's attention from investigations of guilty corrupt politicians. Hope they investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their corrupt dealings with China and Ukraine.

  24. 0:16 "May soon have more information…". Why is this always speculative? Why doesn't anybody ever have the information right now?

  25. It’s clear to everybody with a brain who can think reasonably that crimes were committed. It’s also clear that without any accountability, there will be no law and order. This will fester and boil over as Election Day closes in. I fear for a civil war.

  26. All this time and anger and lies about something so trivial. Who in this country has EVER changed their vote because of an election ad? Who even pays attention to ads? This is insanity but omg the corruption it's turning up is horrifying.

  27. If the trumptards all believe the Mueller report didn't harm trump, why would they waste time and money investigating the report?



  30. FBI director may not serve more than ten years in that position. Mueller's already done ten years in that post, and therefore cannot be director again.

  31. And that's ALL that will come from it, only allegations, not even smoke,…except for the smoke he's blowing up all your stupid believing the lies asses.

  32. Stick it on fox news and the viewers are that stupid they will believe it, Trump said that himself and that's a fact

  33. Now with Daniel Ellsberg , testimony trump needs to find a better instrument to play .a flute maybe .he needs to practice so he can give BJs to is inmates !!!

  34. When and at what point do we consider the Democrats Harassment of our ELECTED President "TREASON" and a "DECLARATION OF WAR" against REAL Americans who Love this Country? At what point do we accordingly respond?

  35. So all along the way here Trump was bringing up the illegality of lots of steps in the process. He had information although it would seem it was not complete information but his instinct was telling him something wasn't right. If it weren't for Judicial Watch this could continue unviewed by everyday Americans thinking the process was legitimate – when at every turn it seems it was anything but that.

  36. The democrat national committee should be honest and rename themselves the banana republic national committee. Unfortunately, banana republics and honesty are as far apart from each other as ice and molten lava. To democrat leaders, honesty is to them what garlic is to vampires.

  37. Pulaski Pencil Neck shift and Nadler going against the rule of law against the Constitution with their little impeachment deal they're breaking the law they're going against the law of the land innocent until proven guilty any American that doesn't see this is blind

  38. If they would have worked with Trump from day 1, none of this would have happened. They would have continue to rip everyone off and kept their millions. They make the Mafia look like punks.

  39. Mueller is a patsy in the Dem's "assassination" attempt on Pres. Trump. No different than Oswald being a patsy regarding the JFK assassination. It all goes higher, much higher than we all realize. Decisions like this are made by people we've never heard of.

  40. OMG!!! STOP SENSATIONALIZING!!! "Truth or Dare" on the heels of the best 30 seconds in news media in 30 years?? Timestamp 3:00 unfolds just like an old school solid reliable actual news report. With REAL evidence backing up REAL actions and statements of REAL people! Bravo!! Then it devolves back to the sensationalistic trash headline click bait crap with gray haired guy and Bret Bahr!! Stop already!! I want REAL NEWS LIKE KOPPEL, MURROW, etc!!

  41. The Dems are just trying to take up news time and Trump's time and put him on the non-stop defensive. It's a technique of psychopaths and bullies – in the Dems' case, both.

  42. Give me 40 FBI agents for 20 months and 10 lawyers and $20 m and I guarantee I could incriminate practically anyone on earth for sufficient wrongdoing to render them incapable of effective leadership. I'm almost disappointed that Trump is so clean I always assumed he was at least a rogue.

  43. muller lied under oath and needs to go to prison just like he put people in prison for lying muller is dirty and a liar.lock him up.

  44. You think ¿ CNN they suck and blatant lies to from mullers so called report either he took a strozke over strozke or he is a senile delinquent that lost his marbles over his lieing report he didnt write neither wonder trump refused muller any job as head of the fbi

  45. This does not feel real to me. It seems like a stupid soap opera. I feel like this is all choreographed and played out like a show. Like it was scripted from long ago. I feel a slight Déjà vu about it also.

  46. I don't believe it, there's so much waste and corruption in Washington DC it's like the corrupt investigating the corrupt, the average American has no idea how much of a putz, sap they are while the people in DC ridicule and mock their election results.

  47. Yep, we are waiting. The fact that it is still held in secret indicates it is a nothingburger. 2 week’s? If it exonerated the Resident we’d have seen it already. Mueller docs too!

  48. Its always some crazy, unhinged, drama from these Dumbass Dems. No wonder their constituents act like crazy, reckless, destructive nut jobs! To them (in their little bubble fantasy unicorn snowflake world), it’s socially acceptable.

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