You know when I started thinking of this video.. that’s when it dawned on me that the igbo I speak has so much English inside there are certain words that if you start speaking igbo and then get to them your mouth stops working and you just, ENGLISH! so you know that me and the “guy” we went to his house and we saw something and he “used” and he turned his “computer” on and it died and he “started” it and then the thing turned off and went “off” Let me tell you guys what about our video? Like Igbo newscasters Its “Engligbo” no one speaks complete igbo no don’t police it, you know we are trying our best we’ll take it little by little there are certain things we use English words for because there are no igbo words for them conversational igbo Igbo of township so Chi, how do you start your makeup? do you do your brows or foundation first? I do primer first we are twinning basically I was telling them of this mattifier some videos ago this thing is so good! it’s so good, honestly For those of you that doubted me ok then see, Chi has the Zaron mattifier It’s a good mattifier is it for the back of your hand? no I pour it there before applying it on my face just apply it on your palms straight! I don’t know why you would- oh all you “tubers” who are the “tubers”? youtubers I don’t apply it all over my face because if I applied it all over it will dry my face out I only apply it on the areas where I produce oil I don’t know where I produce oil I produce oil all over my body my eyes… what is this? this is foundation primer what was the first thing we applied then? I applied the mattifier on the areas where I get the most oily I don’t get that oily in these areas I’ll apply like Chidimma has I like the way you call me Chidimma Yes now, It’s your name Yes, it’s my name but they know me as Dimma ok, I’m done I’ve primed! I love how you switch accents the way her accent switches … one minute she is talking to you like beati from the village next minute she talking like a news anchor from “the abroad” Thank God I tweezed my eyebrows the other day where do you tweeze your eyebrows at home who does the tweezing? DIY Because I have the shape now so I just follow the shape me, I only thread My friend Stella (Stella’s Addiction) she’s the best eyebrow person in the world you won’t give me a hand mirror??!! I’m your guest, incase you don’t know you said in one of your videos that you learnt how to do your makeup on YouTube who’s your favourite makeup artist on YouTube? I like watching Patrick starrr Oh you like Patrick Starrr? someone said he looks like me since you’ve said it now, I’m not surprised that you like hi m because you remind me of him he’s very bubbly Patrick. Starrr, then there’s someone else ehm… the other one, what’s his name? he was in some drama a while ago he is very skinny? I think I like the adventurous way he applies his makeup there’s no adventure, I don’t like him he’s annoying he’s racist I did not know! you probably wouldn’t know because if you watched his videos and read comments from his fans you wouldn’t know that he is racist he is racist o he told a black woman to pour battery acid on herself to lighten her complexion he called Jackie Aina a rat who? Jackie Aina Jeffery Star called her a rat It’s **** that will $%#** him No Jackie Aina is ours Exactly, Jackie Aina is ours And I like Jackie Aina Then there’s another person she came to Nigeria Mali Magic? If we are talking about makeup artists with clean sculpted work MALI! and the fact that she does makeup on brown skin girls… her work is so good that’s where I learnt about all these products cause they gave me all the products her work is so good Ehm Chigul, for those of you who don’t know her Although I know that Nigerians in Nigeria know who she is For non Nigerians watching me, Chigul is an amazing actress, comedian, host If you’ve watched … the main ones are banana island ghost I wanted to use Netflix to explain wedding party 2 road to yesterday with Genevieve is on Netflix chief daddy she’s in chief daddy and some upcoming ones too she is in them All this English you are speaking, your work is perfecto oh my child, chai, thank you Taaa! getaway, it’s just some banking stuff she signed some millions away, we are back now Ehm, she wants to start defining underneath her brows Me, I’m almost done with that, ok It’s good that I did it off camera because I find it so difficult to do my brows while talking If you guys want to know the eyebrow pencil that I am using, it’s from Evita Joseph that’s what I used to define my brows to conceal underneath my brows, I used Mac studio finish concealer in NW40 Chi is using the same one in NC45 And what brow pencil did you use? Anastasia Beverly Hills Thats it! Anastasia Beverly Hills oooo Chi, how many languages do you speak? five I speak 5 languages so which ones? Nigerian languages, I speak 2 Igbo and Hausa which foreign languages do you speak? I speak French and spanish I taught myself how to speak spanish you taught yourself? and then you can speak English that makes it 5 so she speaks French, she speaks Spanish, she speaks Hausa, she speaks Igbo and then she speaks English she speaks 5 languages just heard her speaking Hausa Let me tell you guys When it comes to all the Nigerian Languages there’s a way that Hausa sounds to me Hausa sounds sweet I also love the English accent of most educated Hausa people Can you speak pidgin English Chidimma? Yes now, I can speak pidgin I don’t think I’ve heard you ever speak Pidgin “Make we no go” Is that the pidgin?! It feels like my eyebrows aren’t even Looks like one is higher than the other I don’t know You cannot have perfect eyebrows your eyebrows… Yeah, your eyebrows are siblings, not twins I know but you know that you can tell some identical twins apart? because when I was in HRC, you’ll know who is who…. when I was in HRC, there were two identical twin in my class what’s HRC? Holy Rosary College Did I go to her school? I asked and she looked at me like I asked a stupid question To me it sounds like an organization maybe for bad people she said maybe for bad people Maybe the way you would hear people in Lagos say QC QC QC Well QC because it is a more well known school so HRC is not more well known??!!! I don’t know HRC HRC is well known What secondary school did you go to? AFSS Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja do you know it? never heard about it in my life can you guys see? Ok, how do you say tickle or to tickle in igbo? I don’t know My mum’s village they call it… My cousins in Owerri Said that in Owerri, they call it… I asked my cousin the other day and she said that someone was doing her “Toh Toh pilompi” I was like what?! What is that??? Don’t know what colours I’m going to use yet I’ll just use whatever calls out to me but these are the colours in this palette up close the first color that I’ll use is this red one here Chi how long have you lived in Lagos? I was born in Lagos before I left to live in the US When did you leave for the states? when I was 18 I left in 1994 and then I came back in 2006 at 30 I was there for 12 years what state did you live in? Delaware AKA nigeria Did you say AKA Nigeria? there are many Nigerians in Delaware?! As they tell you, if you get to a place and there are no Nigerians there, Run. This is true. My mum says the same My mum says that, if get to a place and there are no Nigerians, something is wrong. Carry your bags and run. let me ask you about social media, how do you handle haters in you comment section? I saw the one you called out recently I went to his account to check him out and he looked like death he dared open his mouth! He looked like already eaten gum that someone had matched with their shoe this is the worst part … I keep telling people If you come on social media to tell people that I am “wor wor” you, hopefully, you are good looking at least if you are good looking, I will understand the angle you are coming from but you are ugly like shit and 10 ugly people combined keyboard warriors bitter leaf farmers as my friend Kate Henshaw calls them the worst part is that they follow you on Instagram and then start asking for a follow back , you are not ok. you know, the worst part when it come to these people… the way I handle them because, some people have asked me If you come on social media to insult someone who has done nothing to you something is genuinely wrong with you and all the rubbish you say/type reflects on you because if you are well if everything was complete inside your head, in your house you won’t come on social media to look for who to insult someone probably gave you money for data by mistake so that you can come online and be relevant at this point I just delete that’s the same thing I do! Block is my favorite feature on all the social media created on this earth I delete and block anyhow, DB DB DB The delete button has asked me wow, you use me a lot no? I said yeah I do Whats you favorite country from all the ones you’ve visited? Dubai are you serious? This same Dubai that I’ve never been to! God, guys, I’ve never been to Dubai before You are supposed to go to Dubai I’ve never been, trying to see if I can go this year but I’ve never been Everyone is supposed to go to Dubai Everyone is supposed to go? I’m telling you the truth I like that every time you go back to Dubai, there’s always something new new construction.. or new amusement parks… every time you go I’m using this color here if you guys want to know It’s called “bear” called what? “bear” like the type you drink? Bear as in “Teddy Bear” How is it pronounced then? ok, come and beat me then “bear” Her lashes are from Bobrisky, the one and only Bobrisky. The are called “Bob Wings” What’s your Spec when it comes to guys? My Spec is “Alive” up and down You should be alive Some guys when they approach you at social functions, they see you, a lot of the time, my biggest issue is that they are married that is the problem if feel like every age group has this problem even 18-20, 18-25 year olds will tell you that if you enter some places here in Lagos Men who went to an altar and their village people and promised to commit to one person they are the ones disturbing young girls Chidimma’s anger is great when it comes to this Married men are a problem in this Lagos A lot of the time, they don’t wear their rings You see them sometimes and you think that they are single you guys start talking, trying to get to know each other then then he goes “my wife and kids” in the middle of the dance “my wife and kids” wow I just dance away I’m just like, ok, goodbye I’m applying my foundation, I haven’t done my contour have you noticed that women, they would call us prostitutes It’s not hard, you could be walking on the road and someone would just call you that Men, they call them Gigolos see the difference? Gigolo sounds like a proper title There’s even a movie called Gigolo Is there a movie called prostitute? Makes there’s sound like a good thing Yes, if they are the ones then it’s a good thing Like its their right, something that they should do as men Taa! runaway My concealer is from fenty beauty, my shade is 380 I’m using the same concealer that I used for my eyes who is it by? Mac I feel like women also feel the same things that men use to justify cheating It’s just that we know that the consequences for us are higher and women don’t like trouble, especially if there are children involved. anything that will affect our children, we don’t like it yeah so you think about a lot of things household, yourself, your children, your friends, society you also think of the family you came from because the shame does not come for you alone the shame will get to your village but men will do it without consequences if you cheat as a woman, your village people will most likely hear it it will be settled like a case They’ll probably book mass for you too Meanwhile, the first person I saw doing this challenge was Stephanie Ani she was the first person I saw doing her makeup in Yoruba before it started trending and others hopped on it So when did your love affair with Jidenna start? but I did not tell him How were you in a love affair with someone but he did not know? one person has to fall in love first, at least I fell in love first so I let him know the last time he came to Nigeria I approached him and hugged him so that he knows when he saw me he was like oh no because he saw my post and then started laughing what post? when did you post? Posted him on Instagram and he said that I was just too much so the other day, I was on my own ON MY OWN (minding my business) I was scrolling through my phone and I got a DM I was like who is this? let me go and check got to my DMs and….. Jidenna sent me a picture of himself… and said, I think you are going to like this we are not on the same level with you o you know he is looking buff these days I’m telling you! when I saw it… he said sure! I posted it! so that the animals who don’t like me can go and die enemies can die I don’t really care I’ll try and leave their names in the comment section In the description box sorry So, first I’ll apply the lip gloss in utility by Evita Joseph I like the color red a lot me? me oh me too I like it too so right on top, I’ll apply maybelline’s vivid hot lacquer in tease just on the center For me after applying the red…. what is red called in igbo? “mme mme” red is “mme mme” Green is “Ndu Ndu” ok, I’ve applied red we are done.. we are done… we are done… Our makeup is nice…. we finally did this video, I am so happy Anybody who comes and messes up.. I’ll fight you and kill you and you will die You know that if I filmed a video with my mum, it will probably end like this Me and mummy are on the same page ok guys, later Guys please, if you are not following Chi I’ll leave her social media handles in the description box and she has a youtube channel that she is trying to revive, so we are going to help her revive it so that we can watch her videos ok guys, later bye….

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