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  1. Wow. They never stop with their ideas to make Trump bad, do they? No guts to show your real name so I call this a fake book.

  2. I’m a senior White House official and I saw the president acting inappropriately with an intern… Oh wait… That was Clinton.

  3. The democrats are EVIL SHAMELESS peaple. Whatever they do is dirty and even soon the brainwashed college will realize their Lies.

  4. … & You Believe this (( For PUBLIC CONSUMPTION)) BS. ? This is why I, NO LONGER watch, The Endless Stream of Commercials… ( With bits of a "Show" ) Called Cable TV… DISCONTINUED !! & MUCH BETTER OFF For it. !!

  5. Never has a president have so many of his own people go against him. At some point, you have to start thinking, why? Are ALL these people "never Trumpers", were they secretly working for Obama or Hillary? Or maybe it is because they fear for their political careers, or maybe some of them still put country over party.

  6. Why can't anons write an anonymous book about Schiff, Polosi, members of Congress ? Anyone can write a book without naming sources about anyone in Washington .This burns me up. Bunch of back stabbing COWARDS.

  7. If you print or present Annon sources, the printer/writer/publisher should be held responsible, otherwise I could name some DNC leader or rnc leader and shout an anon source told me they are pedophiles wife beaters, etc………..

  8. That book only says what we all know that Trunp is a low IQ incompetent Imbecilic moron who tends to abuse power and law…..We ALL KNOW That….we at least the majority does

  9. This person is part of the leftist, globalist propaganda machine. I hope Anonymus is stopped and checked by the Attorney General.

  10. The Democrats and their corrupt news media think the American people are stupid. We are not, we see what's going on here.

  11. Highly unethical behavior for someone working in the White House I agree. I think Trump needs to clean house thoroughly. Fire every Democrat, even the maids.

  12. Trump should walk in with the US ARMY and arrest everyone of them for treason against there country,and there Commander.LOCK THEM AWAY FOR LIFE

  13. LMFAO,, this is a Hillary trick or treat witch hunt to eliminate the source,, just say'n! PS: SPOILER ALERT it's TRUMP!!!!!

  14. Anyone can come out and say anything they want. The Left/DemonRats and the corrupt Media as well as the corrupt deep state Republicans have proven to me beyond shadow of a doubt that they will stop at nothing to get rid of our President. NOTHING THAT COMES OUT FROM THEM CAN BE TRUSTED OR BELIEVED. THEY ARE ROTTEN CORRUPT TO THE CORE OF THEIR BEING. I think there are a lot of people like me that are so fed up and not believing these sociopaths and psychopaths – the swamp.

  15. Trump will be re elected. Maybe next time Democrats wont choose a bunch of canidates that are more corrupt then orange man in their eyes.

  16. During Obama, People loved there country more than they hated the President, During TRUMP 2020 People hate there President more , then they love there country

  17. Whoever “anonymous” is they are an American hero. I’m proud that there are still true patriots in the White House. ???

  18. That Anonymous piece of trash is just another work of fiction put out by the DNC and the msm that begins with "Once Upon a Time" just like all the other fairytales. It's not worth the paper on which it is printed and should only be used to start a fire in the fireplace or wipe one's backside in the outhouse.

  19. All this that the Democraps, deep snakes and fake snooze media are doing reminds me of the one being pursued in a movie throwing down every obstacle to impede the pursuer. But Justice will catch up … and soon.

  20. How much you want to bet that this anonymous Arthur of this book is nonetheless than the ruthless disgraceful and deceiving lying
    piece of ?…. Shifty Schiff!!

  21. Republicans are the ones who needs a resistance against the evil of the democratic politicians. What they are doing is straight out of hell.

  22. The howls should be coming from the public. I am sick of this culture, which pays more attention to gossip than truth. All my life I have dealt from time to time with anonymous letters. The way I dealt with them was by throwing them in the trash as soon as I saw they were unsigned. Any other action is foolish. If you are anonymous, you are nobody!

  23. As the saying goes, "follow the money". I am sure ANONYMOUS wants a paycheck from the publisher. Plus, he/she will owe taxes on the income. So, where or to whom are the proceeds going from the sale of the book?

  24. The American people realize the Democratic party is desperate to unseat this President and if that`s not possible to taint the 2020 election. They are so evil that they have to hide behind closed doors to have meetings.Trump is the most transparent President I`ve seen in my 65 yrs on earth and that causes personality conflicts with some but, I and everyone I know is in agreement that he`s done more for this country than anyone in the last 100 years. The democrats had a great kickback scheme going on with corporate America and he has upset their game plan and they`re mad.Anything the MSM says is irrelevant as they`ve told so many black lies that I disregard any thing they say or print. Even a billy goat goat can see what they`ve been up to lately.Trump 2020.

  25. Without someone taking credit/responsibility it is difficult to think this book is anything but fiction. Nice try. If you really want to damage Trump, why not come up with better ideas that more people will vote for?

  26. That’s not right. Those who is out to try to ruin President trump will not succeed , why cuz it’s just a political Games. What goes around must come around. This is just rumors. All these vultures just want attention and they are surely getting it cuz this is how childish the democratic think . They don’t make no sense. Unprofessional chicken shits! Starting with Pelosi

  27. It's over – STOP IT. There is a lot more to come. Hey get Ben Carson to help with your Propaganda, Oh minorities can't be in on the money.

  28. Litmus test. How to know if your president is a potential Authoritarian Threat to Democracy:
    1. Rejection of (or weak commitment to) democratic rules or norms.
    Q. Do they reject the Constitution or express a willingness to violate it?
    Q. Do they suggest a need for anti democratic measures banning certain organizations, or restricting basic civil or political rights?
    Q. Do they attempt to undermine the legitimacy of elections, for example, by claiming unverifiable mass voter fraud.

    2. Denial of the legitimacy of political opponents.
    Q. Do they describe their rivals as subversive, or opposed to your presidential powers.
    Q. Do they claim that their rivals constitute a threat, either to the country or the prevailing way of life. Such as calling opponents socialists or communists?
    Q. Do they baselessly describe their partisan rivals as criminals, whose supposed violations disqualifies them from full participation in the political arena.
    Q. Do they baselessly suggest that their rivals are secretly working in alliance against you?
    3. Toleration or encouragement of violence.
    Q. Do they have any ties to armed militias, paramilitary forces, white supremacy groups, etc?
    Q. Have they encouraged, or suggested, mob attacks on opponents?
    Q. Have they tacitly endorsed violence by their supporters by refusing to unambiguously condemning it?
    Q. Have they praised (or refused to condemn) politically violent state actors in the past or currently?
    4. Readiness to curtail civil liberties or voting rights of opponents, including the media?
    Q. Have they supported laws or policies that restrict civil liberties, such as expanding defamation laws, or laws restricting protests, criticism of the government, or certain civic or political organizations?
    Q. Have they threatened to take legal or other punitive action against critics in rival parties, civil society, or the media?
    Q. Have they praised repressive leaders or actions taken by repressive leaders?

    If the answer is yes to even on of the above questions then you have a wanna be Dictator on your hands.

  29. A coward that refused to resign and put their name to their work is not to be trusted. Especially if they instead remain to undermine the existing presidency that was lawfully elected by the people. I believe that would be the crime of sedition.

  30. Now why TF does Cheeto’s personal investigative group really need to ID “Anonymous”? To give him/her a certificate of achievement maybe? To rough them up a bit and threaten their family? To sprinkle Putin’s magic poison dust on their doorknobs?

  31. I call BS on this. Just another ploy from Shifty. People are really getting feed up with all this crap. Democrats remind me of the boy that cried wolf.

  32. The Swamp isn't going down easy, BUT if we get out and Vote, in 2020,1year from now we can pull the drainplug all of the WAY OUT !BUILD THE WALL TRUMP 2020 !

  33. If you can’t touch feel or touch it, it ain’t real. Lies from the dead can’t hold up in court. Want to be a witness, stand up and be accountable, or testify in front of Congress. Evidence can’t exist from a non entity.

  34. Whistle blowers are protected under the law! Traitor Trump and all his crooked underlings are committing crimes daily! Everyone knows Trump is guilty as sin for all the crimes he's committing! Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office ASAP! All the "Human Scum" repubs who support and follow him are just as big traitors to America as he is!

  35. how about the American people intimidate the piece of shit.i keep saying its time for public hanging of these bastards.

  36. It’s crazy the name of the man that made all this bull up Adam schiff will be saying people are coming in every week if them don’t have to name him them can say what the want

  37. Our President of United states of America Mr Donald Trump has NO-THING to hide. Trust me, as bad as these haters hiding under bed sheets want him? It be revealed by now. I'm so sick of these spineless mob rats. Your book whoever u are? Is only good for toilet paper. I wouldn't read the book if u gave it away yah cowards. Your criminals make President Trump look a virgin lol. MAGA 2020?‍????TRUMP!!!???

  38. Epstein, Epstein, Epstein.
    The truth about that would tell us what’s going on in the world and how the ruling Regime is controlling the world

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